A shout-out to a couple great folks

KaevarriKaevarri Member Posts: 5
I'd like to send a shout-out to Cyprus and Kavar. I've only been here in Imperian a few days, and already I've met a very nice person whose character is now my character's mentor and who has expressed a great willingness to RP with/help me, even if scheduling said RP/help time is necessary. I've also met a Divine who RP'd with me. Said RP was short but super. It's the first time I've ever RP'd directly with a Divine before on any IRE game, so wow. :)

Thank you to these folks for reaching out to me and being awesome in my general direction. I hope to make much of my character's career here on Imperian.


  • EosoldEosold Member Posts: 1
    If I may, I'd like to throw in a shout-out to all the extremely wonderful people in Kinsarmar! People like Galt, Pellerin, Curran, and Jhin were super helpful, and most notably, Alvetta almost broke her back carrying a bunch of us up to the Moons. So a huge thanks to all of you, as well as anyone I've forgotten to mention!
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