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  • Last I checked you can be bountied for turning leylines.

    Shardfalls are the exception to bounties, pk, etc - Not the rule. Everything else, unless specifically stated otherwise, you can be hunted down for later. This includes attacking people at caravans, turning leylines, raiding, obelisks etc. 
  • You're trying to add PK reasons to a system that doesn't really encourage it.

    If it was intended that every time you changed a leyline you were open to retribution, than we'd get a warning about someone attacking a leyline - not a message that the leyline was swapped. It's not even like swapping leylines hurts a city - it "hurts" a circle, and saying that is just opening it up to all the members of a circle putting a bounty up for it.

    But hey, if I'm wrong - guess I'll start putting up bounties for you guys when I see you at leylines and caravans, and will encourage Antioch/Ithaqua to do the same :smile:
  • Can we get an admin to clarify this stuff? @Dec @Eoghan
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    Caravans only count if you're contesting them.

    You cannot bounty people just for doing them, but if you actually fight over them, sure, go ahead - If you're doing caravans and someone attacks you over it, that is. Not if you just sit in a council, farsee or scan spam and notice others doing them. 

    As for leylines, it's worth noting that some of us have ways to check who's influenced a leyline within a decent time frame. I'm one of those people who can check that! Fun, right?

    Edit: Whilst we're asking for clarification, @Dec @Eoghan What's the admin stance on people sitting in unstarted bloodbaths to avoid attacks? Khandava, Ithaqua and Antioch have all been doing this. Opening a bloodbath, never starting it, and letting people just join it to AFK in total safety.
  • @Galt , when you said that you checked last time. Who did you check with? What was the message they sent you about bounties and leylines?
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    As the issues are now dismissed and the bounties still stand, it seems you can be hit with a bounty or otherwise hunted for turning leylines.

  • It's utter bullshit, but Galt's right.
  • Did IRE reduce prices across all games on big credit packages?  It looks that way.  For example, a 5000 credit package with no sale/elite added used to be $1374.99, and is now $962.49.  
  • @Swale January promo is 30% off
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    Wow these forums are pretty dead, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and ask anyway... Taekate's AB files are... Not overly informative to say the least, particularly when compared to Achaea/Aetolia. Can anyone explain what benefits, exactly, the stances give?

    Horse says it's good for punching. Gives a slight increase to punching damage/bal, but random makes kicks even slower?
    Eagle says it's "agility and speed". Seems like the damage is lower than even an unstanced combo, but is a lil bit faster.
    Cat says it's "defence but inferior to attack". Damage mitigation is barely noticeable, but it makes your combos like 30% slower??? Yikes.
    Bear says lethal for punching. Yeah minor boost to punch damage/speed, SEVERELY lowered kick bal (from 3.8 to 5.1). I guess you use this for Pugilist specialisation...
    Rat I guess is an upgrade eagle stance. Nothing else was noticeably changed.
    Scorpion is another attack stance. Basically rat but you deal more damage and take more as well.

    Dragon is the one that really confuses me. The AB file is probably by far the least helpful of them all. Virtually nothing I tried seemed to actually be affected by DRS, so can someone explain what the hell it actually does? Other games you get bonuses to EQ / Telepathy + minor mitigation buffs while in Dragon... Imperian did virtually none of those, nor did it modify damage/speed either.

    Some clarification on the stances would be great, compared to something like Berserker or Shaman, Monk AB files seem severely lacking. At the very least it would be nice if the downsides were included in the stance ABs as well...

    eta: Yes I know you're probably only ever gonna use Scorpion (and maybe Dragon if I can find out wtf it does), but still it would be nice to know what the stances actually affect rather than having obscure as shit AB files.
    eta2: Also who thought it would be a good idea to have Posture defence drop when you change stances? It makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. Yeah it doesn't take balance to put back up, but that's not really the point.
  • Hi Syna, and welcome! Glad to have you here!

    i don’t know anything about Monk, but try pinging Japa in game or via the Imperian Discord. If he can’t help, try pinging Skuf or Eoghan. Both admin are really cool, and will frequently show code snippets to help uncover what powers do.
  • I'd rather stay clear of any Discords if I can help it.
  • I’ll ask for you and post here
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    Here you go. I think the gist is it’s a perfect balance of speed and damage. Others get you faster, others get bigger hits, but dragon is balanced.
  • @Skuf if you check forums... This is ... Quite some variance. Or if you wanna show him @Ryse
    With a sectfavour (14str) and Lv1 Taekate belt (+10%). Athletic statpack.
  • When I tested ages ago, dragon is something like a 30% damage increase for punches, a 20% damage increase for kicks and has ~24% faster balance for both.

    Scorpion is no damage bonus for punches, 30% stronger kicks and ~30% faster balance for both (for 40% slower and 40% less damage kicks). 

    The only other stance even close to Scorpion is Bear - and only for pugilist - which adds 40% punch damage and 17% faster balance. In addition, a lot of the old benefits (like cat making your evade/bodyblocks better) don't exist anymore.
  • Not gonna lie just add what aetolia did with stances
    Syntax: DRS

    The superior stance in all around power, speed, and reflexes. More of a state of mind than physical
    prowess, the Dragon is the culmination of the Tekura fighting art to provide the most balanced
    fighting style to the master. It replaces the intermediate Rat stance in all around usefulness.

    Tekura Modifiers:

    Pros                    Cons
    --------------------    --------------------
    Damage resist: +10%     None.
    Kick damage: +15%
    Kick speed: -1s
    Punch damage: +10%
    Punch speed: -1s
    Throw speed: -0.1s
    Block chance: +15%

  • Yeah that's what I was talking about. It'd be nice if the AB files for Taekate weren't so horrendously obscure. Hell I'd even write up the ABs if I could!
  • Okay nobody told me most of Taekate could be used on mobs. I'm pretty happy with this. More in line with what a friend was getting with Berserker/Shaman unartied.

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    Help files in the game in general are woefully out of date, some more than others.  There was something of an effort to fix that at one point, and I don't know what came of it, but we need it.  A lot of the AB files seem downright incorrect based on what I've been hearing talking to people about PVP routes.  Makes it really exasperating to try to set up any of that.
  • There's a command to suggest updates to ab/help files. Admin will tell you to please use that.
  • No command for ab edits, alas. Only helpedits.
  • Moreover, we can only correct help files if we know what the correction would be.
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