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  • LabilLabil Member Posts: 355 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2013
    Err, Wytch can't hide aeon (at least by themselves). Summoners can, yes, but your assertion of the secondary message is wrong.

    Iniar extends his palm towards you, enveloping you briefly in an astral aura.
    You feel your perception somewhat clouded.
    425H441 302M333 29.29x (23:35) [eb Vote](0b)
    Iniar flings a tarot card at you, but you are unable to discern its effects.
    You are afflicted with an unknown affliction.
    425H441 302M333 29.29x (23:35) [eb Vote](0b) stand
    You move sluggishly into action. (aeon)
    You are afflicted with aeon.

    Unless your '2nd line' is the message about 'unknown affliction'. But autocuring certainly recognizes the secondary message as aeon, and therefore tries to cure it.

    And I'm confused. Are you going to pre-outrift or not? If you are pre-outrifting, then you can eat directly, if not, then you have to separate commands for outrifting and eating kelp, the latter waiting for the former. Which is easily done just having a, lets call it, aeon balance variable, which would work all the same as the balance variables for smoking, eating, etc, etc.

    Send your outrifting command, set the variable, when the command goes though, then send the eating command. When you cure asthma, reset the variable, and THEN send the smoking laurel command.

    It is too hard for you, then I suggest again that you let autocuring handle aeon until it is gone from the game.

    And for the love of grammar, why don't you capitalize your sentences?
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