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Some PK Clarity



  • A few general things:

    1) If you believe your issue disappeared without knowing why, please send me a message or email.

    2) HELP PK and the announce posts have a fair amount of information in them on PK. In particular
    1. In general PK should be for RP reasons.  There is no way to enumerate every RP reason for doing so, so there will be ambiguity.  The help file does give examples, such as repeated insults.  
    2. There are exceptions to the general rule that have been spelled out. Shardfalls, raiding, etc.  If you are not in an exception, you are in the general rule.
    3. There is generally a limit of one kill for things.
    3) Combat in general is meant to be opt-in.  But that does not mean you can opt-out at your discretion once you've opted in.  The idea is that if you don't get involved with PK and are a nice person to everyone, you shouldn't have to worry about being killed randomly.  It is not that you should be able to PK/be insulting at your choosing and then be immune from it when it's inconvenient to you.  

    4) That's not to say that good RP can't include insults or PK.  The world needs bad guys too.  It does not, however, include sexual or OOC harassment.

    5) If you think that something should change with how things are run, the best course is respectful and rational advocacy with constructive feedback. Complaining that things suck can be cathartic, but it doesn't say how or why things should change. Things are not locked in stone, but the rules are not determined by who can shout the loudest, and I'm so numb to being insulted that complaints don't get nearly as much attention as tangible suggestions.

    6) If you do need to issue:
    1. tell me what you want up front.  I don't have a lot of time and issues take up a lot of it.  Let me know what is important to you at the beginning so I can triage. 
    2. be firm, but polite.  I don't need you to tell me how horrible something is, I need you to tell me what is wrong and what you want me to do.  
    3. give me dates, times, and numbers.  Anything that makes it easier to search for saves me so much time.  
    4. do not talk to your opponent via an issue.  The information in an issue is for me so I can decide whatever.  If you want to argue with someone, do it without me.  
    5. don't lie or "omit" important facts. If you claim someone attacked you without reason and they come back with a list of 10 different instances of you acting badly to them recently it makes you look like you're trying to abuse the system. You may ultimately be correct, but your chances of getting anywhere go down significantly if it looks like you were trying to hide things in the first place.
    7) Finally, please remember that issues take a lot of time to deal with.  If I'm doing issues, I'm not doing classleads or other coding projects.  Sometimes issues have to wait because if they didn't I'd never do anything else.
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    @Dec - Any chance of a hard and fast rule for same circle (but not same city/council) defenders?  As in "same circle defenders enjoy the same protection as city and council members defending their home" or "they do not get that protection".  Of course, cross circle "alliances" (magick defends Khandava) are NEVER protected.  I think most people know that.  Though not all.   

    I think both decisions could be considered to have merit, and I do think there should be a clear rule for that group of people.  That said, I did get to thinking.  The raiding system itself, for example, allows Kinsarmar to raid Celidon, Antioch to raid Ithaqua, and so forth, and I don't think it would ever be a good thing if the rules allowed say, Antiochans to defend Ithaqua from an Antiochan raid, with Antioch seemingly prohibited from seeking retribution on its own citizens who defended the org they were attacking.  I suppose Antioch could simply expel citizens who defended Ithaqua, although that tends to immediately raise the stakes (to expulsion, specifically).  
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    Naxxremis said:
    Septus said:
    Announce 3640

    It's gotta suck knowing that, in a text game, someone who's blind IRL can find rules better than you.
    Myrcella said:
    This needs to be clarified because this is exactly what's happening right now.
    This has been clarified a number of times already by the admin. (the above line also wasn't directed at you, for reference. Or anyone who's posted after Javon, really)
    Honestly, I assume that anyone who has posted after him is just referring to him and not anyone else on the board unless they tag them. It makes life easier that way.

    @Naxxremis Hah same here.  Well not everyone but def the whiners. 
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