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GjarrusGjarrus Member, Beta Testers Posts: 698 ✭✭✭✭
Key issues
The whole thing feels like 2.3 gun skillsets.
Focus is on a geological time scale.
Explosives - Not one explosives skill is downright awful.
No travel or mobility really. The utility overall is meh.
Limited battlefield engineering and the .. particular uses of Inventing gadgets leaves you not doing much but pew pew outside of the forge/lab.
Might as well rename it Gunner (have I reinforced this point enough?)

Inventing - Goodish, but between having to support offensive mechanics and pulling the weight for everything else, it feels kinda ... I dunno, haphazard and pointless in a lot of cases.
Gyro - Fly is a 5s channel, and you can't even bypass it if you fly/call copter since it goes to ground. I'm never going to fly in that if I'm not using sniper, ever. Some more high-impact aerial moves would have to make the gating worth it (like maybe a BOMBING RUN?)
Toggle - I'm torn because of its high variability in effectiveness (rip anyone with a 0 resist somewhere), but (and?) ~400g a use isn't a negligible use cost.
BrassScope - Smart usage would be good QoL
Spec/mono - I have these, Tomast, and unseen lol. I have Yi goggles at this point, and there are gem goggles now 
Silence - I like this one, mostly.
Familiar - Great
Pocketwatch - I like this one in theory, but I haven't tested it much.
Lodestone - 4s balance disarm with failure chance for a one-use item? Come on.
CircularGlass - Could add something extra here given the 2g use cost, even if it's low, compared to farsee/other clones. Something like no cost on tag targets or something. 
Chems - There are some weird bugs currently, but I like most of them? There are some things you can do with timing windows via throat and veinshot that are fun. I still wouldn't have minded just loading toxins into hollows (especially when you add neuroite, methite eat passive, snapshot, and gutshots).

Ballistics - Overall good? Number passes definitely needed given my 25ish dps from straight damage routes as agile with +2 dex, meaning you really need to use chems now to have a chance.
Prone - Dive/shot/kipup needs fixed in the plxno way.
Fastload - This should be a nub skill.
Sniper - I liked this until I saw how awful gyro fly is. I still do, but ugh.
Buckler - Can I please use my arti shield even if the resist value doesn't go up from a buckler? :<
Belcher skills - move to set 3
Focus - Ballistics 2 lol. Condense them all to focus, passives, skillshot, and trickshot then put them in ballistics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NEWplx - Slideshot - Shoot and move to target, bypassing obstacles. Given the timebomb (potentially), escapes should still be limited but chase skills at least keep things active.
NEWplx - Mortar - Ranged bomb delivery a la a meteor with instant detonation on impact
Passives - I like the flat impact more than the heavy focus scaling from beta
Dualshot - Awful investment. Almost 10s with normalshot/not shooting focus. 4.7s for dual light in shooting.
Tagshot - This is great.

New Skillset - Improvisation - Focused on battlefield control.
(Boil, Scorch, Cremate)
Trench - directional rubble (as opposed to multiple randoms a la Tower)
Makeshift cover - blocks one ranged attack from the direction it's built towards
Sap - Faster sapping charge use on walls
Minefield - Chance of damage/prone on normal entry and exit
Canal - Flood a room from an adjacent water room. (Restricted flooding is nice given aqualite and boil)
Can'topy - Make a room temporarily outdoors
Battle tempo - Transfer a portion of focus to your next target, higher value after a kill/assist than if they run
Barricade - Stonewall

I think that's enough to get the idea across? As it stands, the offense is meh aside from a couple chem strats, and everything else feels .. on the right path but incomplete?


  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere coldMember Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    Glory to the faster sap placement. Getting damaged by a bomb I planted is just shoddy demolitions work.

    As for the pocketwatch, I haven't found any movement skills so far (tumbling, flight, trailblazing return, normal movement) that appear to be even remotely affected by the pocketwatch. I'd bug it, but I don't know if it's bugged, or just extremely specific as to what skills are affected.

    I would also like to bring up this thread of the same name that some other ideas/suggestions were floated around pre-classleads.
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