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Pipe Manager

ZyvZyv Member Posts: 56 ✭✭
edited March 27 in Scripting

As I told @Eochaid I would do (sorry I went to bed after saying I would), here's a basic pipe refiller that should be able to handle your pipes for you. It'll only do 3, so sorry for the folk who have like 4 of each. It will refill if you have 2 or less puffs left, rather than 0. Also not sure how it handles arti pipes, since I don't have them, nor do I plan to buy them.

Three things you'll need though:
  1. Pipelist in Perception (like ~180 lessons iirc) - it does this on login to grab your pipes. So just 'pipelist' after installing to get it to work, rather than restarting.
  2. Change 'pipesep' in the login trigger, to whatever yours is set to in-game (CONFIG SEPARATOR to see, or to set. It defaults to mine which is :: )
  3. Up to date mudlet. It uses the newer version of prompt triggers, rather than the return isPrompt() one of old. You could just change that and it'll work, but yeah.
If you want to gag the relighting, just remove the -- before deleteFull() in the pipes out/relight trigger.
eta: If you want to put refilling before your queued actions, use queuePipes(). For example:
send("queue eqbal "..queuePipes().."stuff here")         -- Yes, it'll append your separator at the end.


No demos, sorry! Mine's all gagged by my system.
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