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Favorite Role-play Story and Partner

Sorry @Anarys if haven't been engaging much. RP is stretching a bit out of my comfort zone and when I'm stressed I just can't focus enough to do it.

So folks, tell us about your favorite role-play story and partner. No making fun of people or being mean. I'd like this thread to be a safe place to share our stories. Keep the conflict on the other threads.

I'll go first. For some reason this conflict had me reminiscing about some fun role-play I did with @Bellentine. Our story was that she was my close advisor and attendant during the Diamond War. We played out a fairly elaborate story where Alvetta was with child and going to great lengths to keep that knowledge from the enemy, It was a lot of fun and I miss her.

@Anarys, I would love for you to share that cute role-play story we had going if you are willing.


  • Does years of farting around with Alvetta count?
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    I enjoyed @Anarys' RP while I was in Hollow. @Keyrix goes out his way to be very in character and adds a lot of flavor to his RP. It is clear he takes time to figure out his RP and then present it. @Drozogoth had some pretty cool emotes and stays In character all the time from what I see which is cool, and handles death in character and doesn't take it OOC (from what I can tell) which is also good. I had some interesting RP interactions with @Caitryn regarding her sect which was neat. @Grantz was always IC and to me played the role of a Knight and a Knight GM very well. @Pellerin adds flavor to Kinsarmar with his in character sect/city RP stuff (calling Alvetta "Your highness", etc.) Off of the top of my head these are a few things/people that stand out to me. 

    edit: Oh also @Hyperionus always in character. 
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