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The Art of Anatomy

AlesudAlesud Member Posts: 82 ✭✭✭
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Also known as: Ithaqua has more fun than you.

(Idras): Anarys says, "For the much reduced fee of a very mild two thousand sovereigns, you, too, can witness the artwork of Feyn-al-Dracar, Ozreas al-Hamasa. See me for details."

(Idras): You say, "Hmm?"

(Idras): Rokas says, "Actual artwork of the Feyn?"

(Idras): Anarys says, "Indeed."

(Idras): Theophilus says, "Do we receive any insight into what it might artwork of?"

(Idras): You say, "Gore splattered."

(Idras): Theophilus says, "Might be."

(Idras): Anarys says, "The Feyn will discuss his artwork in great detail, actually."

(Idras): Ozreas says, "She's being facetious."

(Idras): Theophilus says, "Oh.. Pfft. I can splatter gore."

(Idras): Theophilus says, "I see."

(Idras): Anarys says, "The Dis I am."

(Idras): Anarys says, "Someone is paying me for this mess."

(Idras): Anarys says, "You're going to give a lecture on it. It'll be great."

(Idras): Ozreas says, "Do any of you know how to get spleen stains out of white pine?"

(Idras): You say, "She's unhappy it's right outside the phantom."

(Idras): You say, "Or in the shop."

(Idras): You say, "... you flooded the shop?"

You begin to steadily swim east.

Phantom's Legacy. (inside). [lost]

This area is unnaturally flooded with water. This has been marked as holy ground. Gore is splattered about, a display of Ozreas's cruel handiwork. Riatan is here, swirling multi-color light whipping about his form. Ozreas al-Hamasa is here, a vibrant red hue emanating from his form. He wields a cerulean-inscribed stygian flintlock in his right hand. Anarys Aureluht is here, hidden. She wields a sewing needle in her left hand and a banded shield in her right. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale. 

You see exits leading west, and a square trapdoor leads down (closed door).

i: d (door)

You see the following people here:

Riatan, Anarys, Ozreas

You purse your lips contemplatively.

(Idras): Anarys says, "... He's not good at cleaning."

Anarys Aureluht says to you, "Sovereigns, please."

Anarys gives you a shifty little smile.

Riatan says to you, "Why, hello."

You ask Ozreas, "Is that your own spleen?"

(Idras): Ozreas says, "Well, yes. Generally the more water you throw at a mess the more likely it is to go away."

You incline your head toward Riatan respectfully.

(Idras): Theophilus says, "I recommend a mixture of saltpetre and vinegar. Maybe a splash of Sukhder's Suicide."

(Idras): Ozreas says, "Really. How have you lived so long without learning these things."

You say to Anarys, "I conned an entity out of 50,000gp. I'm not paying you 2,000 to see what shenanigans my brother has caused."

Anarys Aureluht says to you, "It's for the lecture, really."

Riatan says, "The exhibit tour is very thorough."

Anarys Aureluht says to you, "He has something -very- interesting to say about my liver being plastered to a shelf over there."

You snicker softly to yourself.

You open a wyvernskin pack.

You get 2000 gold sovereigns from a wyvernskin pack.

You give 2000 gold sovereigns to Anarys.

Anarys gives a confident thumbs-up.

You say to Anarys, "Just because I like you, half-elf."

You say to Riatan, "And how are you? Your brother not-threatened to disperse the constellations on me."

(Idras): Anarys says, "No one else interested? It'll be great. Hopefully."

(Idras): Anarys says, "At this time, it's important to mention, no refunds."

Riatan asks you, "Hm. Which one?"

Riatan says to you, "I am pondering the nature of 'masks'."

Dryly, you say to Riatan, "Kavar."

You reach up and release the clasp holding your mask in place, and reveal your face.

Ozreas Clears his throat, standing up a bit straighter before droning in a voice as hollow as a drinking vessel, "Here you will observe the fortunes of the next thirty-seven Prophets of Khandava foretold in the intestines of a wayward, elf, as is the tradition of  the Ka'me-tunga tribe of the western isles since..." He continues for a while, his voice slowly blending with the snowfall beyond the shop.

The fell rays of Sukhder illuminate the room in obsidian and crimson as Theophilus, riding a giggling mongoose named Vesper, appears.

(Idras): Rokas says, "Definitely not interested."

A soft light radiates from Theophilus as he flaps his wings lightly, allowing him to hover just above the ground.

Theophilus inclines his head respectfully.

A cerulean-streaked white lioness's eyes flash dangerously as a low growl rumbles forth from her chest in warning.

Ranger Theophilus Aracelia, The Glorious says to Ozreas, "Erm.. whose blood?"

Anarys wordlessly points a finger at herself.

The elemental waters seep into the ground leaving the room damp, but no longer flooded.

Theophilus ponders the situation.

You have emoted: Alesud presses her lips together in a tight, thin line as she wades through the little remaining water toward one of the white pine shelves coated in gore.

Theophilus pokes Anarys in the belly.

Ranger Theophilus Aracelia, The Glorious says to Anarys, "You seem to be in tact."

Riatan asks Ozreas, "Is haruspicy practiced in Ithaqua?"

Anarys lets out a surprised squeak.

Ranger Theophilus Aracelia, The Glorious says to Riatan, "I think the Cephyreid has some spicy food."

"Though it is important to note," Ozreas adds, tone as flat and emotionless as before, "that this does not imply any further secessions to follow, but the spray of the liver was obstructed by this shelf, so it is impossible to tell if the tissues portend that the  disputes of her reign will 'be ended by her heir' or 'get tangled in her hair'." After waxing philosophical regarding similar matters for quite a while, he shrugs at Riatan.

Theophilus nods sagely.

Ranger Theophilus Aracelia, The Glorious says, "I see what I've just hovered into now."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says to Riatan, "I find it is easier to read the past in a things innards than the future, but one thing is always certain."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "If you're not careful, you'll end up in more **** than you intended."

A weary groan emanates from Riatan's nebulous form.

Jabbing Theophilus lightly with her elbow, Anarys demands quietly, "Two thousand sovereigns, please. You ARE watching an artist discussing his work, you know."

Anarys issues a patient sigh towards Ozreas.

Theophilus's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Theophilus opens a wyvernskin pack.

Theophilus gets some gold sovereigns from a wyvernskin pack.

Theophilus gives some gold sovereigns to Anarys.

Ranger Theophilus Aracelia, The Glorious says to Anarys, "Well worth it. I must, however, depart for now."

Theophilus inclines his head respectfully.

"Farewell," Theophilus says, raising a hand fondly.

Theophilus lifts his head upwards, growing very still as he gazes upon some unseen spot.

A beam of raw energy bursts from Sukhder and envelops Theophilus, riding a giggling mongoose named Vesper, before he disappears.

Ozreas sighs softly, nodding his head.

Ozreas al-Hamasa frowns and says to Riatan, "You're right. Perhaps not my best work, that last one."

Anarys absently squirrels the coins away from this pocket to that pouch, though she casts another absent glower at Ozreas.

Anarys Aureluht says to Ozreas, "You still owe me sixteen thousand sovereigns."

Riatan says to Ozreas, "It was otherwise gut-wrenching discourse, I promise."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "Though I am slow to believe it to truly be so, I am going to take that as a compliment."

Ozreas opens a blood-stained pouch.

Ozreas closes a blood-stained pouch.

Ozreas shrugs helplessly.

Riatan says, "Art that is evocative of something, anything, is successful."

Riatan says, "So, I suppose so."

Anarys Aureluht frowns and says to Ozreas, "That's including the discount for the assumed gathering of Astris' fingerbones."

Ozreas nods slowly.

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "I see. It is at this point perhaps best that I admit..."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "I'm not really sure what I'm being charged for?"

You say, "And yet you pay anyways."

Anarys opens a blood-stained pouch.

Anarys closes a blood-stained pouch.

Dimitri arrives from the west.

Dimitri peers about himself unscrupulously.

Ozreas points a cerulean-inscribed stygian flintlock at Dimitri.

Riatan says to Dimitri, "Ah, Dimitri Driftlin."

Dimitri points a sapping charge at Ozreas.

"Two thousand sovereigns for the viewing, please," Anarys pipes up at his entrance, holding a palm out before Dimitri.

Anarys looks at Dimitri hopefully.

Dimitri stares at Anarys blankly, unable to comprehend what she just said.

Anarys nudges Dimitri suggestively.

Dimitri Driftlin says, "What's a 'sovereign'?"

You peer at Dimitri unscrupulously.

Anarys Aureluht says to Dimitri, "Sovereigns, as in the little tokens made of gold that I can spend."

You say to Anarys, "He's so poor that he doesn't even know the word."

Dimitri Driftlin says, "Oh -coins-."

Anarys Aureluht frowns and says to Dimitri, "If you pay me in false currency, I will stab you."

You snicker softly to yourself.

Anarys squints suspiciously at you.

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "The little gold ones with Aisling on them."

Dimitri Driftlin says, "I have designed fake currency. get your own market."

Anarys Aureluht says to you, "You should outsource to Driftlin enterprises."

You say to Dimitri, "Have you conned Kavar out of gold with yours?"

Anarys Aureluht looks thoughtful and says, "Oh, that's fair."

You clear your throat in an attempt to gain the attention of those around you.

Dimitri Driftlin says, "I'm not exactly keen on the idea of conning metaphysical entities 

out of anything. Bad investment."

You say, "Not 'conned'. It was a fair bet."

"Uh-huh," Anarys says skeptically.

Riatan says to Dimitri, "Very wise."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "I'll confess."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "If he'd said I could toss the coin, I would have responded with "I wager I will not toss the coin.""

Anarys Aureluht says to Riatan, "To be fair, fifty thousand sovereigns versus an 'undetermined favour' is a bad deal."

Dimitri purses his lips contemplatively.

Anarys Aureluht says to Dimitri, "It's a bargain at two thousand sovereigns. You can tell your friends you saw -art- by Ozreas al-Hamasa. Be vague about it. Pretend it was -really- impressive, so they'll pay me too."

You say to Ozreas, "This is why we get into trouble."

Ozreas shrugs helplessly at you.

Riatan says to Anarys, "It needs a title."

Dimitri Driftlin says to Anarys, "This is onner them... slippery slopes things. I start giving you money for this, you'll show up on my doorstep in Pol'pera asking that I pay you for breathing your air."

Dimitri Driftlin says to Anarys, "This is onner them... slippery slopes things. I start giving you money for this, you'll show up on my doorstep in Pol'pera asking that I pay you for breathing your air."

Anarys Aureluht looks thoughtful and says to Riatan, "Oh, art does, doesn't it?"

Riatan says to Anarys, "Ozreas al-Hamasa's 'Anatomy'."

Riatan says to Anarys, "Simple. One word. Mysterious."

Anarys Aureluht looks thoughtful and says to Riatan, "And accurate."

Dimitri Driftlin says, "'Spatter'"

Loud slurred voices break out into a vulgar tune followed by a terrible crash.

Anarys moves her attention about the mess before frowning, "... More or less."

You say to Riatan, "The Inner-workings of a half-elf."

Dimitri Driftlin says to Ozreas, "The hell did you use anyway."

Dimitri Driftlin says, "I mean beyond Anarys'... everything."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "Mmm."

Riatan asks you, "'Half Elf: Quartered'?"


Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "Two strong hands and a dash of creativity."


Dimitri raises an eyebrow questioningly.

You say to Riatan, "More to the point. Less mysterious."

Riatan says, "Ah yes. The mystique is important for the market view."

You say to Riatan, "So I'm told."

Dimitri tilts his head curiously.

Anarys nudges Dimitri suggestively.

Dimitri Driftlin mutters, "Pretty .... that's a p..ce of skull ...edd.. in the ceili..."

Ozreas al-Hamasa says, "'Anatomy' seems like the most marketable name thus far, in my expert artiste's opinion."

Anarys Aureluht says, "I've already called it Anatomy to Evelene, so we're committed."



  • EveleneEvelene Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
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    Anarys Aureluht says to Ozreas, "Absolutely NO art of Evelene."

     You gaze intently upon Ozreas, flickering your forked tongue inquisitively.

     This was just one of the best quotes.
    The Cyclops stiffens and drops dead as the toxin proves too much for his system.
    The final blow is too much, you have slain the Cyclops.
    The clutch of the cyclops fades from the Necropolis.
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