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Mousehunt, with less Nathan Lane

edited December 2017 in Role Playing and Events
I'm really enjoying this minor event, and I'd like to thank @Galt and @Oystir for not eating me when I found their stash of mousetraps in (DATA REDACTED). 

I managed a Token of the Creator from my freebie Ironbeard stocking. What'd you get (or from ironbeard himself?)


  • Now that you mention it, I'm going to watch the movie rn.

    10/10 thread. 
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
  • edited December 2017
    Silver Battlecage with 2 Clockwork Figurines,
    Sparkling Pinecone Candle.

    This was the result of my free mouse hunting stocking :D.
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