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Switching from Nexus to Mudlet

JesstinJesstin Member Posts: 11
I'm looking to switch from Nexus to Mudlet. I really like the setup of Nexus with the main events window, map window, quest window and chat window.

I have absolutely zero knowledge of LUA though, which makes this a rough transition. Are there any coding tutorials or guides out there? A crash course in how to set up separate windows would also be greatly appreciated.



  • GaltGalt Member, Beta Testers Posts: 305 ✭✭✭
    Mudlet basics:

    The framework Mudlet uses for UI stuff:

    This is the lua tutorial site Mudlet recommends, which is also great:

  • JesstinJesstin Member Posts: 11
    Galt said:
    Mudlet basics:

    The framework Mudlet uses for UI stuff:

    This is the lua tutorial site Mudlet recommends, which is also great:

    Thanks so much!
  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 67 ✭✭
    I'd like to add to the list too

  • WyllWyll Member Posts: 354 ✭✭✭
    I actually made a basic profile for 'newbies' to Mudlet for Imperian, but it's pretty IRE agnostic. I can share it with you if you'd like. So far I have @Pha using it and she seems to do okay.

    I packaged Demonnic's chat capture in it, and it has a map capture too right above the chat capture window. Basic targetting and some basic travel aliases. There is also a sharding script and a fishing script included. Let me know if you're interested.
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  • AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    My system is freely available under the GNU AGPL but its currently "under construction" when it comes to stuff, in the middle of rebuilding the UI to work across multiple muds seamlessly.
  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere coldMember Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    This prompted me to look at the gmcp to see if there's something i can harness there for added functionality. I might be a little out of my depth here lol
  • AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    It's actually really easy to get the basics out of GMCP in mudlet.

    GCMP.vitals and GMCP.stat  have a lot of information in them that are really useful.  I don't even use a prompt on Ana anymore, I just scrape the information from GMCP

    The formal commit stuff for the inventory and affs/defs is unreliable though, unfortunately.

    [edit]: I'm working on some code like this for Aetolia, so as an example:
    Vitals = gmcp.Char.Vitals
    Status = gmcp.Char.Status
    Character.Vitals.Name     =
    Character.Vitals.FullName = Status.fullname
    Character.Vitals.Sex      = Status.gender
    Character.Vitals.HP     = Vitals.hp
    Character.Vitals.HP_max = Vitals.maxhp
    Character.Vitals.MP     =
    Character.Vitals.MP_max = Vitals.maxmp
    Character.Vitals.Endurance     = Vitals.ep
    Character.Vitals.Endurance_max = Vitals.maxep
    Character.Vitals.Willpower     = Vitals.wp
    Character.Vitals.Willpower_max = Vitals.maxwp

  • PhaPha Member Posts: 14
    Nexus is great! 

    Wyll's newbie stuff is also great! 
  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere coldMember Posts: 338 ✭✭✭
    I'm actually going for the big cheese and trying to use the affs add/remove gmcp, i'm not worried about my stats for the time being. I'm currently running into a hurdle where i can't seem to get it to acknowledge afflictions. I assumed if i could do gmcp.Char.Vitals.hp that i could do and achieve a similar result because i suddenly realised the periods between the words are basically the equivalent of / in file directories. I'm guessing gmcp can't go past the { } s?
  • AnetteAnette Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    You'll have to do string processing on the lines like that.  They're basically json, which is a format for holding data.  

    So for instance for the cache in Aetolia:
      IRE = {
        Rift = {
          Change = {
            desc = "stone",
            name = "stone",
            amount = "40"

    This means that IRE.Rift.Change will equal  '{desc = "stone", name = "stone", amount = "40" }'

    You can split this out to the three subordinate variables if you want with one of Mudlet's utility functions: yajl.to_value(data)  see here:

    This will create a table something like

    [tablename].desc = "stone"
    [tablename].name = "stone"
    [tablename].amount = "40"

    So for addition/removals you might want to shunt the json stuff into a temporary table, and then add or remove afflictions as you received them.
  • CassiusCassius Member, Beta Testers Posts: 607 ✭✭✭
    Mudlet reads them all directly to table form. You don’t need to parse it as json. 
  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    Dec said:
    The biggest misconception about GMCP is that the *.List commands are regularly sent.  They are not.  When you get a new affliction, you get a Char.Afflictions.Add message.  When you lose an affliction, you get a Char.Afflictions.Remove message.  It's up to you to keep track of the full list of afflictions. Pretty much the only time you get a Char.Afflictions.List is when you use DIAGNOSE on yourself.

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  • AstaraelAstarael Member Posts: 7
    I am also contemplating switching from Nexus to Mudlet... but Nexus is so pretty.....
  • ZyvZyv Member Posts: 56 ✭✭
    Astarael said:
    I am also contemplating switching from Nexus to Mudlet... but Nexus is so pretty.....
    I dunno, Mudlet can look just as nice. (not mine)

  • BronachBronach BronachMember Posts: 44
    Just a comment: Nexus and and the quality writing is what got me playing Imperian, because I'm relatively new to MUDs. Those things matter in making the game attractive to the outside world. In a world full of plug 'n play convenience and clouds, porting back and forth between multiple third-party clients should be a problem of yesteryear. To each their own, but I like the steps the game has been making to make things more friendly server-side. I support the Nexus team's work with positive feedback when I can, because I hope they (and the few here that Nexus) continue. That said, I'm a poor coder beyond aliases and basic triggers, and my hope is that simplified scripting can somehow bridge the gap for me. But one of these days, I may get an adequate phone to play on, so there's that, too.
  • AstaraelAstarael Member Posts: 7
    Zyv said:
    Astarael said:
    I am also contemplating switching from Nexus to Mudlet... but Nexus is so pretty.....
    I dunno, Mudlet can look just as nice. (not mine)

    Oh Wow. I was about to say that looks awfully familiar and then saw the title D3! That does look very pretty... unfortunately I definitely don't have any coding skills to be able to do something like that =(
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