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Upcoming Combat Changes

This is a repost from the in-game announce post. Please discuss any major concerns you may have here.


The Combat Council has been meeting for several weeks. The goal of Combat Council meetings is to identify major, overarching problems with combat in Imperian and devise solutions. The group has identified the following issues they feel need to be addressed. 

Here is the current list we are working with:

1. Death and resurrection mechanics.
2. Improve accessibility to some professions.
3. Address problems with ranged skills. (Monks, Druids, Summoner)
4. Deal with holding and chasing issues.
5. Deal with speed artifacts that break balancing. (diadem, dirk, dartsheath, pipe filter)
6. Afflictions.
7. Statpack balancing.

The group has a strategy to address statpack balancing and death/rez mechanics. The remaining items are more complicated and will take more time to create solid solutions. 

Over the next few days we will be making the following changes:

Proposed Statpack Changes
- Remove +1 balance from the Dexterous statpack.
- Create an Agile Statpack with 12 str, 14 dex, 12 con, 10 int, and +1 balance.
- Increase Ritualism damage by 10%. This is a band aid fix for Diabolist damage due to changes to the Dexterous statpack.
- Remove 1 Int and add 1 Con to the Clever statpack.
- Increase the XP bonus in the Normal and Astute statpacks to make them more appealing.
- Remove the sip malus from the Wise statpack.
- Remove Powerful statpack as it is not a good option.
- Create a less powerful, less expensive Gem of Transmutation with a longer cooldown (Once per game year).

Proposed Death and Resurrection Changes
- Characters can only be resurrected once every 10 minutes.
- This resurrection cooldown will exclude starburst. Starburst will remain on its own cooldown.
- The resurrection cooldown will be cleared if you visit Charon and use the ferry to return to life.
- Damnation will no longer destroy your corpse on death.
- These changes effectively mean you have 3 lives per fight.

If you have any major comments or concerns, please let me know.


  • I'm really curious as to the details of the proto transmute gem please. I'm really debating investing in a new profession, and the profession I pick hinges heavily on how workable statpack changes are going to be. Will it just be gem with a longer CD or will I be able to link a statpack to a profession or? 
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  • edited October 2017
    Galt just brought my attention to the artifact, and I follow up with this question:

    once every 12 days for 500 credits vs once an hour for 1000?

    For the purpose of allowing more frequent reincarnation for combat this is really lackluster, not just 'for the cost' but as a solution to the problem of statpack accessibility in general. I would gladly pay 500 credits to, say, automatically reincarnate into an intelligent lamira every time I become a Bard, but to pay any amount to be stuck in the same profession/statpack for 12 days is a chore more than a boon. The CD is too long. I'd rather pick up a profession in 12 hour increments via aspect than be stuck in a statpack that is not my primary for two weeks.
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  • 12 whole RL days does seem like a lot when you can get the hour one for just 500 more credits. it would make sense to me to bring it down to once or twice a day to bring it in line with the free one, just that it can be permanent until you decide to switch it, vs moradeim reincarnation that wears off after a bit.
  • Can the bauble also be an artifact that can be upgraded into a gem later? That way I can dump 500 into it and if I feel I need to reincarnate more than once every 12 days, I can dump another 500 into it without losing 200 value.

    But I agree, less than 12 days between reincarnations would be great. But honestly, I understand why the extra 500 spent needs to be significantly better or else people are just going to ignore the gem and go bauble every time.
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  • I don't really see it as a 'gem lite', more as a long-term savings for people that would otherwise be buying daggers.
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