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Make me watch something

I'm bored alot, and mostly there's only a few things you can do while mudding....mostly I watch shows and movies and anime. To be quite frank I'm almost out of things to watch, and I've seen quite a lot, so I'm calling out to all my imperianians(??) to make me watch something. 

Anime, TV, Movies. Something that's out now (not in theaters, I watch those every week too...) and I admit it may be hard to find something I haven't seen recently! No reality tv, no youtube shows.  Give a brief description of why I should watch it.....



  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere cold
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Because giant robot fights are always cool

    Big O - Same as before, but noired up. It's like what if Batman actually owned a giant city destroying robot?

    Highschool of the Dead - Zombies and gratuitous fan service. 

    Lucifer  (tv show I'm just getting into tonight) - I hear its really good and i keep forgetting it's in my queue.

    Black Lagoon - Guns, yelling, swearing, mercenaries and bombs.

    Z Nation (TV series)  - If you think Walking Dead is lacking something, or is more about how 'humans are the real monsters' than you'd like, Z Nation has you covered. Isn't afraid to have kids die either, not in an edgy way but like 'kid did dumb thing, kid faces consequences.'

    Noir - It's been a while since i watched this, but it's about two assassin chicks, and some overarching mystery between both
    of them.

    Redline - Shortish movie, not terrible. Great if you like racing games though, and is over all a decent movie.

    Formula 51 - Samuel L Jackson as a kilt wearing drug designer. Hilarity ensues. Excessive use of 'bollocks', as it is set in the UK.

    Nightwatch - One of those movies that's a little strange, but you can't stop watching it for some reason. It's good, just...weird sometimes.

    Hardcore Henry - Not a porno. Unless you're a fan of CoD, in which case i guess it could be? First person perspective
    the whole way through, its pretty neat.

    Yes there's alot of anime on there, they tend to stick out in my mind, i don't really remember western tv shows too well. They tend to either be kind of predictable (plot's getting boring? surprise secret sibling/resurrect some long enemy/surprise love interest/kill off plot armored character cause game of thrones does it!) or just not exactly memorable to me.
  • Dimitri said:
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    Big O 

    Highschool of the Dead 

    Black Lagoon

    Redline - 

    Seen these, will check the rest out
  • Giant Robo
    Frontier House
    shin sekai yori
  • BoJack Horseman is a ridiculous animated Netflix show with adult humor. Seriously, don’t watch it with children. It’s voiced by famous comedians and is a great series. 

    Adam Ruins Everything is a short, easy to watch show that provides some detail on common things. Would recommend. 
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