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I have seen several ideas for new achievements, but I cannot remember what all of them were and they are spread out across a few threads.

Lists your ideas for new achievements below please.


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    Leyline Captures, Special Shards harvested(or Yellow and Green ones)

    Relics acquired
  • Previous ideas (these are not mine and I express no opinion on them):
    1. Harvesting venom sacs/killing ants (bent copper items)
    2. Number of shards you forced people to drop
    3. Belief gained
    4. Warzone & Overrun
    5. Achieving x level in all of bashing, questing, and PK (not just one)
    6. Killing champions while a champion
    7. Ally status in multiple organizations
    8. Winning familiar battles
    9. Killing Rafe, Balan, Harum
    10. Acquiring relics
    11. Champions - becoming, killing, killing while
    12. 50 QHonors
    13. Trans fishing / Catching Fish
    14. Trees planted and chopped
    15. Gold Lost/Gained from gambling
    16. Multiple flintlock kills
    17. *hunt achievements (Pig hunt, ribbon hunt, etc)
  • Playtime achievements. 
     You say, "This is much harder than just being a normal person."
  • Raids - Times raided, raid defenses participated in (PK exp from someone on raiders or dying to one?), number of successful raids, raids repelled, objective contribution (drag/beckon/graffiti/whatever).

    Number/length of custom emotes used

    Number of taming pets killed

    Obelisks - Capturing points, time holding obelisk, kills during an obelisk/outpost fight.


  • 1. Fishing
          a. Have X amount of world records at a time
          b. Set X amount of records
          c. Catch a fish in all water types
          d. Catch a fish with all bait types
          e. Catch a fish that weights X
    2. Collecting
          a. Collect X amount of vanity pets
          b. Collect ALL vanity pets (gulp)
          c. Collect X amount of familiars
          d. Collect All familiars
          e. Collect X amount of dolls
          f. Collect x amount of mounts
    You say, "Oh crap."
    You say, "My bottle is empty."
    Jeremy raises an eyebrow questioningly.
    Jeremy slaps you on the cheek.
  • I'm down for achievements that encourage people interaction, so I dig Kabaal's emotes suggestion. 

    I'd suggest a ringleader achievement for taking other folks bashing, but since rings have become OOC faction chat, that doesn't really work. Maybe we could get some sort of hunting group command to track that? Iunno.

  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere cold
    Beating someone to death with their own limbs or alternatively, beating someone to death with a dismembered limb.
    Possible name: "Stop hitting yourself."
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