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Live Artifact Auction

Is it possible to have a live auction in the future? As in,  administration plays the role of auctioneer and we the players show up at a designated auction house and bid on items. The currencies can be both credits and gold and the auction would last anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. Of course the length would depend entirely on how many items are up for bid.

While I understand the reasoning behind why we have the auctions we do now(every player will have different playing schedules), I think a live auction would be an event in and of itself. Especially if it was announced well ahead of the scheduled date to give players time to schedule around it. We can be further enticed if there were teasers given about some of the artifacts up for bid, but overall the mystery of what could be up would be enticing enough.

Old artifacts and new ones both could be up for bid and for the new ones, I think it would be cool if we got artifacts that weren't all PvP oriented. During the recent fragment promotion, I especially liked the pet license, dictation pen, and mithril flute. Those are great examples of fun artifacts that are useful to us, while not being focused entirely on PvP.

The items up for bid don't necessarily have to be artifacts either, but I think most players do enjoy having permanent items. An example of cool items that don't reset but never decay are some of the prizes given out during gem hunts. When I got a journal as a reward during one of them and read the description I was really in awe of how cool it looked.

Just some ideas, but overall, I think it would be great to bring all circles together in one room and really allow people to socialize too beyond forced conflict. Imagine everyone being spiteful and bidding up items they don't even want!

Musing this over in my head, I imagine there would be a special auction house that is a non PvP zone. Everyone comes during the designated time and the auctioneer would announce items and put them on an auction block. We can probe the block to see description of the item. There could even be two portions of the auction, one dedicated to gold items and the other credits. If it is an exceptionally rare item, the bid can start at a certain point. To include newbies and players who aren't quite as established yet, you can even make tiers where you can only bid if you are under a certain level, etc. And as it is a live auction, players would have to have the amount of gold or credits they intend to bid on hand.
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Jeremy raises an eyebrow questioningly.
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  • We used to do all of the auctions like this. The problem was that very few people could actually be there and people requested the system we currently use. 

    Doing things live is always a bit more fun, but it did upset people who could not ever be there because of work, school, timezones, or whatever.

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