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XP Gain

Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Administrator Posts: 1,250 admin
As stated in another thread I spent a couple hours looking at how XP bonuses are sorted out, especially when double XP days are running.

The code has slowly grown over the years and I found several bugs that made things finicky. 

I have cleaned up most of it and made a couple of changes. I will probably be tweaking it a bit more for the next couple of weeks.

Things should calculate better, but please message me any major problems you may notice.

For you information, here are the bonuses that do not stack:
  • Double XP
  • Wheel of Fortune Bonus
  • Soulstones
  • Achievements
All of those are a 100% bonus.

Two changes:
  • Champions have always received a 100% bonus, but they were included in the items that did not stack. Champions still get the 100% bonus, but they only get a 25% bonus if they already have the bonus from one of the four items above.
  • In addition, favours now count toward double XP days as well. These were being excluded during double XP days.
I have noticed the number gets inflated strangely in a couple of situation, and I am trying to track it down. I will post if I make any further changes.

Please message me if you have questions.

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