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Obelisk and Raiding Update

No real details in this post, just want to let people know what we are working on.

We are creating a city objective raiding system that is separate from the obelisk system (aside from having a shard and generator cost to it). This is starting into code today. We are also working on updating obelisks and some of the shard tree skills. This will be a little behind the raid stuff, as I am still plotting out some of the skill changes. I will post the details in the next few days.

XP changes will be in with one of these updates as well.

Garryn is getting into classleads soon as well obviously.

We will post updates as we get closer.


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    Can we get any sort of additional detail on the XP changes please? It's been 10 days since this post, and more like a couple of weeks since you guys decided XP loss was coming back. I saw you stop by a few times lately and I really hoped that meant "oh great, hopefully he's got a post cooked up".

    As well, I (still) have yet to encounter a single person who knew that any of this (especially the XP aspect) is coming in game. Only the very, very few people who read (much less post on) forums even know it's on the way. Too bad those people don't come here, or I feel that those conversations would have gone very differently, but most players are turned off by and afraid of the forums. Not a single person has been happy about it. The reactions when I ask something like "so what are your plans when XP loss comes back?" have ranged from "shocked and angry, but very begrudgingly accepting" to "shocked and REALLY angry". Then sometimes they ask ME to make a post. Heh... if only they knew.

    Still, you are going to do what you will, but can we please get a more fine-grained idea of what this is going to really look like? I'd actually rather not wait a long time to turn it on, either, because when it's turned on is when the players will really start to find out what it will feel like. And who knows, maybe it will be some super innovative XP loss that is so unlike traditional XP loss (which, when it comes to things like PK, or figuring out bosses, has the sole purpose of making players afraid to try by harshly punishing each and every failed attempt), it's not even really fair to call it that, but I'd sure like to start to find out.
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    I agree with alot of what Kiskan says...the information that comes out is seldom mentioned in the game. I think there could be a "imperial news" section in the news system for things like this in game. Might lead to more feedback from the players, since, like Kiskan says, alot of people don't participate on the forums what so ever.

    As for XP loss, I kind of welcome it. It makes almost no sense to have zero penalty for death other than under a minute of waiting on Charon(and even that's mitigated by a couple things). Back in the day the XP loss hurt bad because XP was so hard to get...these days, not so much. The vast majority of PK'ers are aspect anyway, since it's almost a requirement for being active in PK in general. And when your leveling up...well, more than likely your going to make that experience quickly anyway.

    My question is, is that the only change your doing? Can you elaborate on your plans for the XP changes, so at least link me the post they are in, because I must have missed it.
  • As soon as we make a final decision we will let you know. We are coding raiding right now. Then we will finish the obelisk changes. Then we will do the XP stuff after the raiding and obelisk stuff is rolled out. We will give ample notification before XP changes are done.

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    I honestly don't understand. It's XP loss. The game had it for most of its existence. Achaea has it... All of the other IRE games have it (which made us unique). I understand that you haven't coded it, but the general idea of what it's going to look like from a player perspective is still totally up in the air? But we're doing it... This is super frustrating because it is a very big change/shift, and I feel like some people are saying "oh, it's no big deal", but at the same time, I am saying "hey, how about some more details on how this might look, it's been a good while now (when you had said we'd get updates in a few days)", and now I am getting... "NO".

    EDIT: a lot of the people who are so blase about it (or super gung ho, at least on forums) either feel they can win most of the time, "don't even go here", or are frankly people I've either never seen PK, or seen PK so rarely they basically have zero skin in the game (and can afford to be all verbally baddass about it). It definitely matters how it is implemented. It could be terrible, it could be barely bearable, it could be slightly annoying, or... it could even be something that really doesn't even seem to qualify as what we'd think of as mean old XP loss at all.
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    You're doing that thing again Jules, where you complain about something you don't even know the details about.
    Kiskan said:

    I honestly don't understand. It's XP loss. The game had it for most of its existence. Achaea has it... All of the other IRE games have it (which made us unique). I understand that you haven't coded it, but the general idea of what it's going to look like from a player perspective is still totally up in the air?
    They're working on the same order of things they said they'd be doing. Raiding/obelisk changes came up first, thus they're doing those first. Ergo, they haven't worked out kinks in the other things yet. I am getting... "NO".
    No, you're getting a "We'll give you details when we have details to give." I'm not sure what more you want; they can't really tell you things about something they haven't sorted out yet.

    EDIT: a lot of the people who are so blase about it
    Or they just generally don't care, and accept that a CONFLICT game as consequences?

    It definitely matters how it is implemented.
    Correct. And they said you'll get details, when they have details to actually give.

    If there's one thing I don't understand, it's the point of your post. Given how in-depth of a discussion we had about this in messages, that you agreed upon on in the end. Now you're backtracking over it for the sake of arguing.
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    Aysari, we have zero guarantee that this system is going to be as nice as that. Also? I'd actually like to see for myself how that plays out. It's different to actually live things out and see how easy or troublesome they are when you actually go through them a few times.

    That said, the preliminary info we do have is DEFINITELY not that nice (and is also very much up in the air as to where and when it will apply). In fact, once I really thought about it, I am not even totally sure if the tentative "1% of level max at aspect" is 1% of my total XP (similar to how Achaea uses level 80 as a cap but using 100 as the cap - which would be downright brutal), or if it's 1% of my current level - also quite punishing, I roughly mathed it out last night and it's uh, quite a lot of ebonmarrows (lucky me, at least I can hunt those more easily than most - as long as they're not hunted out, which, for now, they're usually not). Both scenarios are punishing - because anyone who actually PKs much knows they can often expect far, far more than just one death in a good day of PK (sure hopefully you'll get kills, too, but someone has to be the underdog). But you know what? That might be the niche Imperian decides to try to carve out for itself (a somewhat or even greatly harsher XP loss curve). We don't know yet.

    You don't know what is actually going to happen and neither do I. And that's what bugs me. And they've had plenty of time (even by their own timeline, that they set), to come up with "hey guys, this is what you can expect, don't worry (or definitely worry)". And this isn't something you just casually toss out there and then don't follow up on in a timely manner. It's not cool. And I mean, it is XP loss - so for one, a lot of players are going to consider that a big deal, period, and it's also something that has existed forever and that you probably have a pretty good understanding of if you're an IRE guy. So if you can decide almost overnight that you're going to make a change that big because someone said something on a forum, you can hopefully decide what it's going to generally look like in a couple of weeks. And that part is directed at Aysari - admin already knows how I feel from my other comments. But yeah, that's why I posted what I did! They said they'd give updates, details! "In the next few days" (which is totally reasonable).
  • Let it go.
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    You've never shown up for any fight, ever. You whine (loudly, here) anytime PK has even looked in your general direction. You have zero skin in this game, so it's sure been easy for you to be a smug (and let's be honest, probably pretty useful) cheering section for "yeah, consequences". You let it go.
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    Aysari said:

    You're doing that thing again Jules

    Forum Rules
    By participating in disccussions on Imperian's forums, you agree to abide by the following rules:

    1. Don't be a jerk.

    Ad-hominem attacks definitely fall under this rule. Myself, I already answered what you're asking.
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    Please, Juran told me I should go play bejeweled because I was afraid of having to bash my face off to be able to keep PK-ing. And I actually play that aspect of the game (and would like to keep playing, and am not all gung ho about consequences that won't ever negatively impact me personally). But in fairness to Juran, he's usually not quite that in your face on forums.

    You, however, regularly say stuff like "Perhaps if those who wanted to fight in Magick would actually put in the effort that AM has, rather than whining that they'll never be able to win a fight." - when I LITERALLY MOVED TO MAGICK FROM AM BECAUSE NO ONE WANTED TO FIGHT AM, and was like "we are totally game to fight AM's still great lineup, pls don't add ANOTHER star quarterback tho, k"? So you'd better put them rocks away in that there glass house. Anyway, let's stop now, before admin has to close the thread, and we probably all manage to get ourselves in trouble.
  • AydenAyden North Carolia
    Kiskan said:

    You've never shown up for any fight, ever.

    to be fair, as of right now no one is showing up to fight. :/ makes me sad that I collect alldashards in solitude. makes me even more sad I have to try and get a mono just to get people out to kill me and even then, its sometimes people of my own aspect(hello @Dreacor).
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    Anette said:

    Let it go.


    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure

  • We've gone a bit off the rails. Closing this thread. When we have an update, we'll create a new thread for it.
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