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Primal Spirit RP

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Well, after weeks of finals and studying and then holidays, I finally got down to writing and creating things for the cult. Here's the first Rite of Return, which is the beginning step for cult members to "return" from the polite civilization and begin on the journey to become closer with the Primal Spirit.

Gurn stands besides the oak tree that serves as an altar, 
gazing up into the canopy above. He sets his hand on one of the large 
protruding roots, and begins to speak. "Once, we had the Gods. When the world 
was created, the Gods governed the realms-- Life, Death, the Suns, the Wilds, 
the Seasons. When they fell, we discovered that these realms were not held up 
by the Gods, but could exist beyond their power." He looks to Ellen, beckoning 
her towards the tree. "And when they fell, the Wilds continued on as it ever 
did, as Lady Asaka had said they would. But beyond that, the disruption of 
their immortal power allowed us to see something, hear something we've never 
felt before. The Primal Spirit, the progenitor of all life, the essence that 
exists within the land, within us, the Spirit Being which goes through all 
things Wild and living."

You say, "Step to the tree, and place your hands upon its trunk. Here, we are 
closest to the Primal Spirit."

Ellen approaches the tree, placing her hands upon its bark with a solemn 

A loud creaking groan fills the air as Ellen places her hands upon the trunk. 
The mass of roots around the tree stretch out, undulating from the soft earth 
as they rise from their long slumber. A low gust whistles through the 
overarching branches above, tousling the broad leaves into an eager rustle. 
Roots manifest themselves from the ground beneath, clods of dirt dropping off 
them as they slither up, entwining themselves firmly around her feet, crawling 
up and up until a thick mass of roots has bound her firmly in her place.

You say, "Close your eyes. Relax, and breathe as the land breathes. Let your 
heart beat with the rhythm of the Spirit."

Ellen closes her eyes and becomes very still, allowing the serenity of the 
plains to enter her being.

The very ground seems to thrum beneath your feet, a low steady beat too subtle 
to feel before. Second by second, it grows stronger, until the pervading rhythm
seeps into every pore, sways with each blade of grass, guides each movement and
heartbeat. The roots binding Ellen pulsate in kind, a hazy green glow emanating
from the mass.

You say, "Can you hear it? The Primal Spirit calls."

The world around you becomes blanketed in silence, but for the perpetual 
thrumming of the land-- even that falls into the background, unnoticed. At 
first, there is nothing, but amongst the silence, a sound emerges. Quiet at 
first, it grows steadily; a low bellow, a quiet hiss, a gentle purr, the 
rushing of a river, rustling of leaves, thundering of an avalanche until the 
symphony of the Spirit echoes throughout.

You say, "Can you feel it? The Primal Spirit rests within you."

A ravenous hunger, an insatiable lust, an unquenchable thirst. The flush of a 
rampant rage, the bubbling outburst of a heartfelt joy, the uplifting sensation
of a breath of awe. Everything Ellen has ever experienced, every instinct, 
every impulse, every emotion-- It all comes to you at once.

You say, "What do you see, Ellen? What form does the Primal Spirit take to 

Black-Tongued Ellen, Druidic Ascendant says, "I see life, pure and unbridled by
the trappings of those who would seek to tame and control it."

Gurn nods slowly and smiles, indicating to the surrounding 
heartlands. "But even as we attune ourselves to the Wilds, even as we 
strengthen our bond with the Spirit, there are those who tear us away from it."

The air chills, dropping rapidly in temperature until shivers run through your 
body. Snow begins to drift from the heavens above, floating and swirling lazily
on the breeze as they fall. Beads of sand tumble in from nowhere, dancing madly
with the white downfall, drying the very air itself until your throat dries, 
parched and thirsty. The sounds of the Spirit and the Wilds slow, faltering 
with each second that passes.

You say, "Can you feel the world's life fail? The hunger and the desolation of 
the Pines, the sweltering heat and barren dunes of the desert where magick 

The grass around you withers, becoming sickly, black, a tainted stench creeping
through your nostrils. Images warp around you, tinting red, purple, black, 
bulging as if something were trying to make its way in. Quiet whispers scheme 
and giggle just out of earshot, and you can feel a slight tugging at your 
possessions, as if someone were trying to take them away from you. The 
afterimage of flame, ashes, and destruction flash into view for a moment before
fading, the thrumming of the Pulse fading slowly along with it.

You say, "Can you feel the world's corruption? The wanton destruction left in 
the wake of civilization, the mad grab for power by any means possible?"

The roots recede around you, slackening as they burrow back within the ground.

You say, "If left unchecked, then our connection to the Primal Spirit will 
close. The weakened bond will be lost altogether, and the natural world will 
corrupt, weaken, and become a shadow of what it is."

You say, "We are cult of the Primal Spirit. We keep the bond with the Wilds and
the Primal Spirit alive, and we fight against the world's corruption. You have 
felt Its presence, seen Its form. You are beginning your Return, Ellen."

Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

You say, "Welcome."

And upon completion, the person gets a pendant. Might revise the Rite a bit(if anyone has suggestions, that'd be nice), but that's where we are, and how we're starting up. 


  • I like it!
    ‘Least I won’t have to carry it no more. You see how bloody heavy it is?’

    ‘Every sword’s a weight to carry. Men don’t see that when they pick ’em up. But they get heavier with time.”
  • Pretty snazzy. No suggestions for now but I'll have a ponder.
  • I am glad that there is a magick cult working the 'our world is dying' angle.. even if the cause of that dying is different from Wild Hunt's opinion. It leaves common ground to potentially fight over.

    I liked this, it was pretty cool. I was hoping you would get this cult on its feet.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>ass, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • This is a discussion that Gurn and I had with the entity Naya, who was curious to learn about our cult. Edited for ease of reading only.


    Bright motes of light coalesce into the room.

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Ah, Naya. Hello."

    The Celidon Threshold.
    --- Area 168: The Celidon Council  v13499 ---
            /                   \
         [^]             [H]     [ ]-[S]
            \     |       |     /
             [_]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[H]
    -[S]-[S]-[ ]-[ ]-[S]-[ ]-[S]-[S]-[ ]
    --- The Celidon Threshold --------- 0:0:0 ---
    A wheeled cannon rests here. Lined with silken fabric of a silvery-blue hue, a
    simple basket sits in the corner. A square plaque is here. There are 3 monolith
    sigils here. A small package, wrapped in a grey cloth and tied with twine lies
    on the ground here. Someone has left behind a rather drab pack. A forest
    basilisk lurks here in the shadows. Caelas Willowbrook stands here alert,
    scanning the area for signs of trouble. There are 4 elite centaurs earth
    priestess here. Lounging comfortably with her feet in the water, Oliana is here,
     smiling politely. There are 2 fruit bats here. There are 47 elite Xiur
    Champions of Celidon here. A massive, wild tiger with fierce, emerald eyes
    prowls the immediate area for prey. A banded stallion stands here quietly
    regarding his surroundings. A noble kestrel is perched nearby, keen eyes gazing
    upon you. The crushed corpse of a spider litters the ground here, one leg still
    twitching. A mighty earth golem stands guard here. Naya flickers here softly, a
    collection of incandescent energy. Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's
    Vindication is here, giving off a truly ghastly stench. He wields an ominous-
    looking claymore in his hands. Sarn Ly'cre is here. Unfinished trenches have
    been dug at this location, with wires lying all around.
    You see exits leading north, up, and a massive granite boulder stands vigilant
    to the out (gate open).

    Gurn faces Naya directly, deliberately lifting his arm to press two fingers
    against his forehead, then heart, signaling his honesty and respect.

    You flash Naya a joyous smile.

    She is a radiant Entity. A collection of incandescent motes of light have
    condensed into the indistinct silhouette of a female form. A warm glow veils
    her features in the ebb and flow of light.

    Naya says, "That is an interesting dance! How are you?"

    Gurn utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "It's not quite a
    dance. It is the greetings of the men and women who follow the Cult of the
    Primal Spirit."

    Naya says, "I've heard of cults. They appear quite popular. I have been told
    other Naya-types have joined them too."

    You say, "Others have. Not ours yet. We haven't found a Naya-type who fits yet."

    Gurn reaches out towards Naya, displaying the two fingers he used-- The
    forefinger and the middle finger. "The two fingers represent the duality of the
    world, that life cannot exist without death, the day without night, peace
    without violence." He moves the fingers slowly to his forehead, tapping them
    there a bit. "The forehead means--" He pauses, and blinks a moment, lowering
    his hand for the time being, though the fingers still remain in the same.

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication smiles impishly and says,

    You say to Gurn, "I like it. It fits."

    Gurn gives you a nod of acknowledgement.

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Some of these
    Naya-types have become other things after joining cults. Sometimes, these
    things make people... Uneasy."

    Naya says, "You stopped explaining your dance. Have they changed in bad ways?"

    You say, "I think they changed in ways to reflect what they had started
    becoming already. So bad to us, but more.. honest to their nature."

    You say, "Assuming the change was bad. I haven't met any of them personally, so
    I can't say."

    "Oh, well." Gurn replaces his fingers atop his forehead, and-- "It's not a
    dance." Grunt. "Anyway, the forehead symbolizes the connection of the mind with
    the Primal Spirit." The fingers move low again, sweeping until it reaches his
    chest, over the grimy fullplate where his heart would be. "And this symbolizes
    the heart and body, and that both must be unified to understand and keep the
    bond with the Primal Spirit."

    Naya says, "Oh, I get it - mind, body, and heart. Important things."

    Gurn nods his head.

    Naya says to you, "Why is it bad for you that they are honest to themselves?"

    You say, "That wasn't my meaning, I chose poor words."

    You say, "My meaning was.. if they did become something bad to me, it's only
    because they were something bad to me already. Their transformations didn't
    change who they were."

    The body of Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo appears in a flash
    and her soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to
    fill with emotion.

    Naya says, "Oh, I understand. Which things are bad to you?"

    You say, "The cults of Conquest and Leechwood are bad to me."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Demonic
    corruption, civilization, the pursuit of power by any means possible..."

    Aislygn flashes Gurn a joyous smile.

    Aislygn shuffles over to Gurn and shyly takes his hand in her own.

    Naya says, "That's a long list. I've heard the talk about demonic and magick.

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says to Naya, "Hello."

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says, "Welcome to Celidon."

    Aislygn flashes Naya a joyous smile.

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Civlization, aye."

    You say, "Civilization is something that takes place in all circles of
    knowledge. We, as the Primal Spirits, call any group that tries to dominate and
    control the world around it, instead of learning to exist within it, a

    Naya says to Aislygn, "Hello, what are you called?"

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says to Naya, "I am named
    Aislygn. Pleasure to meet you, spirit kin."

    Naya says to Aislygn, "Nice to meet you, Aislygn!"

    Aislygn flashes Naya a joyous smile.

    Naya says to Gurn, "I was taught that demonic things try to control others. How
    is it different?"

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Demonics don't
    try and assume control as a primary means. Their goal is the pursuit of utmost
    power, by any means possible, thus the binding with the demons, casting their
    souls and their bodies aside."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Through power
    comes arrogance, and from arrogance comes a desire to control everything. Thus,
    control is a by-product of this, but manifests itself in the end as places such
    as Stavenn."

    Naya says, "So you aim to control nothing?"

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "We live alongside
    things, rather than control."

    You say to Gurn, "That being said.. we do seek to stop others from imposing
    where they do not belong, too. In a sense, we seek to control the controllers."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "It is like a
    dance with a partner-- You guide one another through the steps, tending to each
    other's individual speed and grace."

    Naya says, "What if the partner does not want to dance?"

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Then you have
    what Civlization is, no?"

    Naya says, "So you mean everything that is good wants to live together?"

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "To take a partner
    who wishes not to dance, and to force them to move through the steps, or to
    drag them along and beat them until they comply."

    Naya says, "Hmm, is this Civilization a physical thing?"

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "In a way. It is a
    lifestyle, a mindset."

    You say, "Civilization is an idea, but the people who abide by that idea create
    very physical things. Antioch is a civilization, for example. Part of it is the
    physical city, but the more important part is the mindset of the people who
    live there."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Kinsarmar, to our
    northeast, is an example of civilization."

    Caelas Willowbrook says, "Are you staying out of trouble?"
    Caelas Willowbrook peers about himself unscrupulously.

    Naya says to Caelas Willowbrook, "Yes, I think."

    Naya says, "Kinsarmar and Antioch are your enemy?"

    Naya says, "And Stavenn?"

    Gurn nods his head.

    You say to Naya, "That is correct. Another one worth mentioning is the Horde."

    Naya says to you, "Who is your ally?"

    You say to Naya, "My allies are my cult members, my fellow Celidonians and
    Silvari. I know many Kinsarmarians who I like as well. I personally consider an
    ally any who puts Nature first."

    Naya reaches upon and wraps her fingers thoughtfully around strands of light
    that most likely make up her hair.

    Naya says to you, "That makes sense, but can one live in a city and still put
    Nature first? From what I have learned, Nature is a very broad thing."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "No, they can't."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "The Animists are
    a sham, the hunters of the Vindicators are foolish."

    You say to Naya, "I would disagree with Gurn there, I think they can, to an
    extent. I don't consider someone an enemy for living in a city. Some of those I
    like and respect are Kinsarmarian. But while an individual can be a fine thing,
    a group made up of fine individuals can still be ugly and damaging."

    Naya says, "Animist? You will need to start small and build up, one called Gurn.
     I am familiar with the general history of this land now, but you natives make
    everything so complicated."

    You say, "It is the inherently selfish mindset of civilizations that does this,
    and it can blind those who care for Nature against the harm their friends and
    family impose upon it."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "It is as if I
    live in the water, but I wish to put snow first. The snow may fall on the river,
     but will never find its way beneath the surface. If I wish to embrace snow, I
    must leave the water in order to find it."

    Primal Guardian, Gurn Tellaris, Woodland's Vindication says, "Animists are
    druids who believe the bits of grass that spring up through their cobblestones
    are 'nature' and mean they can be connected to the Wilds that way."

    Naya says, "So Civilization is a thought, not a place?"

    Naya says, "Wilds? Like that Hunt I've heard about?"

    You say to Naya, "You are correct, civilization is a collective mindset. It can
    have noble goals, but the result causes those in the civilization to become
    selfish, to view anything outside the bubble as enemy or resource and nothing

    You say, "Wild Hunt is similar to the Animists in that they think they respect
    Nature. In reality, they stalk and destroy some of Nature's most marvelous
    creations, majestic and dangerous beasts, and they do this for nothing beyond
    vanity and amusement."

    Aislygn scratches her head looking for an idea.

    Naya says, "So you don't hunt?"

    You say, "We do not take issue with hunting. The act itself is demonstrated
    constantly between animals, after all. It is the reasons for the hunt that we
    find perverse."

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says to you, "Excellent choice
    of words."

    You flash Aislygn a joyous smile.

    You say, "Thank you."

    Naya says, "Oh, interesting."

    Naya says, "But, it seems rather complicated."

    Aislygn chuckles long and heartily.

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says, "It seems that way, I

    You say, "Gurn and I sought to create something that has never existed before,
    in the formation of our cult. We wanted an organization that has the wisdom and
    foresight to behave responsibly, but that also has the will and ability to
    strike down those who must be brought to bay. It is complicated, but the basic
    tenets of our organization are rather simple. It is from them that we do not

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says, "And their cult
    certainly is unique."

    Wildling Valkyrie, Aislygn Covante, Phoenix Echo says, "You won't find much
    like it in any other organization."

    Naya says, "Which parts do you consider to be the core that you are unwilling
    to deviate from?"

    You say, "The first is that to understand Nature, one must be a part of it. We
    do not allow those who dwell within civilizations to join for that reason."

    You say, "The second is that we must remember not to interfere with the natural
    world. Nature is strong, and can take care of itself. We live among it, but we
    must always strive to do so in such a way that will not cause undue harm, or
    worse, change the environment completely."

    You say, "There are only two major things that we consider to be threats
    requiring direct intervention, currently. The first we have discussed already,
    which is civilization. The second is the Demonic infestation that has taken
    root in Khandava."


    The conversation then continued on to other topics, but since I had to leave, I thought it best to cut it off here.
  • So, you live in a civilization (Celidon), but do not allow those who live in civilization to join? I'm not seeing how this makes any sense whatsoever... 
  • It is the thing that makes civ vs anti-civ tough.   My thing is, I'd say "kinsarmar lives in a manner making a minimal impact on the environment, so they're okay.  But those other guys are buttheads"
  • I know. Heck, the Animists live in a forested area within the city. The silvari have a giant rock. And besides all that, there is no definition of civilization under which Celidon does not fall. They've molded it to suit themselves, the non-natural inhabitants, making them no different, practically speaking, from any city. 
  • edited January 2013
    The civ vs. Anti-civ is really just industry vs. Nature. Celidon did not form its culture or home by disturbing the environment with fire or destruction. They simply adapted the caves and placed themselves in to the ecosystem.

    It is a terrible, slippery slope that makes the cults based on it less than all-inclusive.. which cults should be so they become more than a clan unofficially deeded to a city. Every cult should be about something both orgs can identify with.

    AntiCiv is just a way to cause circle infighting, something no circle can afford or wants.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>ass, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>

  • Sarrius said:
    The civ vs. Anti-civ is really just industry vs. Nature. Celidon did not form its culture or home by disturbing the environment with fire or destruction. They simply adapted the caves and placed themselves in to the ecosystem.
    This is basically it. We don't consider Celidon to be a civilization by our definition.

    The worries that Sarrius listed are ones that I share. From a roleplay perspective, though, anti-civilization is a completely tenable position for a Nature-centric organization to hold, and it's one that hasn't really been explored. As things stand now, Kinsarmar is enemy in name only; we refuse their membership, but we don't expect our members to disassociate with them or anything extreme like that.

    My personal goal for this cult is for it to not fall victim to the sit-back-and-wait mentality, and so we included good reasons for our cult to initiate conflict with both Demonic and AM. If the anti-Kinsarmar stance proves to do more harm than good then we might re-visit it, but I would find it disappointing to capitulate on our roleplay simply because the circle mechanic makes it inconvenient.

    Also, thanks for the criticism, it's quite appreciated.
  • A question, hypothetical.. can I be rogue and join your cult? That would kinda fit the bill, right?
  • I don't see why not. If cross-circle membership wasn't impossible, we would probably allow Ithaquans too.
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