Capturing the venom strike

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This is driving me nuts and I can't get this to capture with PCRE
With a lightning-quick motion, you slash yourself with a reddish masterwork longsword.
Damage Taken: 22 cutting, physical (raw damage: 41)
Your ciguatoxin toxin has affected Anette.
So I'm trying to capture the line "Your ciguatoxin toxin has affected Anette."

The regex I'm using is "^Your ciguatoxin toxin has affected (.+)\.$"

But this doesn't capture. Nor does removing either or both terminators. All I can think of is that there's some sort of nonprinting characters that choke it. Anyone know?


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    Copy/paste/copy from something completely plaintext like Notepad OR type it out character for character rather than copy/pasting it at all, delete trigger, save profile, restart Mudlet, add new trigger with different name, have the first line of the code be: hecho("|cff00ffAYY, |c00ffffTHIS |cffff00TRIGGER |cccccccRANNNN!!!!\n"), watch debug window to see if the trigger is even firing, report back.
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    edited October 2016
    I use tinyfugue. I figured it out but it's weird - I had to set drop the trailing line terminator and set it as a multiline comparison, suggesting the line ending on the string sent by the server is improper.

    [edit] - works fine if I don't have damage reporting for myself on so maybe there's some interaction there.
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    .our (\w+) toxin has affected (\w+)
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