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Housing Discussion



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    Dimitri said:

    Limiting housing commands to family lines makes sense, but those operate alot like clans as it is. Even comes with a news section (for those suitably epic family announcements, i guess?).
    That being said, i'm totally up for it, cause waiting for the house owner to get around to decorating your room is probably a pain in the neck, even if you write the room yourself. If you wanna make any sudden changes, you'd have to get a hold of that same owner every time... That being said: sudden changes to the room are prohibitive, and i'm okay with that because it probably keeps something on the back end from going haywire.
    I know its already been said 'no', im just throwing my opinion in to the grinder.

    Bloodlines are a repurposed version of the clan system specific to families, to the point that many of the clan verbs work with bloodlines and you can address them just the same as clans with the REACTIONS system.

    Personally, while subletting a house is something I would probably discourage in the Admin's shoes because it leads to a lot of drama, not using it as a social group gathering point (whatever that group be - family, friends, your clanmates, whatever) - seems silly on it's face and only sillier as I examine it more deeply. What is the point of me having gotten a 20 room house with several extras, 3 customized NPC, a full library, and several special thematic items with free item tokens, if I can't show that to anyone?

    Speaking only for myself, Anette's house is an over-elaborate RP backdrop - an underused one because of my reservations about just this line of thinking regarding "it shouldn't replace an org" or whatever - but one nonetheless. To me, this is what houses are. Roleplaying backdrops. Fluff and flavour.

    This is why, for instance, I think it would be a bad idea for them to have guild tutors, or profession rooms - because then, they're replacing guild halls.
  • I want a statue of lartus in @Anette's house
  • Reviving this thread in leiu of making a new one, let me know if that's a faux pas -

    @eoghan / @Jeremy Saunders - one thing that the recent NPC reactions changes made me realize is that the _existing_ reactions on some of the mobs (for example, the cook), can easily become incorrect/inconsistent if we modify the description of the NPC through the customization system, or give them different mannerisms than the default ones in through the reactions system.  Is there any way it could be done so that we could either overwrite the "default" emotes that come with a house NPC, or at the very least, suppress them?
  • The reactions exist in different systems, so it isn't as simple as flipping a switch. We'll look into it at some point, though.
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  • Yeah, while "able to edit them" is an ideal I don't think anyone would say no to, I do get its legacy code and would be pretty okay with just "we can disable the default ones somehow"
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