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Sect of Jackals - RP Interactions

EtienneEtienne Member Posts: 45 ✭✭✭
As promised, I'll be posting some little interactions from the Sect of Jackals here.

We have had a great time interacting with Somerled.

Check back for updates!


A merry tune whistling from his lips, a pale boy saunters in.

Caelya Talmarian, the Slitherer says to Somerled, "Ah, Somerled! This is our newest member, Thundin."

Somerled blinks widely and then peers at Thundin with utmost curiosity. "Hi," the little boy exclaims excitedly.

Thundin greets Somerled with a sincere smile.

Caelya Talmarian, the Slitherer says to Thundin, "Thundin, this is Somerled. He's an accomplished adventurer and a junior member of the Jackals."

Somerled wrinkles his nose and demands, "Whaddya mean junior member?"

Thundin says, "My pleasure!"

Caelya remarks to Somerled simply, "You're little."

Somerled puffs up his chest and exclaims indignantly, "So're you!"

Somerled crosses his arms in a huff.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Etienne states, "Perhaps I shall promote him."

Caelya drops to all fours and slithers over to Somerled, quickly drawing back up to her full height. She gazes quietly at the boy for a long moment with her double-lidded, inky black gaze, and frowns. "Someone measure us."

Somerled peers at Caelya and then turns to press his back to hers. "I'm taller," the boy announces loudly.

Somerled exclaims to Thundin, "Aren't I!"

Thundin says, "Yes, a bit."

Thundin says, "At least you're still growing."

Somerled dances in place for a moment and then lets out a loud whoop of excitement.

Caelya flares her nostrils again, little trails of smoke drifting out as she presses adamantly back against Somerled. Her glowing tail absently swats at his legs when he starts dancing about.

Thundin utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

Somerled yelps in surprise as his leg is hit, his arms spreading widely to retain his balance. Wrinkling his nose, he shoots Caelya a dirty look and then declares to Thundin, "I'm a FULL Jackal member and I like you. So welcome!"

Etienne ponders Thundin with a sidelong look, a smirk curling the corner of his mouth. He states idly to Caelya, "I suppose that does make him a full member of the Jackals. Perhaps lead adventurer, as thou oft have him running about in search of things."

Thundin flashes Somerled a joyous smile.

Somerled looks to Etienne in wonder for a moment and then brightens, his head nodding excitedly.

You look thoughtfully at Somerled's profile, pondering the situation.

You walk west.

Sweat flies from your brow as you smith a sturdy shortsword and quench it in a bucket of water.

You take a sturdy shortsword from a sturdy iron forge.

You walk east.

Caelbrook looks about herself suspiciously.

This slim boy stands no taller than a child of ten winters, his lean body possessed of a deathly pallor when beheld within the light. A tumultuous mess of cherubic curls frames his youthful, timeless features; a second glance firmly reveals his state of undeath. Serving to accentuate the mischievous quirk of his mouth, his wide autumnal eyes are beholden of the same tinctures of a marigold in full blossom, their warm hues touched with the faintest hint of scarlet. A pair of leather trousers embroidered with gold-shot red leaves around the hems clothes his small waist.
Somerled has an air of extreme strength.

Caelya casts Somerled a dirty look and slithers back over to a choleric alabaster axolotl named Surbal. "Lead adventurer sounds fine, I suppose." She fixes you with a bemused stare. "You are, after all, our glorious leader. Such things are yours to decide."

Somerled claps his hands together in delight.

Etienne takes a shortsword from its scabbard and offers it to Somerled hilt-first. He states lowly, "Thou should have a blade if she has thou running about. Do not cut thineself."

Caelbrook blinks.

Caelbrook Riversaide says to you, "I hope you intend to show him how to use that."

You raise an eyebrow at Caelbrook.

Somerled stills as he looks at Etienne in wonder, his eyes widening immeasurably. He squeaks in delight and reaches out for the weapon, grasping it by the hilt. With a few practice swings, the boy then lets out a gleeful whoop.

You say to Caelbrook, "He shall figure it out or he shan't."

Caelbrook Riversaide looks skeptical and says to you, "You tell him not to cut himself, but don't intend to instruct him?"

Somerled exclaims, "You swing a sword and don't hit yourself!"

With a snort, you say, "It's not that hard."

Somerled exclaims, "I can do that!"

Somerled exclaims to you, "Thank you!"

You say to Caelbrook, "I had a sword younger. If thou cut thineself once, thou learn not to do it a second time."

Caelbrook purses her lips, eyeing you quietly. "I suppose if you managed not to behead yourself, there must be some truth to that," she says, smiling.

You smirk at Caelbrook.

Somerled darts over to Etienne and gives him a sharp hug before bolting off into the distance, his whoops resonating through the forest.

Caelya stares implacably about herself.

Caelbrook Riversaide smiles impishly and says, "Aww, now I will admit that was cute."

Etienne peers in the direction that Somerled left, an odd look about him. He shakes his wings out a bit, holding them to his back once more, and then inspects his clothing briefly.

Caelbrook Riversaide says to you, "I promise, you will not wither and die from the contact."
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