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To those from Midkemia

Hello, on Sept 9th 2016, Midkemiaonline will be closing its doors. What this means is several iron realm games may find several new faces trickling slowly as things begin to wind down. Several players have stated their interest in coming to Imperian because they are interested in the complex combat mechanics, meeting new people and essentially a new start. It can be very difficult being the new guy, especially if you have been so used to things for years. Some of us are going to be intimidated approaching the established players here while others will be jumping right into the fray. If anyone from Midkemia happens to read this, I wanted to let you know that I will be hopping between here and the other major games, (Achaea, Lusternia, and Aetolia) as Jarnul to try and make contact to see how you all are doing. I know a few of you have already started your journey ahead of us and I guess I just wanted to keep in touch. While this is still going on, I will still be in MKO for the time being working to save a few things for nostalgia purposes. Goodbye my fam.

Until we meet again,


  • DimitriDimitri Somewhere cold
    Because, deep down in the pit of my heart, i'm an irreverent ass who covers up his sympathy with teasing and jabs.

    For when Midkemia closes.
  • Thanks. I'll give it a tried & true. Played on & off for a few years but never seriously since I was in a serious relationship with Midkemia.
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    Does anyone have a copy of MKO's announce 624 that they can post? It's missing from their announces right now, and I tried pulling up a cached version but that failed too. It might be somewhere on one of the forums, but so far those threads just have e-mails, etc... not the actual closure announcement that lays out the retirement guidelines used.

    I think it's an important announce to have posted, because it lays out a sort of precedent for how retirement might work in a game that actually does close (including I think the general level of activity you'd want to maintain to hopefully ensure that you get maximum retirement in that situation). Although, ours probably never would, even if things don't turn around (although hopefully they do), since there is no outside licensing fee, which could be a blessing or a curse, really.
  • SerobhanSerobhan Stavenn
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    Hey can I ask what Imperian has to offer in regards to Roleplay and Character developments? I realize half the battle is finding these parts yourself but it helps to have influences and direction from others. Something I'm not seeing a bunch? Not trying to come off as scrutinizing or anything, I'm having trouble fitting a story on Sero and unsure how much of it even matters.
  • Hey there, @Serobhan! It can definitely be difficult to pinpoint a role for yourself without many people around to look to, and I think Stavenn has had a bit of a population problem lately. I'd say to be patient, though, because there ought to be more people cropping up to interact with soon.

    In the meantime, know that there's two organizations in the demonic circle, and you're always welcome to come by Khandava. Roleplay has been a huge focus of the organization since its inception, and we recently opened up the council to guests outside the circle, so you'll generally find -someone- loitering around, waiting to meet you. I think most organizations have actually done this now, so there should be a lot more opportunities to speak to and interact with people than there has been for a while, across the board.

    As far as developing your own story, I'd recommend looking at HELP FIRSTAGE to start, to get an idea of where Imperian began. Stavenn actually played a huge part in history, so there may be something in that file or the ones after it for you to pull some inspiration from.

    Whatever you do, don't give up! If you ever need more advice or inspiration, feel free to message me in-game and I'll do my best to help.

    Welcome to Imperian, and good luck!

  • Jules said:

    Does anyone have a copy of MKO's announce 624 that they can post?

  • Final roleplay event for Midkemians is going to occur on September 4th 2016 at around 10 est. @Akaxi will be hosting the event. Hope to see you Mkoers there. Take care.

    Jarrul out.
  • Update: It will Sept 3rd 2016 at 10 est. A poll has determined Saturday is a lot easier for players.
  • The event was a success, thanks to those that came to participate. I wish you all the best. This is Good Bye.

    as requested by my fam in @Imperian.

    Jarrul of Sar-Sargoth out.
  • With the closing of Midkemia, this means the parting of the admins and the players that made the game enjoyable. I am grateful for having met many of you and wish you luck in your journey through life. I will genuinely miss each and everyone of you, and it is probably the most painful part of losing Midkemia; the people. For those that found a new home in Imperian, I hope you enjoy your stay. The admins here are very approachable and just as friendly as the ones in Midkemia and the same applies to plenty of players here as well. But other than that, I do have a log of the final moments of midkemia. If any are interested in reading it, shoot me a message and I can share it. I do think only Midkemians can survive reading the log in its entirety and understand what is going on without going insane. But yes, this is my time to salute you Mkoers, be safe and good bye.

    Jarrul of Midkemia, signing out.
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