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Tournament of Champions



  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Administrator Posts: 1,249 admin
    We will start at midnight GMT today for teams that are here.

  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Administrator Posts: 1,249 admin
    Septus said:

    You currently cannot switch out people. Team activate/deactivate can't work. I bugged it but mentioning it here since I know this is pretty short notice (plz don't make me 1 v 2 some alpha deathsquad).

    This was fixed by the way.

  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Administrator Posts: 1,249 admin
    With only 5 teams in each division we should be able to run through the round robin fairly easily. I know some of you are stressed about being here at the right time and so on. Don't stress it. Unless your team is dodging fights, we will make it work out, even if we have to schedule a set time to get a specific match done.

    That said, it would be great if everyone showed up at midnight today, and both times tomorrow and we can bust out the round robin phase of this.

    That might be wishful thinking on my part.

  • AlvettaAlvetta Member Posts: 39 ✭✭✭
    Planned my schedule around the 15:00 GMT time that it was suppose to start in the help file, cause I won't be around at midnight GMT. Guess I'm gonna miss out. :(
  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Administrator Posts: 1,249 admin
    Sorry. I'm sure all the matches will not be done today. Be here at 15:00 tomorrow.

  • Jeremy SaundersJeremy Saunders Administrator Posts: 1,249 admin
    edited August 2016
    Following are the the round robin groups for the 1v1 competition in the Tournament of Champions.

    You will need to do one arena match with each person in your group. Both players are required to report the results to me via a message. Message me the name of your opponent and if you won, loss, or fought to a draw. Both competitors should message me.

    Characters earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The top two players in each group will automatically advance to the eight man bracket. The remaining two competitors are the characters with the best overall scores across all groups. They will advance as the 7th and 8th place seeds.

    In the event of a tie we will advance the head to head winner (if they come from the same group). If there is no head to head winner we will have a wildcard round to determine who advances.

    Credits will be awarded after the round robin phase. 10 credits per win and 3 for a draw.

    Please get your matches done over the next two or three days. If you attempt to create a match with another player and they continually dodge you, please let me know.

    Group A

    Group B

    Group C

    If you have any questions, you can message me or ask on the forums.

  • KhizanKhizan Member Posts: 2,648 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Surprisingly good fights in the end of both the 2v2 and 4v4.

    I really thought that Damage Meta had us there in the 2v2 final after they wiped me out so early, and the massive 3v4 upset when the Lykes beat C-team was probably my favorite match of the tournament. Totally unexpected.

    "On the battlefield I am a god. I love war. The steel, the smell, the corpses. I wish there were more. On the first day I drove the Northmen back alone at the ford. Alone! On the second I carried the bridge! Me! Yesterday I climbed the Heroes! I love war! I… I wish it wasn’t over."

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