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Monk Basher (Mudlet)

Hey guys, thought I'd share this. Finally got off my rear and decided to write a basher for multi-hit professions. I don't remember who wrote the other gmcp-based one floating around here, but this is based off of it except made to target generic target names instead of id's (because monk. we want to kill everything in one hit.) Would work for Pred too I'm sure, would just take a little editing. Notes on what to change are located in the MonkFunctions script. Also I included an alias so it works out of the box as long as your target variable is target. If not, then again notes are in MonkFunctions.




  • OwynOwyn US
    edited June 2016
    I apologize for the double-post! But I forgot to mention that the alias I wrote is ridiculous. Change it to "queue eqbal combo blp blp blp blp " .. target" without the quotes. And also, if it's not auto-hitting for you, make sure that the MonkHunt folder in Triggers is -activated- (AFTER you turn on the script with "monk" of course)
  • edited July 2016
    So the script works pretty good, one thing I noticed is that if a mobile comes into the room AFTER you enter the room(i.e. an add) than it will not auto target it. I was thinking this could be fixed by attaching whichever function checks the gmcp and adds the targets to the table, but I can't figure out which function that is. 

    Any tips?

    edit-Just a hunch, but I think it has something to do with GMCP updates. Ive noticed some wierd adds to my queue, and sometimes it stalls out on the killing blow as well while there is still enemies in the room.
    edit again-I think I confirmed it, because if I LOOK after I lure, or LOOK after the add comes in, it will start hitting again. 
  • If anyone is interested on the Predator side at least, I made a very quick, easy workaround. Just add a QL at the end of your lure alias, because the GMCP does update on a look or QL. Simple and easy if not very elegant. 

  • @Veratyr Ouch! I've been slacking and didn't see the reply. I've since added the functionality of something entering the room if your little loophole is annoying. I can upload an update if you're still interested.
  • Ya I'd like it if just to see how to do it. As it stands when I kill the last mob in the room I hit my QL macro to refresh my target list and make sure I dont miss anything. Again, not the end of the world by any means.
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