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Leechwood RP

Normally, I like to keep the Leechwood RP fairly private, because to-date most of it has been one-on-one, boring, or sekrit, but in the tradition of posting cult->sect transitions, I present the following.

Just keep in mind, we did the world a favor. That thing was on a ravenous rampage, and your favorite entity COULD HAVE BEEN NEXT.

Log is on: C:\Users\AwesomeGuy\Documents\My Games\CMUD\lionas\lets_have_some_sects.txt

21:19:07:209 | (Cult): You say, "Our roots hunger. They demand a sacrifice so that they may be nourished. The blood that we have laid on the altar has served to strengthen Our body, but Our growth must be sealed with a sacrifice on a much grander scale."

21:19:18:309 | (Cult): You say, "The task immediately before us is not a trivial one. All that are available, attend to Our altar in the Al'drym woods."

<walking spam removed>

<Arrive at altar>

21:21:06:141 | You tell Paesa, "Paesa, dear, may I have a word?"

21:21:14:61 | Paesa tells you, "Certainly."

21:21:18:234 | A scarlet sphere of light floats into view, bobbing along the air.

21:21:25:610 | Calmly turning towards Paesa, you bring your clasped hands to your forehead as you bow before her, slowly, at the waist.

21:21:29:521 | Ixielle enters from the south following Kanthari, riding a curly-coated autumnal warhorse.
21:21:29:536 | They are followed by an anguished gem-encrusted treant.

21:21:42:139 | Paesa says, "Greetings to the Lionas, and to all."

21:21:48:399 | Ahkan inclines his head respectfully.

21:21:52:79 | Kanthari nods his head politely.

21:22:11:55 | Ahkan whispers to Paesa, "Rumor has it, you've been practicing what 'someone' taught you."

21:22:20:187 | You say to Paesa, "I've heard a few rumors. You've been busy, aye?"

21:22:28:855 | You see the following people here:
21:22:28:856 | Ixielle, Katalina, Rowynn, Aleutia, Ahkan, Paesa, Kanthari, Lionas
21:22:28:857 |  (1)      (2)       (3)     (4)      (5)    (6)    (7)       (8)

21:22:32:119 | *************************[ The Cult of the Leechwood ]**************************
21:22:32:121 | Member                              Status          Info           
21:22:32:122 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
21:22:32:123 | Ahkan
21:22:32:124 | Aleutia
21:22:32:129 | Ixielle
21:22:32:131 | Kanthari
21:22:32:132 | Katalina
21:22:32:133 | Lionas                                              Leader
21:22:32:134 | Rowynn
21:22:32:135 | ********************************************************************************

21:22:37:445 | Paesa flits towards the altar, examining the surface with curious intent before glancing up at Ahkan and then to Lionas.

21:22:41:581 | Paesa says, "Yes I have."

21:22:53:399 | You say, "To what end?"

21:23:17:235 | Paesa says, "I have learned how to gain my own power. I will not be in the debt of others for MY power. I will take it for myself."

21:23:32:202 | You say, "That is not an end."

21:23:51:62 | Paesa says, "Because I have no end. I will continue until I am all that remains."

21:24:01:605 | You say, "Power is to be gained with care, and with careful reasoning. It is a corrupting thing."

21:24:22:446 | You say, "You know of the power I have gained, but you know also."

21:24:33:714 | You say, "That it was not for its own sake, but for the sake of my people."

21:24:40:193 | Aleutia glances sidelong to Kanthari before turning her attention fully to Lionas.

21:24:43:343 | You say, "Power is not an end."

21:24:50:469 | You say, "It is the means."

21:25:11:770 | Paesa flits towards Lionas, leveling her gaze with his as she listens. Waving her hand in a gesture of dismissal, she resumes her inspection of the altar itself.

21:25:16:553 | Aleutia steps down off of a hound of vines and granite.

21:25:24:326 | Paesa says, "You are mortal."

21:25:32:812 | You say, "We have many goals, those collected here. None know that better than you and I, for we have both been touched."

21:25:44:388 | Paesa says, "Yes."

21:25:58:95 | You say, "You have only one. That is foolhardy."

21:26:19:747 | You have emoted: Lionas paces to and fro before altar of the Cult of the Leechwood.

21:26:45:471 | You have emoted: Lionas murmurs, "Your predecessors, the Gods, they too fancied themselves above us.

21:27:11:452 | Paesa frowns slightly, the copper light within her arcing out in waves of annoyance as she says, "I am not foolhardy, insult me at your peril. I am no longer to be instructed."

21:27:51:908 | You have emoted: Lionas places his right hand on altar of the Cult of the Leechwood silently, a dark haze overtaking his form as he is momentarily silhouetted by the form of a great demon. A sulfurous stench overtakes you.

21:27:54:94 | You say, "You will learn."

21:28:07:204 | The sanguine roots making up The Altar of the Cult of the Leechwood pulse, the form of the grotesque chantry giving way to separate, writhing tentacle-like vines. Striking out within their immediate sphere of influence, you feel weakened as the baleful tendrils vacillate near you; flora is tinged with grey, fauna moves sluggishly, as the roots absorb energy from their surroundings, flailing about in search of the great power they sense.

21:28:18:911 | Aleutia silently palms a scorched sliver into her hand, her gaze levelling upon Paesa.

21:28:26:645 | Aleutia takes up a scorched sliver in her left hand.

21:28:43:855 | Paesa watches curiously for a moment, entranced by the display of power.

21:29:00:640 | You have emoted: Lionas stands amongst the flailing tendrils, his gaze locked to Paesa's.

21:29:12:408 | With astounding alacrity, one of the many tendril-like roots that made up the Altar wraps firmly around the wrist of the entity present, recoiling toward its base as it attempts to drag her within the main body of the altar's writhing mass.

21:29:44:928 | Paesa says, "What do you think you are doing?"

21:30:02:159 | You say, "I have been told my lectures can kill. Usually from boredom. Not today."

21:30:12:888 | Rowynn blinks.

21:30:27:460 | Paesa struggles against the grasping strength of the roots, the light within her cascading in a blur of vibration.

21:30:44:539 | Aleutia slips quietly from the group gathered, keeping away from the roots best she can as she comes to stand near Paesa. Tilting her head faintly to the side, the human whispers softly to the Entity.

21:30:51:673 | Aleutia whispers to Paesa, "Remember this."

21:31:28:911 | Aleutia slams a scorched sliver into the body of Paesa, where the heart would be upon a mortal, her expression contorted into a hateful glare.

21:31:44:540 | Paesa tosses her translucent head back and releases a primal scream of fury and rage towards the skies.

21:31:51:19 | As Paesa continues to struggle against the malevolent strength of the Leechwood's animate root, a second writhing tendril wraps itself around Her free wrist. A third brushes against Her open palm, and the tangible feeling that a great and terrible consciousness has taken hold overcomes your senses momentarily. All at once, Paesa ceases her struggling; at that moment, the main body of the writhing eldritch mass plunges in her direction, piercing the body of the Entity.

21:32:24:697 | The vicious cast of Paesa’s eyes fades, replaced now by sheer terror that widens them to great proportions. She attempts to catch the eye of a sympathetic observer, pleading silently for her freedom.

21:32:39:884 | Rowynn creases her brow in a frown.

21:32:45:655 | You have emoted: Lionas strides away from the altar, his back turned to those assembled.

21:33:47:743 | Aleutia keeps her gaze leveled with Paesa's, murmuring, "You are not Her. Remember that as well."

21:33:51:323 | Paesa utters a strange phrase in an ancient tongue, and the area surrounding her is filled with flame and shadow.

21:34:09:388 | You say, "I believe this has been.. instructional."

21:34:11:310 | With careful, deliberate motion, the roots of the great Leechwood withdraw to their original location and configuration, the form of Paesa disappearing within them, absorbed wholly by the sanguine mass.

21:34:12:706 | The shadows converge upon the struggling form the entity momentarily, and then halt, their movements impotent against the power of the altar.

21:34:14:250 | Ahkan whispers to Paesa, "If there was ever a time to burn things, now would be it."

21:34:28:554 | Feeling like an eternity, several moments pass in silence, Nature itself seeming to shudder to a halt.

21:35:20:838 | The cruel laughter of a dryad is heard from the direction of the altar, echoing all around you as an unexpected wind roars through the area.

The following is a WORLD EMOTE
21:35:39:113 | A terrible malevolence settles over the land; birds cease their chirping as a peal of laughter spills from the very earth, carried upon a sudden howling wind.

The following is a WORLD EMOTE
21:36:04:603 | The ground beneath you shakes as a palpable force travels below you, originating in the Al'drym and traveling toward the Deadwoods.

21:36:13:868 | You say, "Follow me."

21:36:41:184 | You kneel before a blistered leechwood tree, swearing your allegiance to it.

21:36:41:428 | You stand up and stretch your arms out wide.

21:37:09:371 | You say, "I am surprised it was as simple a matter as it was."

21:37:22:535 | Aleutia tilts her head faintly to the side, moving to stand next to Rowynn.

21:37:45:988 | You say, "Do you feel the strength We have gained? It buoys my spirit."

21:38:03:755 | Sai Ahkan Dios, Ultimatum of Sukhder says, "I so.. of liked ... .un... little thing."

21:38:09:37 | Ahkan opens the bevor of his plate helm.

21:38:15:5 | You say, "Come again?"

21:38:18:602 | Sai Ahkan Dios, Ultimatum of Sukhder says, "I sort of liked the hungry little thing."

21:38:23:637 | The Leechwood begins to vibrate and thrum with a strange, rhythmic noise.

21:38:35:560 | Blackthorn Dryad, Aleutia Sol'Anlumaire says, "She trifled in matters not concerning her."

21:38:44:422 | (Tzolkin): Levli says, "Anyone else feel that?"

21:38:46:908 | Sai Ahkan Dios, Ultimatum of Sukhder says to Kanthari, "We should have done this with Ienteres?"

21:38:49:627 | (Tzolkin): You say, "Of course I did."

21:38:52:680 | Ixielle grins mischievously.

21:38:58:500 | Rowynn chews uncertainly on her lower lip, brow furrowing as she glances up at the Leechwood.

21:38:58:740 | Kanthari appears contemplative, flicking a scarlet glance toward the Leechwood. "Fire would have suited him better," the elf replies.

21:39:24:88 | Aleutia wraps a comforting arm around Rowynn.

21:39:26:820 | (Tzolkin): You say, "The world will feel the machinations of Our roots."

21:39:30:968 | Sai Ahkan Dios, Ultimatum of Sukhder says to Kanthari, "I told Paesa, right before she was consumed, that the moment to learn how to manipulate fire was....and then the altar consumed her."

21:39:34:768 | Aleutia whispers something to Rowynn.

21:39:36:126 | Ahkan shrugs helplessly at Kanthari.

The following is a WORLD EMOTE
21:39:41:266 | The forests of the world stir as a malignant force surveys them, the feeling of impending war stirring within your very bones.

21:39:47:72 | Rowynn creases her brow in a frown.

21:39:49:163 | Rowynn leans on Aleutia seeking consolation.

21:39:55:502 | (Tzolkin): Levli says, "Ah.. wasn't sure what it was."

21:40:04:165 | The spine-chilling call of wolves, jackals and coyotes are accompanied by the shrieks of corrupted dryads and warped treants who howl in triumph as Olanre of the Leechwood emerges to reign.

21:40:30:515 | Olanre appears out of thin air.

21:40:30:785 | (Tzolkin): You say, "Now you do."

21:40:51:105 | Olanre casts her cruel eye over those gathered before her and reaches a warped arm out towards Aleutia, Lionas and the others in turn.

21:41:08:251 | Olanre says, "I am Olanre, of the Leechwood. We are one. We are. We shall reign."

21:41:26:810 | Olanre stretches slowly, examining her crooked arms and gazing down the new length of her ligneous legs. She laughs to find her root-like toes furrowing into the loamy soil, burrowing and seeking purchase.

21:41:44:394 | You say, "I am Lionas, Redwood Blight, the Harbinger. You are Mine, as I Yours."

21:41:57:816 | (Cavalcade): Ahkan says, "I am Ahkan. I do what he tells me to."
21:42:00:900 | (Cavalcade): Ahkan says, "Derpderp."

The following is an AREA EMOTE
21:42:07:905 | Violent flashes of light surround Olanre and the Tree, blinding in their brilliance and frightening in their intensity. Her throaty laughter echoes in booms across Khandava, ringing in the trees.

21:42:22:975 | Sarciossis, riding a rugged Paran zebra, arrives from the west.
21:42:22:976 | He is followed by a ravenous hound.

21:42:38:465 | Olanre offers those gathered a look of pure hatred and condescension as she moves to take a step forward.

21:42:52:565 | Ahkan grunts noncommittally.

21:42:53:525 | Olanre screams in agony, followed swiftly by a ferocious and harrowing snarl.

21:43:00:794 | Sarciossis clicks.

21:43:13:112 | The twisted roots of Olanre's limbs and the corrupt roots of the Tree are shown to be conjoined, preventing her departure from the confines of the soil in the vicinity.

21:43:54:182 | You are not a member of any cult.

21:43:58:50 | Kanthari turns to face Sarciossis, his voice low as he intones, "Leave. This is not your affair."

21:44:02:236 | Olanre turns to Lionas, confusion evident upon her face.

21:44:04:693 | Aleutia gives a low laugh, mirth suddenly alighting across her features as she watches Olanre.

21:44:10:872 | Olanre says, "You dare to confine us? We would march upon the forests and cities of the world! We would spread our power and might to the four corners!"

21:44:11:258 | Sarciossis bows respectfully to Kanthari.

21:44:19:12 | Sarciossis, riding a rugged Paran zebra, leaves to the west.
21:44:19:14 | He is followed by a ravenous hound.

21:44:46:470 | Olanre lifts her crooked arms towards the Tree, and an audible thrumming noise fills the air. Speaking in an ancient tongue, she causes the Tree to burst forth into a flurry of growth.

21:44:55:161 | You have emoted: Lionas smirks, intoning, "Time".

21:45:25:803 | Blackthorn Dryad, Aleutia Sol'Anlumaire laughingly says to Olanre, "The howl comes after the kill, never before."

21:46:16:181 | Formed from the fused lengths of numerous arm-thick ropes of  red-black fiber, the eldritch form of the leechwood tree rises far out of sight into the sky above. The wood of the tree pulses slowly, drawing energy into itself from the collection of root structures trailing out of its base. A rhythmic thrumming noise is audible, emanating from the heart of the tree. With each powerful vibration, a burst of evolution can be seen in the leaves and root base. Along the surface of the wood, various open sores have formed, leaking a grey-blue sap tinged with red that shimmers as it runs down the length of the tree. A small depression can be seen beneath one of the lower hanging branches, the interior darker than the deepest night. The leaves  of the tree, abundant in the high overhead near the canopy, are a stark ghost  white, run through with veins of the same grey-blue that leaks from the sores evident along its trunk. Various leaves have also become infused with a ruddy, sanguineous shade. A dark veil surrounds the tree, giving the perception of perpetual night.

21:46:20:634 | Olanre turns her attentions towards Aleutia and says in a chilling tone, "So the Burned Man says."

21:46:44:557 | Aleutia replies with another low laugh, her gaze defiant, "Bring him to me."

21:46:58:230 | You have emoted: Lionas turns to Aleutia, repeating, "Time".

21:47:11:163 | Olanre crooks a wry smile at Aleutia, and erupts into baleful peals of laughter.

21:47:27:163 | Iluv tells you, "Let me know when you guys are not so busy."

21:47:36:259 | Aleutia says to Lionas "The time is now for jackals to howl." Turning once more to Olanre, she demands once more, "Bring him."

21:47:52:835 | Wreathing about the base of the Leechwood, several green stalks emerge from the soil and soon burst into blooming scarlet chrysanthemum blossoms. An earthy, resinous and soporific fragrance fills the air and dulls the senses.

21:48:16:62 | Olanre appears to calm, taking deep breaths that sound like razors upon bark. She crooks a strange smile and says, “Our will, shall prevail.”

21:48:35:739 | Olanre says, "Our will."

21:48:39:647 | Olanre says, "Shall prevail."

21:49:23:868 | Olanre raises Her arms above Her head, and calls upon the boughs of the great Leechwood to grant Her admittance.

21:49:41:551 | You have emoted: Turning calmly to once again face Olanre, Lionas whispers, barely audible, "Our will."

21:49:55:667 | A flurry of leaves coalesce upon Olanre, and She vanishes within the confines of the tree.

21:50:38:35 | Sai Ahkan Dios, Ultimatum of Sukhder says, "You know, would it really be too hard to create something that isn't creepy?"

21:50:44:192 | You say to Ahkan, "Yes."

21:50:46:948 | The end of Ahkan's churata glows brightly as he takes a long drag from it.

21:50:48:938 | Lowering the churata, Ahkan exhales creating a train of smoke rings that float lazily into the air.

21:51:00:314 | Ahkan shrugs helplessly at you.

21:51:01:708 | You say, "You have seen what there is to see. You may continue your mundane lives."

21:51:32:731 | Aleutia takes a clay flowerpot from a cloak of infernal hues.

21:51:42:434 | Aleutia takes a red rose from a clay flowerpot.

21:51:44:731 | Sorceress Ixielle Sol'Anlumaire says, "Thank you for allowing us to witness this momentous occasion, Prophet."

21:52:01:625 | Candidly, you say, "I expected to need more aid."

21:52:03:150 | You shrug helplessly.

21:52:13:565 | Aleutia lays a red rose at the base of the tree, a vague smile touching her lips as she begins to laugh once more, her voice yet soft as she murmurs, "I remember You."

21:52:17:425 | Aleutia drops a red rose.

21:52:34:656 | Ahkan, Ixielle, Kanthari, Katalina, and Rowynn follow you to the west.

21:52:42:921 | You put your lips to Lyria's Howl and blow.
21:52:42:923 | As you sound the horn, what emerges from it is a great, echoing wolf-howl that seems to leap from tree to tree.

21:52:44:67 | The great howl of a mighty wolf echoes out through the Redwoods, answered a moment later by one, then another, until the great cacophony of a baying pack blankets the entire forest and council.

Her gracile form holds a harrowing, tumultuous beauty. The ashen skin of her body is speckled with roughened ligneous patches that resemble the bark of the Leechwood. Her slender legs taper into contorted roots, perpetually seeking purchase within the soil beneath them. Olanre’s arms are twisted and bent in unnatural positions, akin to the warped and crooked branches of the Tree. A cluster of stark white blue-veined leaves sprout from her shoulders forming an impressive mantle that frames her face.  She is crowned with a wreath of scarlet blossoms that surround her with an earthy, green resinous fragrance.  Her face is sharply angled, with deep arboraceous hollows and crags.  A sanguine light rises from the depths of smoldering, angled eyes both radiant and terrible to behold.
I am the righteous one... 
the claims are stated - it's the world I've created 


  • Kanthari doesn't like my zebra. :(
  • Very cool event! :) Thanks, Paesa/Olanre, Lionas, and Aleutia for organizing it!

    Olanre's description is beautiful.
  • Not bad!
    ‘Least I won’t have to carry it no more. You see how bloody heavy it is?’

    ‘Every sword’s a weight to carry. Men don’t see that when they pick ’em up. But they get heavier with time.”
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    (Sol'anlumaire): Lionas says, "Aleutia, dear, you know your way around Kibaya fairly well, do you not?"

    (Sol'anlumaire): You say, "I abhor the place but aye, I know it quite well. Why?"

    (Sol'anlumaire): Lionas says, "I need a volunteer. A maiden with a wealth of knowledge regarding the tree there."

    (Sol'anlumaire): You say, "I'm not sure what you're asking me, love."

    (Sol'anlumaire): Lionas says, "I was hoping you knew of someone."

    (Sol'anlumaire): You say, "Well. I mean. The Shaman is your best bet for anything. There aren't many of notice in the towne."

    You climb up on a dappled palomino pegasus named Priya.
    Into the twisting Kubwa roots. (road). (Kibaya Village.)
    The undead form of Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight is here. He wields a Souledge Sabre in his left hand and a truesilver shield in his right. Unfinished trenches have been dug at this location, with wires lying all around. You see exits leading north and east.

    You raise an eyebrow at Lionas.

    Lionas begins to follow you.

    You say, "Do you wish Baoablauto?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Let's go have a chat and see."
    --- Within a strange dark hut -- -4:3:0 0 ---
    A smattering of clouds fills the sky, lacing it with spiderwebs of grey. Smouldering with black smoke, a small moss fire burns from within a small pit. There is a group of 2 pinches of saltpetre here. Muttering curses to himself, the shaman of the Kibaya putters about here amongst the painted gourds. You see a single exit leading out.

    You step down off of a dappled palomino pegasus named Priya.

    A dappled palomino pegasus named Priya obediently falls into line behind you.

    Lionas steps down off of a blighted white mare.

    A blighted white mare begins to follow Lionas obediently.

    With gentle calm, you bring your clasped hands to your forehead as you bow, slowly, at the waist.

    Calmly turning towards Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya, Lionas brings his clasped hands to his forehead as he bows before him, slowly, at the waist.

    You say to Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya, "The Prophet requires your assistant."

    You look undecided and say to Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya, "Assistance, rather."

    You say to Lionas, "What in Dis are you doing?"

    Lionas grunts noncommittally.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya grunts noncommittally.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya inclines his head respectfully towards Lionas, and then Aleutia.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "What brings King of Khandava to here?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Khandava has no kings."

    You whisper to Lionas, "He's never been quite right."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Chieftain?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Prophet."

    Shaheen has been frozen solid, slain by a blighted frost wolf.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "You are great Shaman?"

    Comprehension flashes across Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya's face.

    You say, "Yes, he is."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya nods solemnly and extends his hands in a gesture of apology.

    You whisper to Lionas, "They're rather simple."

    Lionas nods his head at Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya politely.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "A friend requires information, and ostensibly company, for she is a sad and lonely thing. Is there a woman in your towne that is particularly knowledge regarding your tree and environs?"

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya frowns deeply and his brow furrows heavily for a moment.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya grunts his assent and smiles widely, saying, "You want to know of the Great Kubwa? My granddaughter, Halili is our Tender"

    You raise an eyebrow at Lionas.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "She does sound perfect."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "She is the pride of the Kibaya, our most precious treasure. You would wed with her?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight whispers to you, "Gods, I hope She doesn't hurt the girl."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Make her your queen of Khandava?"

    Aleutia chokes back a laugh, her verdant gaze bright.

    You whisper to Lionas, "What in Dis are you doing? I won't let you sacrifice some simple girl to that thing."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I am afraid I am not looking for a wife, at the moment. A lonely friend of mine wants to make a friend."

    You narrow your eyes at Lionas in an unnerving manner.

    You whisper to Lionas, "Had I realized, I'd have not brought you here."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya frowns deeply once more and says, "My granddaughter is no man's dalliance, King or Prophet or no"

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya tells you, "It is always "a friend" with these white men. Hmph."

    Lionas sputters for a moment, before saying plainly, "I am seeking someone who can answer some questions that Olanre of the Leechtree has.

    You tell Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya, "I. Well. I don't think. By the Maiden."

    Aleutia presses her fingertips to her eyes, shaking her head.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya rattles his gourd loudly at the mention of the Diabolus, and begins to chant.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "The Bound One, yes?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Yes."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Why have you bound this spirit, did it not offer to serve you willingly? You must answer me before I give my answer."

    The tiny dark-skinned man patiently awaits the answer, his mouth continuing the chant without a sound.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "The spirit Paesa, who was given strength and transformed through the Leechtree, had tasted power and was becoming greedy and unstable. I gave her Vision, and in its acceptance she was bound to Us."

    You whisper to Lionas, "You're not being convincing."

    You whisper to Lionas, "I'm also not responsible for any of this when it goes badly."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya considers your response for a moment and frowns. He silently watches you both, the patience of his venerable age evident.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya tells you, "Is white man lying?"

    You tell Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya, "He is not, though you should be wary of her desires."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Trees have roots. By joining with the Leechtree, so too does she."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "We have heard the whispers, we have heard of Her hunger. We do not offer our beloved granddaughter to be a feast for the pale people of your home."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "I should have liked for Halili to go, and to learn what she may of your ways and your great tree."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "But if she will be in danger, I will not risk it."

    Aleutia idly fans her sable wings, glancing askance to Lionas.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya crosses his arms across his chest and regards you with a stern curiosity.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I share your concern, and appreciate that you have it. I wish no harm to your granddaughter. If she is to accompany me, I will do all in my power to see she does not come to harm."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "For what length of time do you ask this of her."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I am not sure how long it will take for Olanre's questions to be answered, but if it is long it need not be all at once. I will escort your granddaughter on each visit, if more than one is needed, and will remain with her while she is within the Diabolus's presence."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "I will permit her to go to your Bound Spirit. I will allow her to remain or depart once she has learned what is truly wanted of her. I am old, but am no fool. A spirit does not request a child of the Kibaya to converse."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "But we are servants of the spirits, and we would know the truth."

    Aleutia leans over to Lionas, her voice low as she whispers.

    You whisper to Lionas, "Her blood shall be on your hands."

    Aleutia casts her glance away from Lionas, her expression turning impassive.

    Lionas gives you a nod of acknowledgement.

    Halili of the Kibaya arrives from the out, the silver bells at her ankles ringing daintily.

    This tiny pygmy maiden is a diminutive representation of the dark beauty found within the Kibaya. Her glossy black hair is adorned with several bright feathers, and her forehead and hairline are stained red. Her large, rounded eyes are pools of inky black that shine like water running over obsidian. Halili wears a simple garment that is roughly woven that is dyed a bright yellow. Her tiny feet are bare, and her ankles are embellished with anklets of silver bells.
    Halili of the Kibaya is not one to be trifled with.
    It weighs about 5 pounds.
    You see nothing in it.

    A reverent look upon his countenance, Lionas draws a circle in the air before him and bows deeply at the waist.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya flashes Halili of the Kibaya a joyous smile.

    With gentle calm, you bring your clasped hands to your forehead as you bow, slowly, at the waist.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Precious Yam, come to your Pae now."

    Halili of the Kibaya smiles shyly and runs to her Grandfather, she stops just before she embraces him and glances nervously at the guests.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Yam, there is nothing to fear. This is the Prophet of the Pale Ones in Khandava."

    Aleutia casts her glance once more over her shoulder, clearly preoccupied.

    Halili of the Kibaya executes a graceful spinning dip that resembles a curtsy and lowers her eyes respectfully.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "My little Yam is our pride, our treasure. We are small people but fierce. She will come to no harm or the spirits of our ancestors will be rising for vengeance."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Understood."

    Halili of the Kibaya stifles a giggle behind her hand and says softly, "Grandfather, no need to threaten the Prophet with our Ancestors! What is the matter?"

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya grunts noncommittally.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "The pale one wishes to bring you to meet with the Bound One."

    You say to Halili of the Kibaya, "The Diabolus wishes to speak with you. You are to answer her questions as quickly as you can, and we shall have you back in no time, aye?"

    Aleutia gives Lionas's a sharp look, her gaze disapproving.

    Halili of the Kibaya blinks in surprise and her eyes widen with sudden fear. Glancing to her Grandfather and up at Aleutia she begins to tremble.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "My Yam, what is our duty."

    Halili of the Kibaya says, "But Grandfather you have heard of...."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya frowns at Halili of the Kibaya.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "You must do this child. The Prophet will see you safely returned to your Kubwa and to your family."

    Halili of the Kibaya biting back a retort, the girl lowers her head and eyes and says meekly, "As you wish Grandfather"

    Halili of the Kibaya whispers to her Grandfather and he frowns deeply but he nods his head in agreement.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Prophet, My Granddaughter would like to travel there alone. She will be there, she will not bring shame upon her people."

    Halili of the Kibaya stares down at her feet, not daring to glance up.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I am not sure I understand. There is no shame in a chaperon."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "Indeed there is not in fact I would prefer it. My Yam however, deserves to be indulged. She will comply, and she will arrive of her own accord."

    You say to Lionas, "Let her. And speak with her intended in the meantime."

    Halili of the Kibaya does not attempt to hide the sly smile spreading over her face even as she continues to gaze at the ground.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya frowns at Halili of the Kibaya.

    Aleutia casts her appraising gaze to Halili, her head soon shaking as she looks away.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "I would have words with my Granddaughter prior to her journey. We will seek the blessings of our ancestors for her journey."

    Lionas nods slowly.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "You may tell your Bound One, Halili will come."

    Lionas nods, turning to Baoablauto and Halili in turn, bowing deeply to each.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "I shall also prepare offerings of respect for your Bound One."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "These Halili will present, as gifts of the Kibayan People."

    Mildly, you say, "She'll enjoy that."

    Halili of the Kibaya glances at Aleutia with obvious curiosity for a moment before adopting her meek posture once more.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya says, "It is done."

    You say to Lionas, "I require a meeting with you, Prophet."

    Lionas nods his head.

    You say to Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya, "Thankye for your time, dear Shaman."

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya wields his gourd and shakes it vigorously in your faces, chanting a blessing of departure and good will.

    You say to Halili of the Kibaya, "Safe travels."

    Aleutia presses her eyes closed for a moment before turning, tugging Lionas after her.

    Baoablauto, Shaman of the Kibaya nods and smiles, continuing his rattling.

    The Red Vixen Tavern. (Khandava Council.)

    You step down off of a dappled palomino pegasus named Priya. 

    Aleutia bellows, "Lionas Sol'Anlumaire what is bloody wrong with you?"

    Lionas grunts noncommittally.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "She will be safe."

    You ask Lionas, "Just as Vyzerath was safe? Are you truly senile now?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I had no knowledge of Olanre's intention to find or hold Vyzerath. I did not guarantee Vyzerath's safety, nor did I require it of Olanre."

    Aleutia gives a clipped laugh, her timbre rising as she counters, "And you extracted a promise from her lips? Believe every word? Lionas

    Lionas beckons you to him.

    You begin to follow Lionas.

    Monarch Square. (Khandava Council.)

    Aleutia sets her jaw, her baleful gaze resting upon Lionas.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "Olanre, I require a word."

    The sly voice of the Diabolus responds saying, "Just one? How droll."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I have met with the Shaman of Kibaya. A girl will be coming to speak with you at some point in the future."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I will make this perfectly clear. If she comes to harm, I will evict you."

    Peering out from a veil of leaves is the face of Olanre, frowning at Aleutia before bestowing a beatific smile upon Lionas.

    Olanre appears out of thin air.

    Olanre gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

    Olanre says, "Oh Lionas, you will not regret this!"

    Olanre claps her hands together merrily.

    Olanre wraps her arms around Lionas and covers his face with eager little kisses.

    You mutter, "J...ass."

    Olanre says, "When does she arrive?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "When she is ready."

    Aleutia casts Lionas an aghast expression, her lip curling.

    Olanre bounces excitedly, clapping her crooked hands merrily.

    Olanre says, "What does she look like? Is she pretty? Shall she bring us lovely things?"

    Olanre fairly squeals with excitement as she continues to babble on about all the plans to be made.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "If you are given a gift, it will be the choice of the people of Kibaya."

    Olanre says, "Yes yes, go on go on, what is its name?"

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "You will be visited by Halili, tender of the Kubwa."

    The woodlings are dumbfounded, and can only stare at their Mistress in horror before slinking away.

    Aleutia grunts softly, her arms crossing over her chest.

    Olanre grabs a fancy woodling and twirls him about in utter glee.

    The fancy woodling pretends to be excited and happy with his Mistress, but casts pleading and horrified looks back at you both as he is dragged around the tree.

    Aleutia smirks suddenly, her verdant gaze following the captive woodling.

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "It has been some time since the death of my wife, and since then I have had little interest in the aesthetics of women. Objectively, she is a prime example of Kibaya's beauty."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "She will come and go freely and without harm."

    Olanre ceases her celebrations and glares at you before saying, "If you're telling me she is to be your friend and not mine then I don't want her!"

    Aleutia says in a disinterested voice to Olanre, "I don't make friends."

    Olanre says, "We know you do not, one day, perhaps you will."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I am telling you she will make her own decisions."

    Olanre says, "Yes yes, alright."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says, "I don't think I'm her type, though."

    Olanre says, "Freewill and all I know she is not a woodling."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says to you, "Do women these days go for insane old men that smell like libraries."

    Olanre says, "I shall not eat her if that is what you're implying."

    Olanre rolls her eyes.

    Aleutia shakes her head, clearly unenthused at the whole ordeal.

    Lionas gives an unrefined ruby to Olanre.

    You say to Lionas, "I'm sure some do, uncle."

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says to Olanre, "Something shiny to keep you busy until she arrives."

    Olanre says, "When she arrives and is my friend, you will have your precious spore. I declare it and swear it by my life and yours, and by the breath and power of Our Leechwood."

    Olanre grabs an unrefined ruby and twirls it about in utter glee.

    Olanre says to you, "Tell your Princely boy to come and play with my new friend and I."

    Olanre gives Lionas a peck on the cheek.

    Olanre says, "Farewell for now!"

    Olanre giggles happily.

    Casting a handful of stark-white leaves into the air, the harrowing visage of Olanre is obscured from sight.

    You stare about with a blank look in your eyes.

    You follow Lionas to the west.
    Entering Monarch Square. (Khandava Council.)

    Lionas Sol'Anlumaire, Redwood Blight says to you, "If any harm befalls the girl, Olanre will no longer darken our wood."

    You say to Lionas, "I learned years ago to never fully trust you."

    Aleutia offers a bitter smile, lightly patting your cheek.

    Lionas begins to open his mouth, but chooses silence instead. He nods, turning  away.

    Aleutia sighs quietly, her voice soft as she whispers, "I love you, d'ah."

    Lionas murmurs softly, "Perhaps more than I deserve."

    Lionas, Aspect of Sukhder leaves to the west, a feeling of horror leaving with him.
    He is followed by a blighted white mare.

    Aleutia exhales quietly, her hand momentarily passing over her eyes before she shakes her head.
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