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Using Orgrequests effectively

edited February 2016 in Role Playing and Events
I have never submitted an org request. Many use them effectively to encourage RP and create minor events. 

Any guidance on how to go about it successfully. 
In terms of descriptions, ideas et all.



  • Let me give you an example:


    Diavsalute is currently the guild's emote for greeting others within the guild. We would like this
    updated to "revsalute" to match with the new guild.


    In other orgrequests I've submitted, I usually try to include as much as concise information as I can about the idea that I'm working with currently. Upon being contacted you can then further flesh out the idea with the divine who is assisting you, as well as add notes to the orgrequest through the COMMENT input.

  • Be sure to also look at HELP ORGREQUEST and HELP FAQ. I had a lot of questions about Orgrequest that I do my best to flesh out in HELP FAQ.
  • DruuDruu The Garden
    Hi! I'm going to be helping with orgrequests from now on, so I wanted to chime in and make some suggestions on how to make a better Orgrequest.

    The most important thing is being concise, as @Ario mentioned above. Having a general idea of what you want instead of having an exact idea of what you want is less than ideal. Be as precise and concise as possible. Don't be shy to ask for exactly what you need help with, and don't make us guess, please! If you want the person fulfilling your orgrequest to build you a mobile, say it. If you want to submit the mobile yourself, say it.

    Ideally, the person handling your orgrequest should be able to pick it up and make a quick action plan on how to complete it and get started on it as soon as possible.

    "One batch, two batch. Penny and dime."
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