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Mage Combat Basics

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So I have recently become somewhat active once again.

@Kryss raided Celidon and I realized that all I could do was cure my own afflictions (poorly) and get off a basic attack if that.

I looked around for ANY guides in Celidon or the Stormweavers covering the basics of mage combat and somewhat surprisingly, I found nothing. I don't know if this is intentional or a lack interest in mage combat or both but I would appreciate some tips on how to fight as a mage. 

1) What are my kill conditions and how would I go about achieving them?
2) Attunements: how do I keep track of them - is there any way to be useful if I can't track them (in team situations or 1v1)
3) I use the web-client, I can make basic reflexes but nothing more than that - is it sufficient to be a -somewhat- decent combatant?
4) I usually get so lost in the spam during combat - do I just need to gag everything or is there a way to actually have a semblance of understanding of what's going on ... without :/

Yes this is a noob post and yes I know mage is generally looked down upon - but hoping for some guidance.



  • IniarIniar Australia
    Iniar said:
    Mage has 3 straight finishers, and 1 not so obvious one.

    - does approximately 30-40% of max health
    - costs 4(?) fire; therefore, use Firewreathe from Crystalbinding to help you get there (+- Heat)
    - scales with Firecircle, up to 12 ticks (1 minute), up to 50-60% health
    - use Lavablast when:
         (a) Enemy has less than 60-70% health
         (b) You have at least 4 Fire
         (c) You have at least 1 Crystal charge
         (d) Apply modifier Penetration (Crystalbinding) to your cast
         (e) Use a secondary spell like Batter along with Lavablast

    - Does unblockable damage scaling to physical affs
    - Requires 5-6 physical affs before it comes close to Lavablast output
    - Can be done repeatedly unlike Lavablast (for a while)
    - Requires aff tracking
    - Primarily physical affs
    - Use Crystalbinding affs to help affliction output
    - Not recommended unless you have tanking artifacts
    - Nearly all control options gated behind high attunement costs; not going to beat an affliction class in a straight shoot out

    - channeled instakill
    - faster with more water(?)
    - therefore use Icewreathe or Spray to help you get there

    - Flamepillar advances Sunallergy faster than it normally does
    - Protect Sunallergy = victory

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  • @ohm

    Ichimoru made me a cool mage attunement tracking with a awesome display. If it's ok with him I can send it to you. It's for Mudlet.

    And for team situations, just spam icebolt/batter with crystal penetration for burst for basic do damage be useful.
  • The new nexus is awesome - I got an attunement tracker up and running in no time!!!

    Now to understand combat :>

    What I realized was mage combat is pretty much restricted to Pyroglacia/ Crystalbinding.
  • KaedenKaeden Missouri
    I'll have to study this as a guide to practice on. Quite frankly getting hold of Iluv is next to impossible when seeking information about this. Thanks!
  • Sorry bout that. I think it is a timezone issue.
  • Iluv lives on the Moon.

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