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Flame RP

Omyedhi says, "In my time traveling this realm, I have found many things."

Omyedhi says, "Those whose company I enjoy. Knowledge unfathomable."

Caelya flashes Omyedhi a joyous smile.

Khizan nods his head.

Omyedhi says, "The cold silence of the stars and the vibrance of the suns."

Omyedhi says, "But nothing captured my attention so much as fire itself."

Omyedhi says, "The flames move without reason or rhyme, but upon this plane fire is fickle and impermanent."

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "So are all things here."

Omyedhi says, "As such.."

Omyedhi gives you a nod of acknowledgement.

Omyedhi gives Khizan an acknowledging nod.

Omyedhi says, "I aim to enter the plane of fire. I will succeed, but I am not certain what the mechanics of these planes intersecting does to an entity, or to mortals surrounding."

Stepping closer to Khizan, Aulani wraps the end of her tail around his left ankle.

Khizan sucks thoughtfully on his teeth.

Caelya puts her hands on her hips and goes "Hmmm!"

Khizan nods his head.

Omyedhi says, "If each of you are in understanding of this, we may begin."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "There's water nearby."

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "It is acceptable."

Aulani nods her head at Omyedhi, showing her acceptance.

You nod your head.

You say, "I'm both excited and scared."

Omyedhi's eyes sparkle with amusement.

The hair-raising static around Omyedhi extends outward from her, causing the metal items in her general vicinity to spark violently with some unseen power. Darkness pools at her feet as she begins to glow so brightly that her features themselves are obscured.

Caelya peers at a shimmering suit of full plate armour unscrupulously.

Aulani brushes the dust off herself.

Omyedhi begins to rise, a spherical tear in reality forming around her in a chartreuse halo. At the very edge of the halo can be seen a white-hot gap, growing larger and larger as it reveals what looks like an infinite plane of fire. The light itself is
mesmirizing, and can only be assumed to be a mere glimpse of the fire realm.

A faint glow erupts on the skyline in the general direction of Yhumara, brilliant enough to be an eruption of the volcano there.

With a sudden shriek -- the origin of which is uncertain as to whether it comes from Omyedhi or from the madly blaring tear in the prime material plane around her -- Omyedhi's form begins to blink in and out of vision suddenly, each subsequent disappearance eroding some sort of recognizeable feature from her humanoid body.

A wild shriek -- not identifiable as man or beast -- echoes from near the Yhumara volcano.

Suddenly, and without warning, Omyedhi's form disappears entirely. The rip in reality still blares madly, but her form is not there. The darkness that had pooled at her feet begins a slow descent to the ground, spreading like a slurry of shadow around the

With a deafening explosion that knocks everyone to the ground, the tear in the prime material plane lurches outward in every direction, sending huge chunks of energy away from where Omyedhi's form used to be. These chunks hiss wildly as they hurtle
through space, burning everything in their path before blinking out.

"Ooowwwww!", you whine.

Caelya lands on her bum, flailing around wildly trying to get back up.

The brightness causes you to shield your eyes, and as the halo of light recedes, what is left is the flame-wreathed form of a young woman. A number of veils cover her face, darkening her features with ever-shifting gradations of shadow, but what can be
seen of her eyes glows brilliant red like a brand in flames.

"With knowledge comes the unknown," comes the booming voice. "I am all that is known and will be found in the Flames."

Lemuela Valstivar, Winter's Frost says to you, "My apologies for the intrusion. I came believing it would be someone of concern or

Khizan stands back up, rubbing at a scorch mark on his armor.

"There is nothing more primal than the Flame. Nothing more illuminating. I am of the Dread Flame, and its secrets are known by me. I will lead you to inflict terror upon your foes, and bring blinding revelation of the truth."

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "That hurt rather less than I had expected it to."

"Will you not follow? I am Samaos."

Khepera uses Khizan's arm to pull herself back to her feet.

You say, "I will follow you."

Khizan nods his head once.

Smoke swirls about the room, collecting around the humanoid form. The smell of burnt flesh fills your nostrils like a pungent perfume of terror.

Aulani stretches her wings above her head as she stands, nodding her head.

"Then spill your blood upon the altar," the voice intones.

Khepera walks up to the altar and takes her claymore to slice her forearm, allowing the blood to pool upon the altar.

Caelya eventually stands up from the ground, having been knocked there onto her bum, watching you carefully.

Caelya draws a dagger up from her cloak, slides the blade across the palm of her hand, and hobbles over to the altar, spilling her blood upon it after you.

Khizan takes a small knife to his right palm before clenching his fist above the altar. Blood drips into the depression at its center.

"Who remains to bind their blood to the Dread Flame?"

You point accusingly at Aulani.

Standing next to Khizan, Aulani pulls her tail into her hands and uses his axe to slice her tail, holding it over the altar afterwards while the blood and poison leaks out.

With a furious flash of fire, a swirl of smoke and flame descends upon the tassel-ear marmoset, and when it lifts the marmoset is gone.

You snicker softly to yourself.

"Then it is so."

Samaos appears out of thin air.

You flash Samaos a joyous smile.

She is a radiant Morphae. She has taken on the form of a young woman, her height formidable and her form fear-inspiring. She is wreathed in flames alone save for the five veils that cover her face and shield her surroundings from the full force of her
smoldering eyes. Darkness pools at her feet as if in subservience, and her hands are a ghastly bone-white, devoid of colour in their extreme heat. She wields a flaming whip in her left hand and a pitch-black staff in her right.

You kneel before Samaos, swearing your allegiance to her.

Caelya kneels before Samaos, swearing her allegiance to her.

Khizan gives Samaos an acknowledging nod.

Lemuela tilts her head curiously.

You raise an eyebrow at Lemuela.

Aulani Kith'Vahni says, "Perhaps this intruder should be a first sacrifice to the Dread Flame."

Aulani gives Samaos an acknowledging nod.

Samaos gives Khizan a knowing smile just barely hidden by the veils covering her face, her smoldering eyes sparking in amusement.

Lemuela Valstivar, Winter's Frost says, "Intruder? I didn't realize there was a ritual. My apologies."

Samaos the Dread Flame says to Lemuela, "I know of many things."

Lemuela purses her lips contemplatively.

Samaos the Dread Flame says to Lemuela, "If you do not believe the power of the entities and continue to hold to what has fallen, an unbeliever is as much an intruder as any."

Lemuela spits on the ground in disgust.

Lemuela Valstivar, Winter's Frost says, "I believe in my Lord, not of those who pretend to take their place, Dread Flame."

Raising her tail up over her shoulder, Aulani frowns at Lemuela.

Caelya gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Samaos the Dread Flame says, "I do not pretend at anything, youth."

Samaos the Dread Flame says, "I am."

Lemuela Valstivar, Winter's Frost says to you, "My apologies for the intrusion. I came believing it would be someone of concern or importance."

Khizan sucks thoughtfully on his teeth.

Caelya scratches her head in confusion.

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "I believe that was insulting."

Aulani gives Khizan an acknowledging nod.

Lemuela Valstivar, Winter's Frost says to Samaos, "We shall see when you are truly revealed for what you are, Flame."

Lemuela simpers and whines pitiously.

-Lemuela dies-

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Samaos."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Hmm."

Lady Caelya Talmarian smiles broadly and says, "I like it."

Samaos's eyes sparkle with amusement at Caelya.

Khizan tosses the head casually into the depression at the center of the altar.

You pat Khizan in a friendly manner.

Lord Khizan Vladin says to you, "I'm not particularly good at fancy rituals."

You say, "We know this."

Aulani grins mischievously.

You say, "It is no secret."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "He is, however, good at killing those things that interrupt."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "A worthy skill."

Aulani nods her head at Samaos, showing her acceptance.

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "I do have my good points."

Aulani Kith'Vahni says to Khizan, "A few, aye."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "This then is your charge, each of you."

Caelya tilts her head and listens intently to Samaos.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "There are those such as the one named Lemuela."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "Those who believe those as I have malevolent intentions."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "They rot your societies with disbelief. They doubt the nature of the truth they claim to seek."

You nod slowly.

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "There is one, as we know."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "You and I spoke about him once, I think."

Khizan nods his head.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "Can he stand against those who have given themselves freely to the Flame?"

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "He can and will not."

Aulani Kith'Vahni says, "Never."

You shake your head.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "In my travels I saw the unbelief spread by these. Spread, therefore, the terror appropriate to unbelievers."

Aulani's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Khizan's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Caelya puts her hands on her hips and goes "Hmmm!"

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "They'll burn with jealousy."

Samaos picks up a headless corpse.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "I will... dispose of that."

You say to Khizan, "Perhaps now is the time to brand everyone?"

You say, "That is, if you still have the brand."

You say, "Did you lose them?"

You crease your brow in a frown.

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Them?"

You say, "Well it was a brand and a branding pole."

Caelya peers at a massive cherry wood chest unscrupulously.

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "It's lovely but question."

You say, "Well, I can't lock it, so that's why he was holding them."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Why a wood chest near a fire."

You pat a massive cherry wood chest in a friendly manner.

You say, "It will serve the purpose for now. If it catches flame we can make one out of metal."

Caelya grins mischievously.

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "We have shed blood. I believe that to be enough, at this point."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Well."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Can Samaos brand us instead?"

Caelya tilts her head curiously at Samaos.

You nod your head.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "I can brand with a single touch."

Caelya grins mischievously.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "If something more refined is what is desired, that is possible as well."

Lady Caelya Talmarian says, "Your mark would be enough for me."

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "Refinement is..."

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "... not my strong point, some would say."

Aulani grins mischievously.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says to Khizan, "As this is so, you will be first."

You say to Samaos, "Prior to Your true form, my body was marked by You. I would only find it more of an honor to be branded by You once more."

Khizan nods his head.

Aulani wraps her tail tightly around her ankle.

Samaos draws close to Khizan, the heat radiating from her form surrounding the Ssylsin in a wavering curtain of smoke and blurred vision. With a deliberate gesture, she draws her index finger across his forehead in a circle, the smell of burnt scales and flesh
filling the air. What remains when she steps back is a thin, blackened trough of flesh surrounding a bone-white circle in the center of his forehead.

Aulani wrinkles her nose disfavourably.

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

Khizan gives Samaos an acknowledging nod.

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "And so it is done."

Samaos moves before Aulani, her eyes smoldering behind the ever-shifting veils of shadow and smoke. A similarly deliberate gesture follows, and the Wyvern-formed woman bears the mark of the Dread Flame, though the pain is evident upon her resolute features.

Samaos looks at the sky, a "tch" sound emanating from the smoke surrounding her.

You give a trillingly melodic laugh.

Aulani Kith'Vahni says to Samaos, "Thank you, Dread Flame. My basilisk requests to be marked as well."

Caelya snickers softly to herself.

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "If there is desire to burn enemies in a shardfall, go."

You say, "I will be staying here."

You nod slowly.

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "It can wait, for now."

Lady Caelya Talmarian looks undecided and says, "Not as though we've been doing anything with the shards."

You say, "I think this outranks shards, any day."

You shrug helplessly.
Samaos nods, turning to Aulani's basilisk. The stone casing its massive head crumbles at Samaos's touch, and the now-familiar black circle is outlined upon its forehead as Samaos steps away.

Aulani pats a quartz basilisk of red and gold in a friendly manner.

Aulani Kith'Vahni says to a quartz basilisk of red and gold, "We will give many enemies up to the Flame."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says to Caelya, "And you, short one. I know your heart lay elsewhere at the beginning of my venture into this world, but you are truly brilliant."

Caelya flashes Samaos a joyous smile.

Samaos steps before Caelya, kneeling because of the dwarf's lack of height. The smell of flesh simmers into the air once again, and when Samaos stands, the brand is clearly marked upon the young one's forehead.

You grin mischievously at Caelya.

Caelya winces slightly, but stands proud and not so tall, smiling up at Samaos.

Samaos steps before you, drawing herself up to her full height. "And you, dear one," she says, her eyes sparkling. The black and white brand is marked in silence before Samaos draws back, a smile barely perceptible behind her veils.

You grin mischievously at Samaos.

You say to Samaos, "Thank you, I will do best to serve you well."

Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "I know that all of you will."

Caelya beams at Samaos with a sunny smile.

Aulani nods her head sharply.
Lord Khizan Vladin says, "And now that everybody's had their mark."

Lord Khizan Vladin says, "Time for the shardfall."

Aulani grins mischievously.



  • Awesome RP. Sorry guys for stumbling into the ritual. Just saw the world emote and came to see what was up. :(
    With a steady hand, Aosoth batters you with an orb sigil.
    You say, "Ow."
    You say to Aosoth, "Bitch."
    Aosoth blinks.
    You exclaim, "That hurt!"
    Lord Aosoth, of the Thirst says to Caelya, "I bring out the best in people."
  • Two sects, two sacrifices. How long can the streak last?

  • Well, most of the other sects have added extra bits to their RP thread, so I thought I would add my little fun. Thanks again to Samaos for being awesome, even if it's only one person asking for something she's always willing to come and play.

    The acrid smell of burning flesh fills the room as a pillar of smoke swirls in.
    As it recedes, the flame-wreathed form of Samaos the Dread Flame remains.

    You greet Samaos with a sincere smile.

    You say, "Dread Flame, unfortunately my last beast fell in battle."

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "That is unfortunate."

    You say, "And this one makes a poor substitute."

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "Why so?"

    You say, "He is not fearsome, he hides in the shadows. But I believe with your
    help we could make him strike terror into the hearts of the weak."

    Samaos's eyes sparkle with amusement at a forest basilisk.

    The distant volcano spews debris into the air, filling the skies with ash and

    You say to Samaos, "Covered in molten stone should do the trick nicely, I

    You ponder a forest basilisk for a moment and say "Hrm..."

    Samaos looks about herself, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

    Samaos extends a hand to the forehead of the basilisk, petting it gently. At
    every touch the green body of the creature begins to glow a white-hot hue,
    dappled like sunlight and dark as shadowed forest.

    The night sky is clear, and the stars twinkle like diamonds.

    Aulani eagerly steps forward with a broad smile, but quickly backs away from
    the brilliance.

    As the basilisk begins to glow, his tail begins to grow. The basilisk looks
    about himself placidly with calm amber eyes that begin to spark with blue and
    green ribbons.

    A distant thunder is carried through the air and the sky briefly turns crimson.

    Grey, scale-like flecks of stone cover over the places that Samaos has touched,
    expanding to the basilisk's underside. The tail ceases growing, whipcord thin
    at the very end as it thumps lazily against the ground.

    You say to Samaos, "Yes, this is better, but he must strike terror into those
    that ignorantly dismiss the Flame!"

    Samaos looks about herself, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "Then he will burn."

    You say, "As we all have burned."

    Samaos's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    The stone itself glows brightly, all the more vibrant as the grey itself begins
    to turn white-hot and rearrange into a crystallized pattern that, faster than
    the eye could discern, crunches together in a beautiful molten encasement. The
    basilisk's teeth grow gradually, taking an ebony shade. A crimson stain emerges
    around the basilisk's maw, seemingly part of the encasement itself but moving
    now and then as if in response to what is about his jaw.

    Samaos leans over the basilisk, now much larger than before, and gently draws a
    circle upon his forehead, leaving behind a blackened trough now familiar as the
    brand of the Dread Flame.

    Aulani carefully inches closer to the basilisk, reaching both hands forward to
    trace the shape of the beast in the air above it.

    Samaos looks over at you, pursing her lips in contemplation.

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "Formidable enough?"

    You say to Samaos, "Fantastic, Dread Flame, he is magnificent."

    Samaos's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "As any charge of the Branded should be."

    You nod your head in agreement.

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "I am glad to have aided you!"

    You say, "Thank you greatly, Samaos."

    Samaos, the Dread Flame says, "You are welcome."

    You flash Samaos a joyous smile.

    Samaos's eyes sparkle with amusement.

    The flame-wreathed form of Samaos is surrounded suddenly by a pillar of
    swirling smoke, and when it blows away she is gone, leaving only the acrid
    smell of burning flesh.

    Larger then an average basilisk, this reptile seems to have been encased
    almost entirely in molten stone. Molten quartz in a deep golden colour covers
    most of his body while flowing bursts of crimson make up the rest. Ripples are
    constantly moving through the molten covering, following the powerful muscles
    as they flex. Long ebony claws are embedded in compressed legs, the molten
    quartz coloured in crimson socks to the knee before switching gradually to gold.
    His tail is long and whipcord thin at the end, the molten stone a fine bright
    golden, deepening in colour towards the body. Ample ebony teeth extend from
    his mouth, surrounded by a liquid stain of crimson quartz. Deadly eyes stand
    out from everything else, two ever changing pools of sapphire and emerald
    flames. Above his eyes at the center of his forehead is a thin, blackened trough
    of flesh, tapering golden flames leaking out occasionally from the bone-white
    circle in the middle.
    It weighs about 120 pounds.
    It is loyal to Aulani.
    A basilisk of molten quartz is holding:
  • I bet he didn't enjoy that much :(
    ‘Least I won’t have to carry it no more. You see how bloody heavy it is?’

    ‘Every sword’s a weight to carry. Men don’t see that when they pick ’em up. But they get heavier with time.”
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