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Best PvE Class?


What is the best PvE class? I am not too terribly interested in PvPing all of the time and enjoy just the mindlessness of bashing some helpless mobs after work, etc.



  • Diabolist, if you can trans malignosis and get necrosis in necromancy,

  • Demonic: Summoner. Wytch solid as well if you go clever and can get trans evasion. Deathknight's always okay if you don't mind slightly slower attacks.
    Anti-Magick: Predator. Priest as a good second. Templar same as DK.
    Magick: Druid's pretty good now that they can use shields. Hunter was solid too when I played it a while back. Runeguard same as other knights.

    Honorable mention:
     Diabolist, Renegade, Assassin, Monk
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    Demonic: Summoner, Wytch, Diabolist. Summoner has the best defensive kit combined with the highest DPS, making it a natural choice. Wytch is lower DPS, but runes + runestone make bashing very safe. Diabolist has a decent base DPS and great defensive abilities, and just received a natural crit bonus (and should be receiving another source of regeneration). It also benefits very well from a high investment, since they have three artifact purchases that scale with their attack (daegger, collar, sash) compared to most (all?) other professions only having two. I do not recommend Assassin, as it is notoriously squishy and has middling DPS at best.

    Antimagick: Predator, Berserker. Predator is PvE king and has unique abilities for dealing with mobs that other professions (and circles) do not have access to. Berserker has a great base DPS rate and good supplemental defensive abilities that are pretty early in their skills. Cleric DPS took a big hit recently so I'm not sure they're a good choice anymore.

    Magick: Druid, Runeguard, potentially Mage. Druid is very tanky and has solid defensive options, their DPS varies a little because they have a ramp up time on imbue energy but it's a solid contender. Runeguard is just like other knights, but receives a lot of the mobile benefits that wytchen do. Mage just received some solid defensive buffs, which may make it a fairly good choice - I can't say for certain, though. I would not recommend Hunter or Renegade for the same reason as Assassin, they're lacking in natural tanking and have middling DPS.

  • The hands down best PvE class in the game is the Summoner. Highest DPS in the game while being massively tanky. Zero artifact Summoner has better DPS than a lot of classes get with significant artifact investment, and it's the hands down tankiest class in the game. It's also a rock solid PvP class with a very low skill floor; being a great Summoner is difficult, but being an acceptable Summoner is maybe 15 minutes of work and it consists of one attack alias and a trigger for shield detection.

    Predator gets some fancy tricks for PvE, but the damage output without artifacts is sort of lackluster and their tankiness is pretty low. Leather armor, banded, shield, spacing, vitality effect. No sip bonus, no con boost, no passive healing, etc. The fancy tricks can be nice if you want to try something like soloing a caravan or something, but for your everyday bashing the Summoner beats it hands down. This is especially true if you don't have artifacts, especially because you can get a reliable welfare diadem that's an effective +15% DPS for Summoners. Predator is also clownshoes-tier as far as PvP goes.

    Druid is tanky with high DPS that varies due to generating and spending resources. Very fun class and a PvP powerhouse.

    Berserker is decently tanky while having good DPS. The big thing about a Berserker is that they're the cheapest class to artifact up for bashing because they use shield attacks for PvE and artifact shields are much cheaper than artifact weapons and collars. It's also a very easy class for group PvP with a lot of power and a ton of utility. 

    All three knight classes(Deathknight/Templar/Runeguard) are solid contenders. Decent DPS, solid tank, tons of utility. Good at bashing, good-to-great in PvP.

    So, I'd go with Summoner or Deathknight for demonic, Berserker or Templar for Anti-magick, and Druid or Runeguard for Magick.

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    Seriously, any Magick class is decent-good at PvE (except Renegade, don't do Renegade). Druid is a solid bet.
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