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Profession Reskin Wishlist

It's time once again for another thread about stuff we may never get but still would really love to see. Inspired by the current Wardancer -> Berserker attempt, this time, it's thematic reskinning of the game's professions. Is there a class that's just too similar to another game's that you'd like to see become more unique? Or perhaps the class's skills just don't make a whole lot of sense in Imperian's admittedly strange and often enigmatic world? Post your ideas here for a re-imagining of current professions that you feel are just not neat enough. Please try to stay within Imperian's theme, i.e., no laser cyborg cowboys. Other than that, have fun!

I'll start. Though Assassin and Renegade have bashing woes and some other issues, my biggest complaint is that they are too similar. Granted, the guilds that the classes originated from have a history, but so does Predator, and it's one of the most unique classes in the game. I haven't given much thought to what I'd like to see done with Renegade, but for Assassin, it would be cool if they could have some kind of shadow augmentation skills, where instead of whips/dirks, they grow shadow claws and dip them in a variety of their own funky toxins for various effects. Spatium could probably stay how it is, except with a thematic change from wormholes to shadow rifts or something.

Another class I'd like to see redone is Deathknight. It's true undead stuff has been around in Imperian for ages, but the original Diavlous came from the Noctusari, and getting necromancy from the aura manipulating noctu arts had never made sense to me. And now that Summoner has been further redefined to be sort of a dark pyromancer, it makes sense to me that Deathknight should use some variant of that dark fiery magick to augment their martial prowess.

That's all I've got for now. Feel free to discuss, add, or whatever. Just try not to be too mean to each other here, and stay on topic!


  • A reskin of Outrider or Predator (or something with lots of loyals) with a clockwork/engineering theme (I am serious).  
  • All clockwork, steampunk and mechanical is an automatic plus one.

  • IniarIniar Australia
    edited August 2015
    Bard becomes an Illusionist (phantasms) or Psionic (real telepathy) rather than a singing minstrel :(, even Duelist would do...

    Mage becomes Geomancer or Numeromancer or Anykindofmancer/sorcerer... 

    Half the magick line-up comes straight out of a D&D playbook... D&D Edition 2.0 :( ... the literal class-names could be lifted straight out from the 1989 book...

    'In 1989, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition was published, featuring new rules and characters. ... Character classes were organized into four groups: warrior (fighter, paladin, ranger), wizard (mage, specialist wizard), priest (cleric, druid), and rogue (thief, bard).'
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  • IniarIniar Australia

    Thoughts I wrote down about an Assassin reskin before I left...

    Of course, these are extremely rough ideas...

    Class Redesign: Assassin

    1. Retain only two things; the anti-banish, and phase
      1. maybe retain asphyxiation type
      2. maybe retain combinable attacks
    2. Help Demonic in the deficiency of:
      1. no limb offense
      2. no multi-chain offence
      3. brawler class
      4. multi-metric class
      5. fitness
      6. blackout


    The viromancer uses her own body as a vessel for the unclean. To do so requires years of uninterruptible preparation to extend her own unnatural life, to build a tolerance to the multitude of pathogens that she bears on her body. The master viromancer understands the philosophy of their mad method and bears not only disease of the flesh, but disease of the mind.

    Virulence is the first lesson taught to an aspiring viromancer. It involves the rapid accumulation and subsequent dispersion of pathogens in the body of the enemy - put there usually by the viromancer. The viromancer can do several things to bring this about: direct application of a disease to the enemy, induction of susceptibility in the enemy and modification of an existing disease.

    Heresy is the other lesson taught to the budding viromancer. It involves the spread of a philosophy that worships Nihilism, the desire for extreme pessimism. Heresy is taught to the victim by afflicting them with various states of mental susceptibility, molding and shaping transiently held beliefs in the minds of the enemy. When the enemy is subsequently disillusioned, the viromancer can force the victim to impale themselves upon their own weapon.

    The master viromancer is a true expert in biology, allowing them to exploit unexpressed genetic material in the body of the enemy, turning on and off different susceptibilities as necessary to drive their enemy to extinction.

    Dual metric - Virulence, Heresy

    Dual instakill - Succumb, Nihilism

    General Methodology

    • unarmed fighting, palm strikes
    • plague-staff, rope-dart, wind-and-fire wheels, butterfly-blade
    • anti-telepathy
    • when parried using unarmed damage, the Viromancer takes damage
    • the strength of the strike is dependent on the stance (balances) of the Viromancer
    • strikes are limited when the Viromancer is writhing, from ropes, and from impales (different)
    • the Viromancer can writhe off-full-balance, but suffers the above penalties
    • every time the enemy eats an orphine, they cure 1 point of Heresy and the affliction
    • Virulence is cured 2 points a time with each sip of immunity, which consumes sip balance at 4s.
    • When 3 Viromancers are in the room, they can execute a method known as Three-Side Pentagram
    • Four-Heretics Gambit
    • Fourth Moon Heresy

    Specialisations (6)

    • nightshade is 1.5s, but wormwood is 2.5s (Chaos)
    • mandrake is 1.5s, but laurel is 3s (Psychosis)
    • restoration is 3.5s, but mending is 2s (Pustular)
    • orphine is 1.5s, but linseed is 5s (Licentious)
    • offensive specialisations (2)
      • (Prevaricator): Hastens limb strikes every 3rd arm attacks (self)
      • (Vector): 


    • at certain levels of Virulence, the victim will begin to suffer from several timed effects
    • prominently, nausea
    • there are also modification effects:
      • at Virulence 4, the victim will suffer from intermittent bouts of dizziness
      • at Virulence 7, the victim will suffer from hallucinations
      • at Virulence 9, the victim will suffer from nausea
      • at Virulence 10, having nausea causes sips to have 1/3 chance of rejection (to protect immunity)
      • at Virulence 14, Succumb can be performed, and is a true instant kill
    • Virulence is delivered by the following two methods:
      • palm strikes


    • at certain levels of Heresy, the victim will begin to suffer from several timed effects
    • prominently, blackout
    • Nihilism is a channeled instakill, shortened to 4 seconds with Heresy 14.


    • fitness is here
    • the rope dart has four attacks
    • each of them deliver a single toxin
    • each of them will be doable with certain conditions, and have their speed modified by certain conditions
    • two of them will have differential effects
    • they can be conditionally paired with head strikes, palm strike or limb damage
    • the rope component has two attacks
    • again, conditional deployment, and conditional speeds
    • conditional effects
      • asphyxiation
      • limb damage
    • this skillset has five limb strike patterns
      • single limb hard
      • dual limb
      • three limbs
      • feint
      • palm strike combo
    • the skillset pairs up with palm strikes from Virology OR whispers from Epistemology
    • the Viromancer can handstand, and effects some attacks
    • the rope dart can be yanked when it travels past you, which throws the Viromancer further off-balance
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