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Bloodlining bazaar

A thread for parents looking for children and vice-versa.


I'm looking for parents who are in need of a delinquent daughter. Preferably they'd be from either Kinsarmar or Stavenn, but details are not set in stone and I'll gladly listen to all offers. There is likely to be much sad and disappointed parental head shaking and many ruined family get-togethers. Send a PM or something and talk to me!
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  • The Chytovil family is always looking for elven and, in rare cases, Tanari children. If anybody has interest, just PM me.
    <div>Message #2062&nbsp; Sent By: (imperian)&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Received On: 1/20/2018/2:59</div><div>"Antioch has filed a bounty against you. Reason: Raiding Antioch and stealing Bina, being a right</div><div>ass, and not belonging anywhere near Antioch till he grows up."</div>
  • Looking for Lamiran anything.
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    Way to set high standards Iluv.

    Looking for Tanari or Elven anything.
  • I'd like to find Abigail a family. If you think she'd look good with your last name branded on her, let me know in-game and we can work something out.
  • I hate one of the bloodlines I created. So, if you just want a surname and don't care that it's crap, let me know.
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