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What are your top 3 for...

classes for bashing?

Races/statpacks/traits for bashing?

Classes for pvp?

Pvp races/statpacks/traits?

Classes for raiding?

Races/statpacks/traits for raiding?

organizations noted for roleplay?



Do you guys have orders?

Thanks in advance!


  • IniarIniar Australia
    classes for bashing?
    any knight

    Races/statpacks/traits for bashing?
    not Fast

    Classes for pvp?

    Pvp races/statpacks/traits?
    Intelligent for magickal classes

    Organizations noted for roleplay?
    Stavenn :3

    Do you guys have orders?
    We have cults/sects. They're player driven and the lucky ones get entities (mini-Gods)
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  • There isn't really a stellar RP organization in the game. RP happens in pockets and exists everywhere. You just have to sort of..insert yourself into it if you want it (spoken from the perspective of the alt-o-matic machine girl).

    My favorite bashing class is probably wardancer or predator. My least favorite bashing class is assassin. Don't hunt as an assassin. It makes babies cry.

    I haven't pk'd since in a handful of years and there have been so many changes that my opinions are invalid. So.

  • Bashing:

    Int summoner (think this is best now)
    Ath predator
    Wardancer? Nothing really springs to mind for a third outstanding one.


    In no particular order:


    Ath runeguard.
    Ath templar.
    Int summoner.
    Druid would probably be on my list, but I haven't seen one since the latest lot of classlead changes.

    Some classes have higher firepower/wtf factor (hunter in particular will make you "what?"), but these have all round the nicest balance of rawr smash and utility imo.


    Int monk.
    Int summoner.
    Probably either wytch/runeguard or druid. I'd go with the runelore since vortex is great against inexperienced people, and most of the people you fight in raids fall into that category to an extent. You'll probably be better off realising though that raiding does not happen a whole lot here, and if you do want to raid you will probably be thrown in at the deep end (either because you're going in solo or because you are going in with people who probably won't be able to help you out too much during the experience).

    One v one:

    Fast hunter
    Fast monk
    Fast assassin

    I do not recommend playing any of the one v one combinations. You will either be good enough that noone will fight you, untanky enough that someone will smash you super fast, and will get very little out of the team scene since you'll be a prime target for the high dps classes.

    Fun: (I know you didn't ask but this is the most important!)

    Int summoner. This is great and anyone who says they think its not is lying.
    Ath outrider. If you can get over the huge entourage of ents (I can't, alas), this is an amazingly fun class. Its also only not on any of the above lists because you only asked for three.
    Fast/ath/clever(? I don't have enough experience with the prof to give you a conclusive answer) wytch. After the latest updates, this looks really fun.


    Personally, I lean toward Khandava and maybe Ithaqua (don't know much about it lately).

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    You've got some of the best guys giving their take on race, stat packs and classes... 

    I don't have the background some of these guys do across the orgs, having only played Antioch, but I've found Ithaqua's occasional RP to be good fun without being overbearing (they like to have a drink and tell stories from time to time).  

    That said, for me one of the most refreshing things about Imperian is that while I wouldn't say "we don't RP", I haven't seen people coming up with lots of long ceremonies, blathering on in barely concealed snobbery about their "interactions" with the other "good RPers", or even just being snotty about their e-rank.  You can often tell when people come from other games, too.  They're the novices that are terrified to show you their skills because they're positive there's a city "rule" against it.  They call you "Dame" even though that title doesn't exist in Imperian and are just generally incredibly formal (yet, somehow, there's the very occasional one that manages to be a bit snotty at the same time).  I think some of those newbies are relieved when I let them know "it's not like that here", and some of them are thinking "hmm, how can I make this game more like my other game"?  I don't miss that stuff, one bit... 

    The other amazing about Imperian is that it offers incredibly inclusive PK, and just... there is a much more fun and casual attitude, but it's just lot more exciting too, because you're not locked out of the PK (and there are lots of opportunities to engage).   
    • Bashing: Summoner, Wardancer, Predator
    • Bashing Statpacks: Strong, Athletic, Intelligent(casters only)
    • PvP: Summoner, Outrider, Knight
    • PvP Statpacks: Athletic, Strong, Intelligent(casters only)
    • Raiding: Monk, Summoner, Predator
    • Raiding Statpacks: Same as PvP, though with the caveat that Septus mentioned about raiding.
    • RP: Khandava is probably the best for RP, but it's a very internal RP. You will get rituals and personal interaction and all sorts of stuff like that but it is very unlikely that you will ever see them leading a crusade or going out of their way to brew up conflict.

    "On the battlefield I am a god. I love war. The steel, the smell, the corpses. I wish there were more. On the first day I drove the Northmen back alone at the ford. Alone! On the second I carried the bridge! Me! Yesterday I climbed the Heroes! I love war! I… I wish it wasn’t over."

  • IniarIniar Australia
    @Jules I nearly said Ithaqua for RP but I heard there is not enough people nowadays.

    Outrider is a solid class, decent unartifacted damage, possibility of chasing two kill routes and non-purgable toxins.

    Summoner is great unartifacted and even better artifacted.

    Will wait to see on wytch.
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    There's been plenty of answers, but I started writing this yesterday so I may as well finish.


    Summoner, Wytch. Any of the knights is solid for low investment (relatively tanky, average DPS, generally good utility).

    For Antimagick, definitely predator right now, possibly wardancer. The rest are middling or lower.

    For Magick, runeguard/druid. Mage/bard are possibilities but I think they scale heavily with artifact investment.


    Intelligent/athletic depending on your profession and primary stat. You probably won't want to deviate from these until you're endgame, and even then, they're probably the best choices.

    PvP Classes:

    ANTIMAGICK: Templar, Outrider, honorable mention to Priest
    MAGICK: Runeguard, Druid, honorable mention to (Fire) Mage
    DEMONIC: Summoner, Deathknight, honorable mention to Wytch

    The best PvP classes (for group combat, which comprises the majority of all combat) are tanky and deal significant damage with relatively little wind-up time.

    1v1 Classes (I don't recommend these):

    ANTIMAGICK: Monk, Ranger, because limb prep is pretty much uncounterable and gives you lots of opportunities to reset momentum.
    MAGICK: Hunter/Renegade, both will outpace curing relatively quickly. Neither offers much in groups comparatively.
    DEMONIC: Assassin, Diabolist. Assassin is functionally the same as Renegade, Diabolist has solid group utility and is very adaptable, but also relatively squishy and doesn't always shine in group setups, since they don't deal much damage unless you've got a good artifact investment.

    In general, 1v1 classes are focused around afflictions or prep, neither of which translate all that well to group combat.

    Raiding Potential (or more relevant, area control and support):

    ANTIMAGICK: Monk, because of telepathy.
    MAGICK: Druid because of roots, Runeguard for vortexing.
    DEMONIC: Summoner because of doppleganger, Wytch for vortexing.


    I can only really comment on Khandava in terms of council, and Leechwood for sect (the equivalent of order). We have a lot of fun over here, though the roleplay is sporadic and generally quite light. We do have several people who are always up for individual RP though, and would be happy to have new faces to interact with.

  • Iniar said:

    @Jules I nearly said Ithaqua for RP but I heard there is not enough people nowadays.

    Outrider is a solid class, decent unartifacted damage, possibility of chasing two kill routes and non-purgable toxins.

    Summoner is great unartifacted and even better artifacted.

    Will wait to see on wytch.

    Yeah, would have to let the Ithaquans chime in.  It's a small town for sure.  Demonic circle (and Khandava in particular, both in this thread and in general) is usually where I hear about the most RP, and Demonic seems to just now be on a much needed uptick in population.   
  • There is, I repeat, RP everywhere. 

    In the last few months, I've made alts in every city and council. I've had awesome and not-so-awesome interactions in every faction. RPers are kinda shy, though, you have to draw them out by being A Personality. If you are engaging, they'll be engaging right back. If you keep to yourself, then you are very unlikely to stumble over it accidentally. 

    @Jules - There's a place for long rituals and dramatic personalities. You don't have to enjoy it yourself for it to be something get something out of. As someone whose initial interest in Imperian was piqued with bardic RP, which used to involve a lot of long presentation-form RP, I am personally bummed we get less of it and people are less receptive. 
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    Well, without getting too deep into this in a newbie thread, Imperian already has something very special (in nothing but a good way) in comparison to many other MUDs when it comes to the general attitude towards RP here.  We'd all already be elitists in the eyes of most gamers because we all agree that we live in a world our characters treat as real.  So we're not WoW and that's a good thing.  At the same time, Imperianites probably actually haven't generally experienced things like RP snobbery, overwrought "events", tedious requirements, and people being overly fond of their e-title/rank, and that is a great thing.  
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    As an Ithaquan, I can state that roleplay definitely exists. I roleplay with anyone with they emote back at me. (actual custom emotes, not simple pre-existing ones). It's definitely the small Anti-Magick organization by comparison to Antioch. You'll be hard-pressed to find roleplay on the level of Aetolia, as an example, but there are people who roleplay very well and very actively in every organization.

    I'm not going to give a list at what is good at everything and what isn't good, mainly because I would be basing that knowledge off second-hand. The truth is that you can generally make the most out of any class and some will be better at certain roles than others. I play Ranger and do fairly well with it, despite it not being the best class for 1v1's or whatever. I just like Incendiary arrows and collecting limbs as trophies. I like the utility/support I bring to team fights in the form of Pursue, Wedge, Net Arrows, Barbed Arrows w/Noctec, etc. Just find a class that interests you.
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