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You got 99 threads but pet pics ain't one.


This is my cat. His name is Oscar and he is a two year old Ragdoll.


  • Jules said:

    too many pictures

    Your dog looks funny.
  • Yay, snakes!
  • Krysaliss said:

    Yay, snakes!

    I could take a picture of the setup, but I'm currently using it as a nightstand (it's right next to my side of the bed)
    so it's a tad messy :(
  • @Verexa - Pitbulls are excellent dogs! They have such an intense desire to make friends and play. They are ridiculously smart and stubborn as can be. I was raised with rottweilers and they happen to be my favorite breed, but pit bulls are a really, really close second. Crazy high energy, though. I don't think I could have Nita if we didn't have a yard for her to run around in or another pup for her to chase. That tail is deadly, also. She's left some -nasty- bruises saying hello with that evil little whip. 

  • Nice! We do private boarding and have Tennesse Walking horses. Rescued a Paso Fino, but now he has weight on him he just tries to buck me off every time I ride him. There's a 2 year old stallion that I need to work with in a week or two when it gets warmer, and a 10 month old colt  that needs to be worked with also. So much horse poop :( we truck the horses and camp all over the place with them. I love it!
  • I love it, I've always wanted to do a real horse camping trip.  Sounds like a busy spring!  
  • @Celosyi - Your puppy is overpowering. 
  • Perthyn is furrier than I imagined.
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