The Mirror and The Blood Sprite

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From Someone powerful: Raya, you were unable to be present
when we gathered at the alter, unfortunately. Would you like to gaze into the

To Celosyi: I would, if that isn't a problem.

You say to Olorina, "Celoysi is offering for me to see
my vision. Would you like to come?"

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen says, "I would be
honoured to join you. Are you certain you're ready?"

You say to Olorina, "I don't see why I wouldn't be. I
can't imagine it would be anything other than hopes Theophilus has for me, or

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen says, "We shall see,

To Celosyi: Would you like me to meet you at the Altar?

From Celosyi: Yes, I will be there in just a moment.

Wastelands near a hollow. [Kenuba Wastes Outpost.][9728]

A smattering of clouds fills the sky, lacing it with
spiderwebs of grey. The slime and muck that coats the entire area continues
here, while the terrain seems to grow a bit more solid to the north. All around
you there is a pungent scent of decay--partially biological, but also with odd
undertones. Over the audible burbling of the surrounding bits of marsh and
swamp, the noise of sentient movement and actions barely crosses the threshold
of your hearing, along with occasional grunted words in a harsh, foreign
tongue. Towering mirrors facing inward, an altar of the Unspeakable Shouted
looms here. An amulet containing a preserved lich eye glows ominously here.
There are 2 pairs of scorched fishhook earrings here. A shadowy mist surrounds
a pair of onyx cufflinks that have been dropped here. A sleek black hound
stands stone still, ears perked and alert. Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen is
here, a scintillating aura of light surrounding her.

e: north, east, and southwest

In Room: Olorina.

Countless shards of glass coalesce in front of you, fusing
together as the abyssal form of Celosyi shimmers into view.

You smile and say to Celosyi, "Greetings, and thank you
- for taking the time to allow me to see my vision."

Celosyi nods at you, then Olorina, her cloak shrouding most
of her features apart from the motion itself. "Greetings," she
drawls, as the glimpse of a shadowy tentacle escapes the confines of her cloak.
"I have been looking forward to it, you are quite welcome."

You say to Celosyi, "I wished for Olorina to be here
with me, I hope that is alright?"

Celosyi says, "It certainly is."

Celosyi grins between you and Olorina, before taking a few
silent steps to stop before the mirror. She traces a finger along its surface,
causing it to ripple violently.

The surface of the mirror darkens, the brief visage of
shadowed faces collaborating to stare outwards blankly before quickly disappearing.

Celosyi stretches her hand towards you, motioning for you to
come stand next to her. "Come here before the mirror with me. Clear your mind,
and gaze into the abyss…you will not need to do much else."

Olorina wanders to the side, her eyes fixated on the mirror.

Raya hesitantly advances towards the altar of the Cult of
the Unspeakable Shouted, stepping into the middle of the circle of pillars next
to Celosyi. Her fingertips caress the edges of the mirror before touching the
reflective surface. As she touches the surface, the mirror falters, black
necromantic energy releasing into the air around her from upon the surface. A
look of concern flashes across Raya’s face as she glances at Celosyi and
Olorina, before staring back into the mirror.

Several wisps of the darkened energy tendril out to snake
around Raya's hand.

Clasping her hands before her, Olorina watches intently, her
eyes lighting up as the dark energy wraps around Raya.

Taking a step backward, Raya quickly drops her hand back to
her side. The necromantic energy blankets the entire circle of pillars as she
hears a familiar voice, “Step forward, watch closely.” Squinting through the
haze, Raya steps forward toward the reflective surface. As her fingertips touch
the surface once more, the metallic scent of blood wafts upon the breeze. The
sounds of swords clanging and blood-curdling screams echo throughout the altar.

Olorina takes a step closer, her voice low as she speaks to
Raya. "Do not look away."

Celosyi smiles at Olorina, nodding slowly as she watches the
mirror's surface. "She is right. Regardless of what you see."

An insubstantial tendril snakes out of the mirror, crawling
along Raya's right forearm, grasping tightly, forcing her into position.
Seconds later, a skeletal arm emerges from the surface, grabbing onto her left
forearm. Blurry images dance across the surface of the reflective mirror,
unclear at first but coming into focus as they play along. Raya's face turns
several shades of white as she continues to watch visions of The Deadwood and
The Empire at war. The tendril tugs and pulls upon her arm as she gasps in surprise,
while the skeletal arm does the same.

Raya panics, shaking her arms furiously, as she tries to
break them free. Shrieking in pain, the supernatural elements pull in opposite
directions, jerking Raya up into the air as purple strands of necromantic
energy burst out from the mirror, swirling about her form. Raya's shrieks
crescendo into a scream, coinciding perfectly with the ominous snapping sounds
as the arms continue to rip her apart. She lapses suddenly into a half
consciousness as her dislocated limbs now hang loosely from her rapidly
swelling joints, disarticulated and fractured in multiple places where the
shearing tension has shorn bone from bone.

The arms continue to pull on Raya, stretching her skin past
the point of elasticity. A mortifying snap precedes a ripping sound - the sound
of Raya's skin being shredded into ribbons. A piercing scream punctuates the
cacophony of breaking bones and tearing skin, as blood bursts forth from Raya,
spraying the sanguine fluid in a multitude of directions. The sylayan's broken
and bloodied form twitches before the mirror, an ominous ticking sound begins
to hollow forth echoing off unseen walls. As the atonal note rings, shredded
bits of Raya's body begin to levitate above the ground carried by an unseen
dark magick. The purple necromantic energy swirls and trails throughout the
pieces, appearing to knit her body back together. A flash of crimson light
explodes from the mirror, engaging in a struggle with the necromantic energy
before triumphing and leaving Raya before the mirror, whole.

Raya drops to her knees, her gaze fixated on the mirror. She
stares at her reflection through the blood-spattered mirror before bursting
into uncontrollable sobs. Her voice wavers as she attempts to speak, "I
dont understand Celoysi…I saw Khandava and Stavenn at war…the fate of both. My
family, my friends, loved ones…Theophilus, our children. Complete
decimation-this vision…am I to choose between The Empire and The

Celosyi tilts her head, eying you carefully. Her cloak
shifts, and several other ravening eyes poke from behind it briefly, before her
form shifts to normal again and the eyes disappear. "I cannot make that
decision for you, Raya, nor can I tell you what will happen. What you saw could
come to be, it could be a warning... or a promise. Though you will be forced to
make a decision that will affect all."

Raya stands before the of both of you, trembling, as she
touches her arm, checking to see if her flesh is still intact before asking
Celosyi, "Is there a chance that I may be able to alter the vision, by
strengthening the relationship between Khandava and Stavenn?"

As Celosyi reaches out to drag her finger across the surface
of the mirror, you notice it begin to crack in countless places. Red clots of
blood begin to ooze from them, before the entire surface shatters with an
overwhelming crash. As quickly as you can blink, the mirror appears whole

Celosyi nods slowly, stepping away from the mirror as she
hisses, "Everyone who has seen something within the mirror has a chance to
change the outcome of its visions. Perhaps what you suggest is an excellent
start, though. War would be disastrous for both, yet there are many hard
feelings that linger unspoken between the two."

Nodding slightly, Raya composes herself before placing her
trembling hands back at her sides. "I understand. It seems I have a lot of
work to do..." her voice trails off as she walks past the two of you, her
vision fixated outside the altar. Stopping once she has reached the edge of the
circle, she turns to look back at the mirror once more.

Olorina steps closer to Raya, though she glances back at the
mirror. "Do you want me to come with you?"

Raya shakes her head at Olorina while turning her gaze to
Stavenn. "No," she whispers, before disappearing into the marsh.

To Celosyi: Thank you, for allowing me to see my vision.

From Celosyi: Consider it, but do not let it hinder you. Use
it to strengthen yourself, and to forge ahead.

A special thank you to @Celosyi and @Olorina!



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