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Celosyi's Attachment to the Unspeakable

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tl;dr The mass of hornets that is Celosyi is consumed by the altar of the Cult of the Unpspeakable Shouted. She then urges each member present to gaze into the mirror to reveal their true form. Celosyi emerges from the mirror in her own true form and attaches to the Cult.

Six flat slabs of obsidian stand embedded in the ground here, facing inward. Each taller and broader than an adult Xiur, they stand in a circle with barely enough space between each pair for an adult to squeeze through. They stand towering and slanted slightly toward the middle of the circle where stands a mirror two-thirds their size. Plain and unadorned, this mirror is entirely unremarkable but for the fact that the obsidian slabs around it block out all background, all distractions. When one stands within the circle and gazes within the mirror, they see only themselves, as they really are.

Zenigra sucks thoughtfully on his teeth.

Olorina purses her lips contemplatively.

His expression portraying intrigue and excitement, Theophilus walks slowly to the altar of the Cult of the Unspeakable Shouted and steps within the circle of obsidian pillars that form it. He reaches out to place his fingertips gently upon the glass of the large mirror resting directly in front of him. It wavers slightly as he makes contact with the reflective material and he appears mesmerized. His eyes widen and his pupils expand significantly as he looks upon his own reflection. His lips curve upwards into a slight smile as he continues to gaze into the mirror for quite some time, his head tilted slightly to one side and his visage demonstrating utter bewilderment.

Theophilus shakes his head gently and begins to regain his senses. He turns around with his back to the mirror in order to face his accompaniment. His pupils have returned to their normal proportions but his irises are visibly brighter as he asks with excitement, "Did you see?!", urgently demanding response.

Luthyr Lokrien says, "You were pleased with what you saw?"

Luthyr raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Celosyi appears out of thin air.

Pressing the tips of his fingers one to the other in a steeple at the center of his breast, Luthyr bows to Celosyi in respect.

Zenigra gives a slight shake of his head as he pulls a black leather hood away from his face.

Zenigra nods his head at Celosyi politely.

Celosyi asks, "Yes, Imperator?"

Celosyi says, "Greetings."

Olorina curtseys respectfully before Celosyi.

Ellarynth curtseys respectfully before Celosyi.

Thoregg waves at Celosyi.

Theophilus takes a few steps out of the circle of obsidian pillars and toward Celosyi. "Come and see," he says enigmatically, as he beckons for Celosyi to step past him and into the circle of obsidian pillars.

Celosyi hovers closely to the altar, the mass of hornets buzzing incessantly as they swarm it with relentless intent. You notice several hornets ricocheting off the obsidian slabs as if disoriented, causing them to swarm more viciously around in circles.

Thoregg chuckles in anticipation.

The hornets slowly fly above the altar, their tiny bodies combined amassing a surprising amount of heat as they hover in place. Slowly, they lower towards the altar, the buzzing noises echoing off the obsidian slabs in small groups, once more uniting in front of the blackened mirror that gleams ominously in the darkness.

Celosyi says, "Alright, what am I loo-."

Without warning, your vision goes black as the altar is consumed in an abyss of darkness, your thoughts and emotions ripped viciously from your mind. The sensation of falling wells in the pit of your stomach and though you are unable to move, an endless barrage of thoughts consumed with being utterly lost for eternity within the void.

Slowly, timid motes of light catch in your peripheral vision, a strange mixture of dark rainbow-hued colors trickling subtly into view. You find yourself able to blink and with each fleeting moment your thoughts begin to return, the motes of light shimmering brighter as time seems to drag on. With a blinding flash of indigo light, you find yourself standing at the altar, disoriented and dizzy. Scattered carelessly around the mirror, which appears completely normal, are the tiny forms of crushed and splattered hornets piled upon each other, the occasional flicker catching your eye as a wing twitches its final twitch as it comes to terms with death.

Theophilus walks more closely to the altar, hornets crunching beneath his feet.

You say, "What just happened?"

You tilt your head and listen intently.

Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg says, "What the-?"

Olorina rubs her eyes, blinking rapidly as she takes in the scene before her.

Luthyr gently picks up a tiny hornet body, examining the recent death.

Luthyr Lokrien says to you, "Imperator, what have you done?"

Anita purses her lips contemplatively.

Theophilus places his hand upon an obsidian pillar and says, "I didn't do it..."

You give the altar of the Cult of the Unspeakable Shouted the once-over, eyeing it suspiciously.

Thoregg looks befuddled "Weird.. I can't sense Celosyi's Aura."

Zenigra leans heavily against his cane and waits.

Luthyr closes his eyes.

Luthyr Lokrien says, "I don't sense any spatial anomalies in the area."

Zenigra says simply, "Perhaps that which she saw, needed the swarm no longer."

Luthyr Lokrien says, "I do not understand where she could have gone..."

Theophilus perks his ears as he stares at the altar of the Cult of the Unspeakable Shouted. An obsidian-plated hound begins to growl menacingly.

Olorina slowly lifts her gaze to the altar.

Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg says, "Perhaps she was consumed by the creature in the mirror. My reflection tried to eat me."

Luthyr Lokrien says to Thoregg, "Sounds like you have something to work out with yourself."

Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole says to Thoregg, "Or perhaps it's your true self, fighting to be heard."

Luthyr Lokrien says to you, "Was the shock too great for Her?"

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Olorina. Come to the mirror. Gaze into the abyss."

Theophilus shifts his gaze to Olorina. "Well..."

Luthyr begins to intensify slowly until he appears flesh and blood once more.

Straightening her back, Olorina steps forward, reaching out her hand toward the glossy surface of the mirror.

The wind whips around you before dispersing near Luthyr.

Theophilus takes several steps back from the mirror as he eyes Olorina carefully. "Do you see anything?"

The surface of the mirror ripples, quiet whispers passing between them.

A slow smile spreading across her features, Olorina nods. "It was glorious," she whispers, stepping away from the altar to stand beside the Imperator.

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Zenigra. Step forward. Gaze into the abyss."

Theophilus wraps his arm around Olorina as he glances toward Zenigra.

Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg says to Zenigra, "Your turn."

Zenigra steps forward, grey eyes staring into the Altar's mirrors impassively.

Zenigra steps back, a subtle slow blink betraying an acknowledgment as he joins Theophilus and Olorina .

The mirror ripples, a splash of blood spraying to coat the ground before it.

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Thoregg. Face your fate. Gaze into the abyss."

You urge Thoregg onwards.

Thoregg smirks turns into a horror as his name is announced. He walks to the mirror with mixed feelings and kneels before, staining his leather trousers in blood. He then looks deep inside the mirror.

A chilling cackle reverberates from within the mirror, tapering off into hollow silence.

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Anita, come before Us. Gaze into the abyss."

Thoregg scampers off to Theophilus.

Anita walks over to the altar, gazing into the mirror. staring intently into something shecan't quite understand.

You pat Thoregg in a friendly manner.

Anita nods slowly, stepping slowly away from the altar.

The surface of the mirror stills, its reflection darkening with shadows before it begins to ripple again slowly.

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Luthyr. Forward. Gaze into the abyss."

Wariness apparent on his face, Luthyr slowly walks into the ring of obsidian to stand before the mirror. Before gazing up into his reflection, he places his hand upon an old brand as if recalling old memories and lessons learned long ago. Finally bringing his eyesto bare upon his own true self revealed, an aura of contentment seems to radiate from him and a look of acceptance grows upon his face.

Nodding to himself, Luthyr slowly backs away from the mirror.

Luthyr smiles knowingly.

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Ellarynth. Gaze into the abyss."

Pressing her lips together tightly, Ellarynth lifts the hem of her gown slightly as she she approaches the reflective surface. She quickly glances at everyone else before gazing into the mirror before her.

You tilt your head and listen intently to Ellarynth.

Ellarynth's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Come, Imperator. We have much to discuss. Gaze into the abyss."

Theophilus nods and eagerly steps forth to glance into the mirror once

more. His facial features shift into a display of bewilderment as quickly as his feet have planted. He reaches out to grasp the edge of the mirror with his hand as he brings his face closer to its reflective surface, his eyes starry and bright.

As Theophilus peers into the mirror, its surface ripples like a disturbed lake, misty tendrils oozing out of it to swirl around his hand in a tender embrace. Without warning, the mist solidifies into a lanky feminine arm of what appears to be solid obsidian, which fluidly latches onto him, fingers digging relentlessly into his flesh. It pulls him forward until his entire hand is submerged into the mirror, leaving no trace of the hand that pulled him there.

As you reach into the mirror, albeit without your consent, the fiery grip of fingers digging into your hand turns to a sudden chill, causing an icy breath to shiver down your spine. Your hand is stuck within the mirror, its rippling surface crashing against your hand like an angry ocean tide. She relaxes her grip slightly, though you are unable to remove your hand. The voice of Celosyi echoes through you, as if surging forward from deep within the abyss, threatening to mow you over if it weren’t for her grip on you. I will show you what I saw, Theophilus. Look.

Theophilus is taken by surprise and gasps for air as if suffocating as he turns his head away from the mirror for a pause. He suddenly shivers as his hand remains stuck within the glass, forcing the surface of the mirror to ripple violently. He murmurs,"Please dont pull me in with you. I am not ready."

Racking your body with the abyssal, distorted echoes of her voice, which seem to be originating from within the mirror, Celosyi says, "Look, and tell me what you see."

Slowly forces his head to turn back to face the mirror before opening his eyes to gaze. Enthralled and speaking in a chant-like voice, Theophilus says, "I see a volcano. I see a great lake. I see a hive surging with hornets. 

Theophilus tilts his head curiously to one side and says, "The hive has just fallen and it is now toppling down the surface of the volcano." He carefully observes the visions within the mirror, seemingly confused by its meaning. He continues, "The hive has come to a rest. Hornets are flying out of it en masse. They appear threatened."

Thoregg is pondering whether or not to invoke a small fire to cause disturbance.

His eyes half-lidded, Theophilus' lips quirk into a smile and he nods to demonstrate understanding. "I see a swirling aura of raw energy surrounding the hive. It looks as if it arises from a pool of pure Diachaim. The hornets are attempting to flee but, alas, they cannot." He beams broadly as he declares, "I see you, Celosyi. I see you being born."

Theophilus shakes his head as if to clear his mind. He eagerly searches the mirror for meaning as another vision materializes in the mirror as quickly as the former has dissipated. Theophilus becomes enthralled once more by a second set of images. He looks with bright eyes upon the glass surface, though his mind peers into the depths of the mirror in amazement.

Celosyi's voice drawls, "What do you see now?"

Pausing for a moment before opening his mouth, Theophilus says, "I see..."

Ellarynth, Luthyr, Olorina, Thoregg, and Zenigra follow you to the ether.

The Abyss.

Icy waters swirl chaotically around you.

There are no obvious exits.

You are transported by the will of a powerful entity.

Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg says, "What is this place?"

Olorina peers around her, eyes wide with wonder.

Confusion passes over the face of Singularity, Lady Ellarynth Lokrien Nessaja, Mistress of Death as she fades from view.

The image of a ghostly apparition blurs, fading to a green nebula as he vanishes to the ether.

Confusion passes over the face of Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole as he fades from view.

Confusion passes over the face of Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen as she fades from view.

Confusion passes over the face of Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg as he fades from view..

"This favoured son of the Imperium stands tall at an even six feet in height, the firm-boned contours of his frame held with an amalgam of pride and militaristic poise to lend an illusion that he is a touch taller than true measure would prove. He moves with an innate litheness, the cold grace of elvish blood composing the motions of his form, while in rest the elf stands with the impeccable posture of one familiar with military service. Compelled of a toned musculature, his complexion is pallid in its execution, bone-white hide beneath which only subtle hints of blue evidence he yet holds breath and life. His mien bears the hallmarks of aristocracy, as if to hearken to an ancient nobility - a countenance comparable only to those depicted within the hallowed halls of the Iron Cathedral. Neatly kept, his hair boasts dark and earthen tinctures--it is simply styled, kept short and brushed toward the centre to crest atop his skull. Whilst the weight is heavy, he does not seem burdened by the circlet of crimson stehl that crowns his head. The keen line of his slanted ears remains prominent, a constant reminder of his elven lineage. His stare holds pupils that are fully dilated, his irises a mere ring of iron around them, their hue as the tempestuous reaches of a storm-ridden sky. He smiles from time to time, revealing very straight but sharp, white teeth."

Celosyi gives the robes of the Imperator to you.

You are now wearing the robes of the Imperator.

You are transported by the will of a powerful entity.

Celosyi appears out of thin air.

Theophilus emerges from the mirror unscathed as hornets crunch satisfyingly underfoot, hand-in-hand with an unknown feminine figure whom you can only presume to be Celosyi. They stand upright with graceful form before you, backs turned upon their origin of the mirror. It no longer ripples but remains a calm sea of glass. A range of emotions graces the features of Theophilus ranging from excitement to confidence, intrigue to satisfaction. He sweeps his eyes slowly across his accompaniment and you notice that his physical features have been altered significantly along with his attire.

Zenigra turns his gaze to the figure standing next to Theophilus, unrecognized physically.

Thoregg points his finger imperiously at the two warily "Demons or really the Imperator and Celosyi?"

Luthyr Lokrien says, "What has returned to us, the reflections or the true?"

Singularity, Lady Ellarynth Lokrien Nessaja, Mistress of Death says, "Rebirth."

Luthyr Lokrien says, "Or perhaps something new and forged stronger than before?"

Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole says to Luthyr, "What makes the two mutually exclusive?"

A hollow embrace wraps around your form, threatening to crush you with the weight of the very abyss itself. The weight lifts as you feel Celosyi become one with your cult.

Confidently, you say, "The true. Welcome Celosyi as the new entity of the Cult of the Unspeakable."

Olorina's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

She is a radiant entity. Both small and feminine in form, this gracile Entity boasts penumbral flesh of the deepest black, its tincture hearkening to the benighted heart of a churning abyss. Slender, her frail body is veiled beneath the heavy contours of a hooded cloak, its shimmering material cascading around her to hide all but fleeting glimpses of her form from view. The adornment grasps at the light, reflecting the realm around in it a magnificent display of prismatic colour. Beneath her resplendent accouterment, this shard of the Divine is consumed in entropy. Unclad beneath her cloak, what glimpses can be seen of her shadowed physique are unclear, transient in definition. While oft her body is but the elegant silhouette of a young woman, there are moments that lead the imagination to eldritch horror  - a visage split by ravening eyes flashes open to reveal where shadowy  tentacles writhe, hornets creeping and crawling between the eye sockets, before dissipating into insubstantial haze, only to be replaced by the transcendent countenance of a blushing maiden. Though the deep hood of her cloak conceals much of her sable features, her mirrored eyes seem to stare not at, but through, any whom fixate upon her, her glassine oculars reflecting their gaze eerily as her own.

Celosyi glances down, before peering at those gathered around the altar. Her motions are fluid and graceful, as though the notion of finally having a body is not foreign to her. "Ah, this will do, Imperator. This will do."

Theophilus releases his grip from Celosyi and walks to join the rest of his accompaniment. He places a friendly arm around Thoregg as he admires the new form of Celosyi.

Celosyi says, "You are free to discuss what I've shown you, but it is also yours to keep. That decision is yours to make."

Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg says, "Quite outstanding result."

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen says, "Indeed. Impressive."

Acolyte of Shadows, Thoregg says, "I thought she died."

You say, "I do not know what you may have seen in the mirror, but I know what I saw... and it was ineffable. If you find the words to express it, I would love to hear it in the near future."

You say, "Shall we return to the city?"

Luthyr Lokrien says to Celosyi, "Thank You for joining us and honoring us with those visions."

Celosyi gazes at you, her reflective eyes mirroring his own as she grins cheekily, her countenance that of a young woman. "You will find the words in time, Imperator."

Celosyi says, "I must suggest a visit to your courtyard. I do recall visiting it once, and being unable to eat or drink that fineries at your disposal. Let us enjoy the splendor of the Unspeakable Shouted?"

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

"I suppose now that you have a form besides being a mass of hornets, you can eat and drink even if only for pleasure?"

(Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
(Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."

(Ring): Zsetsu says, "Everyone's playing checkers, but Theophilus is playing chess."


  • It's aliiiiiiiiive.

  • EllarynthEllarynth Nashville, TN
    Yes, so come back @Sagron
  • IniarIniar Australia
    From a while ago:

    The overwhelmingly loud buzzing of a swarm of vicious hornets deafeningly invades your mind, swarming in from the ethers to amass into the crude form of Celosyi.

    Celosyi says, "Greetings Iniar."

    You flash Celosyi a joyous smile.

    You say, "Greetings."

    You say, "I don't believe I've had the pleasure."

    She is a radiant entity. Her form consists of a massive swarm of ravenous hornets, which writhe and squirm amongst one another in a large mass. Their buzzing sounds rudely invade the mind, drowning out the smaller background noises one grows accustomed to hearing. The small insects writhe and fly into various shapes, projecting her thoughts and actions as best they know how. Their tiny forms burn with a bright crimson hue, an ominous energy pulsating through them.

    You have emoted: Iniar tilts his head, studiously examining the writhing form of Celosyi.

    A meandering commercial street.
    A wooden sign board stands here, various slips of paper indicating the various mercenaries that are for hire. A small silvery stone is here, surrounded in haze. A heavy pile of packing snow has been left here, prime for building a snowman. A pair of large charcoal eyes has been dropped to the ground, gleaming darkly. A dried flower lies here, crumbling to dust. An elite elegantly dressed Noctusari is manning a cannon here. She has twenty-four cannon balls. Celosyi hovers here, her form encased in a swarm of writhing, buzzing hornets. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale. 

    Celosyi suggests, over the pervading buzzing of hornets, "It is our first encounter, yes." The hornets begin flying in lazy circles around your head, clearly interested in you but not finding you to be a threat. Your mind fills with the buzzing of hornets as she continues with, "A pleasure to meet you."

    You have emoted: Iniar crinkles his crowfeet in amusement. "I have heard a few things from my comrades in arms, Linslet in particular."

    You look thoughtfully at Celosyi's profile, pondering the situation.

    Celosyi lets a quiet laugh seep through the invasion of buzzing hornets, and they slow their flying into lazy circles, the occasional hornet bobbing down in front of your face. As the hornets carry on, you hear, "She is a rather motivated individual, and quite eager to see me gain power in the name of the Empire."

    You have emoted: Iniar cracks a wry grin, flames flickering from parched sections of his skin. "And what do you wish? Do you wish power, too?" He reaches out a gnarled finger, picking an unseen object between his rotting teeth.

    Celosyi emits a shrill laugh over the invasive sounds of the hornets, her thoughts invading your mind as she whispers over the incessant buzzing of hornets, "I have felt what it means to have power, rather than be weakened by the elements and be told by another like myself that I am weak and clueless. I want to learn, and overcome, so that none would say such insulting things to me."

    You have emoted: Iniar nods slowly. "I can't pretend to know much about how others have fared amongst us, for I have only served under the Lady Undying for a short period," he winces as a piece of rotting flesh comes unstuck from between his molars. "It certainly seems that so many flare like fireflies then fade into a distant memory, because wielding so much power burns them out so rapidly." He grins, carefully inspecting the hem of his tattered cloak and watching as several hornets crawl across the embroidered patterns.

    You look skeptical and say, "That of course, is simply my hypothesis."

    Celosyi says, "Lady Undying? I am unaware of whom you speak."

    Comprehension flashes across your face.

    Celosyi whispers, barely audible over the hornets, "Burning out from power? Then clearly it must be taken in slow steps to ensure that does not happen again?"

    You chuckle long and heartily at Celosyi.

    You say to Celosyi, "The Lady Undying is the embodiment of the Sect of Jackals, a formidable necromancer who slew one of the Lich lords. Her name is Nyrohi, perhaps you have heard of her?"

    You purse your lips contemplatively.

    You have emoted: Iniar leans comfortably on the large oaken board. "Your hornets are amusing. Has anyone yet tried to squish them?" He chuckles, before adding hastily, "Not that I am intending to."

    Celosyi says, "A few have tried, though we are all well aware of the intention before it happens."

    Celosyi says, "Mostly those from Kinsarmar."

    You chuckle long and heartily.

    You say, "You say 'we'."

    You tilt your head and listen intently to Celosyi.

    The clash of steel on steel echoes through the city as a coarse voice utters some unintelligible command.

    Celosyi says, "We.... the hornets. Sometimes I can feel my own thoughts, but sometimes it's a collection of us."

    You have emoted: Iniar twirls his finger lazily in the air. "Mind if I ask what may be a personal question?"

    Celosyi buzzes, from what seems to be the mass of hornets, "Hmm? I do not mind." And they begin to bob up and down, as if egging you on.

    You chuckle long and heartily.

    You laughingly say to Celosyi, "You say, sometimes, you have your own thoughts, and sometimes it is a collection... What is the first... thought... that you can clearly remember being you. Either the single you or the multitude of yous."

    Celosyi grows quiet for a moment, the hornets buzzing dulling to a faint hum. "Perhaps when the hive first hit the ground? It was a loud commotion, and we were surrounded by fire and magma. I felt myself, and them, furious their hive was no longer where it should be. Though I felt me, furious that was being invaded by their thoughts."

    You look about yourself, rubbing your chin thoughtfully.

    Celosyi says, "I must return the hive. Might we speak more again, Iniar?"

    You flash Celosyi a joyous smile.

    You say, "Of course."

    You say, "It has been a pleasure."

    Celosyi says, "Excellent."

    You smile and say, "Bring all of you to visit me."

    Celosyi says, "We will find you again."

    You grin mischievously at Celosyi.

    You give Celosyi an unequivocal thumbs-up.

    A mass of writhing, buzzing hornets swirls and dissipates in all directions as the presence of Celosyi vanishes, the sudden silence becoming overbearing.
    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
  • I miss these days.
    (Ring): Lartus says, "I heard Theophilus once threw a grenade and killed ten people."
    (Ring): Lartus says, "Then it exploded."

    (Ring): Zsetsu says, "Everyone's playing checkers, but Theophilus is playing chess."
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