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Celosyi, the Unspeakable, and the invention of demonic pentagram dialysis

A week late in posting, but I've been busy.

On a floating obsidian platform.
You stand in fear as you enter this room for the first thing you notice is that there is no floor, simply air all around you.
You find yourself standing on an inverted pyramid, which floats above Stavenn looking like a deadly spike suspended above the
mighty city. The platform is made from black obsidian, inlaid with streaks of what used to be silver, but now a glowing red
ironite slithering amongst the darkness, warped by the blood of innocents and the powerful magicks that have been at work here.
The blood ore has been twisted into the form of a pentagram, which rests inlaid into the center of the floor of this unholy
place. Having seen so much death and absorbed so much lifeforce, you sense some sort of sentience emanating from it, lusting for
more blood. Four spires adorn the corners of this place, carved in the form of hideous demons with arms stretched towards the
sky. As you follow their arms you notice that you can see the full sky as if the top of this room were transparent, yet you feel
no breeze nor smell fresh air. Tormented figures of past sacrifices rise up from all around the edges, forming a subtle barrier
in order to prevent anyone from falling to their doom. Sunk into the floor of the chamber is a large bloodstone pentagram. A
gaunt and wingless arel slave crouches here, his shackles cutting sores into his wrists. Buzzing loudly, demonic hornets swarm
around a tortured treant here. Lady Caitryn Aertsen is here. Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen is here, a scintillating aura of
light surrounding her. Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole is here, shrouded. He is holding a dark gentleman's cane
in his left hand.
There are no obvious exits.

You say, "And here we are."

You say, "Before Celosyi gets here..."

You purse your lips contemplatively.

Caitryn tilts her head curiously.

You have emoted: Linslet pats the slave on the shoulders, gripping hard enough to be uncomfortable, "I think if we let things
take their natural course, she will end up with us in time, but I am NOT a patient woman. That process could take years."

You smile and say, "We're going to speed things along."

A gaunt and wingless arel slave winces, cowering at Linslet's grasp.

The gaunt form of this darkly tanned arel man is covered in shreds of clothing, bloodstained and dirty. Through the tatters of
his shirt, the hardened scabs from where his wings were viciously cut off can be seen, poking outwards from his back as a silent
tribute. Long ebon hair hangs down to his shoulders, while dark eyes peer lifelessly out from his bony face, his will towards
life clearly taken from him.

(S): Lady Caitryn Aertsen, "You, not patient?"

Caitryn smiles wryly, a look of amusement passing over her features.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave cringes, yet remains standing in place, staring silently ahead at nothing.

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "Remember, little bird, you're destined for greatness."

You stretch languidly.

You say, "This is the plan."

You say, "Before she gets here, we're going to force a demon to possess our little bird here."

Caitryn raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Olorina claps her hands together merrily.

Zenigra listens impassively.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave remains motionless, only his eyes darting sideways as the mention of demons.

You have emoted: Linslet pokes at the bloody wingstumps of the slave in front of her, biting her lip in thought, "Nothing major,
just something to tip the scales slightly. Then when Celosyi feasts on him... well, nothing but good times!"

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "We can attempt this, your way, but lets hope it goes as planned."

Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole says to Caitryn, "Either way, it proves to be educational."

Caitryn smiles wryly, a look of amusement passing over her features.

You have emoted: Linslet snaps back, "Of course we can try it my way."

You scoff arrogantly.

Caitryn raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "Tone."

Zenigra rolls his eyes.

Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole says, "We're here for a purpose."

(S): Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole, "Continue, please."

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "Now, what say you, can you keep this our little secret?"

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "For me? Please?"

A gaunt and wingless arel slave slowly bobs his head, seemingly emotionless to the question. "Yes, Master," he states, as his
eyes lower to stare at the ground underfoot.

You touch a bloodstone pentagram.

Reacting to her touch, the pentagram in the center of the room flares to life instantly and glows a deep blood red.

You say, "I'm told this part is tricky."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "Let me know what I can assist with."

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "Into the center. Go."

You say to Caitryn, "I'll have you put up a barrier when he's in the center. It would go badly if he tried to run out while
things are happening."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "I'm not all that familiar with such things. Do you think you can do it, Olorina?"

Olorina purses her lips contemplatively.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave steps forward reluctantly, stopping as he reaches the center of the pentagram. He looks up to
those gathered, though averts eye contact, before lowering his gaze back to stare at the ground.

You say, "Those two are summoners."

Caitryn nods her head.

You say, "The idea is."

You purse your lips contemplatively.

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "I'll see what I can do. Just a touch rusty."

You say, "Both of you try to summon the same demon at the same time, and the pentagram gets confused."

You point accusingly at Olorina.

You point accusingly at Zenigra.

Olorina ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen asks, "Which demon?"

You say, "Something minor."

You say, "Our little bird will become frightened otherwise."

You purse your lips contemplatively.

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen says, "Piridon is a shapeshifter..."

You say, "Remember when the demon lords gave minions instead of power itself?"

Caitryn fidgets with a few things in the pack share carries, her brows furrowed in thought.

"Mhmm," Zenigra murmurs, nodding slowly and deliberately.

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen asks Zenigra, "What do you think?"

You say, "Try to pull a minion. The idea is, both of you pull at the same time, it gets confused and the body breaks apart but
the "spirit" is trapped and seeks another vessel immediately."

Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole says to Olorina, "I've never been much of a ritualist, but will lend my

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "And then you, little bird, you get a new roommate."

You wink at a gaunt and wingless arel slave.

Caitryn pulls a little pouch from her satchel, shaking it gently with an amused grin "Does anyone use salt anymore to seal

You say to Zenigra, "I'll handle the binding. You just get the demon here. Easy peasy!"

You urge Caitryn onwards.

You say, "Sealing spirits is exactly what salt is for."

Caitryn nods her head. She dips her hand into the small pouch, making a careful circle around the slave. She glances down at her
work, pursing her lips as she attempts to lend some of her energy to it. A few moments pass before she nods her head, stepping
back and slightly away from the group, a skeptical look on her features.

The pentagram in the center hums with unearthly energy, a thin layer of smoke covering the floor of the platform.

You say, "Oh, idea!"

You say, "We're trying to warm her up."

You exclaim, 'Firelord!''

Olorina closes her eyes and an eerie demonic glow suffuses her body briefly.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave coughs slightly and watches Caitryn with interest, remaining obedient and still.

Olorina slowly circles the platform until she stands opposite of everyone else. Lifting her arms she begins to chant in a dark
language, her eyes closing on their own accord. Seemingly from no where, she draws a small dagger and slices the blade quickly
across her palm, continuing the chant "Dia Ad Adaoun Pyradius."

You nod your acknowledgement of Zenigra.

You say to Zenigra, "Quickly now, or we'll have the full firelord on our hands and some very burnt poultry instead of a slave

Zenigra steps forward, a sharp silver kryss rakes his palm as he adds his own low rumbling chant, "AGUS DUNACH ORT PYRADIUS".

The temperature in the room raises significantly, the pentagram suddenly spouting knee-high flames. A highpitched screaming
echos throughout as a firelord emerges inward, struggling to maintain form as the two summoners pull it viciously apart.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave takes a step back, his resolve faltering as he attempts to get away from the situation.

Zenigra strains with concentration, calculating and adjusting to maintain the mental tug of war.

Olorina opens her eyes, her body rigid as she struggles to pull the Firelord with her chant.

The firelord claws at the erected barrier, but is not formed enough to pierce Caitryn's strength. It instead swipes in agony at
the arel slave before breaking apart. The heat only continues to become more oppressive as the demonic spirit angrily swirls
around in the salt enclosure.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave lets out a string of curses as he attempts to get out of the pentagram. He flails wildly, a
sudden surprising amount of energy as he tries without success to free himself of the constraint.

Linslet steps forward with a coy grin on her face, arms outstretched. She begins a low chant under her breath and the trapped
slave begins to lightly convulse. She appears to be exerting great effort and begins to bring her arms very slowly together. The
spirit enclosed within the barrier swirls far more alarmingly, breaking in waves against the barrier in a desperate attempt to

Olorina extends one finger, trailing it upon the swirling spirit within the pentagram, trying to guide it into the small slave.
Her eyes narrow as she struggles against the force of the spirit.

The circle of salt around the pentagram begins to bubble and melt, the sweltering heat from the center becoming nearly
unbearable. Linslet brings her hands that much closer together, but staggers forward slightly, panting.

You have emoted: Linslet opens her eyes weakly and pauses her chant just long enough to gasp out, "I... said... nothing major.
Help me out guys..."

Caitryn wrinkles her nose, stepping in close enough to Linslet that she can place her hand on the woman's back. She closes her
eyes then, attempting to concentrate and lend her energy toward the woman's cause.

Zenigra furrows his brow, his knuckles white from tension on the pommel of his cane. He continues his chant, a soft demonic glow
suffuses his eyes, tendrils of grey mist trailing away from him.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave drops to his knees, convulsing slightly worse now, beads of sweat forming on his brow as he
appears to be losing strength. One hand holds him up from the ground, the other leaning on his bent knee as he breathes heavily.

Olorina steps forward, closer to the pentagram, her lips moving feverishly. With her free hand, she slices another line across
her wrist, adding her blood to the bubbling salt around the perimeter. Her eyes narrowing further, she pushes her mind against
the spirit, guiding it into the small arel.

Raising her head with renewed vigour, Linslet barks at the slave, "If you die now, I'll kill you myself." She continues to press
her palms toward each other in focused binding, despite the demonic spirit's strength.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave eyes Linslet warily, croaking out a, "Yes, Master," as he continues to heave with each breath,
crouched over himself in pain.

The enraged demonic spirit gives a final, defeated howl as Linslet's palms reach each other. The barrier fades from view and the
slave collapses briefly, only to raise back to his feat with haggard breaths.

You smile broadly and say, "And done~! See guys? Easy."

"Ha!" Olorina exclaims with gusto.

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen smiles impishly and says, "Easy."

You say, "And now."

Making a small gesture towards her treant, Linslet beckons forward one of the many hornets swarming inside it. She whispers
briefly to the insect and casts it aloft. "He'll go get Celosyi for us."

A gaunt and wingless arel slave stands up, his eyes alight with energy as if his previous fatigue was never there.

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "And if you're a good boy, we can find use for you after we're done with this lovely

You give a mischievous grin.

The overwhelmingly loud buzzing of a swarm of vicious hornets deafeningly invades your mind, swarming in from the ethers to
amass into the crude form of Celosyi.

You clap your hands together merrily.

You say to Celosyi, "Welcome back."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says to Celosyi, "Greetings again."

Celosyi murmurs a quiet, "I've been disturbed by some rather impatient hornets," through the overwhelming sound of the insects
buzzing. They writhe and squirm amongst one another, wafting heat from the sheer amount of them.

You have emoted: Linslet gestures towards the slave in the center, "We found a solution to the hornets being weak. This
strapping young lad here. Full of... vitality." She pats the slave on the back mischeviously. "I'm actually surprised that
worked, calling you that way."

Celosyi suggests, "It appears at least one of them followed us back to the hive, so they were able to find it again." The
hornets slowly scatter, buzzing around the heads of those gathered.

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

Caitryn shoos the hornets away with a gentle hand.

Celosyi says, "What is this man going to do? He will give us strength?"

You say, "Now, what we're going to do is... Chop open our totally willing participant here. Then your hornets can all gather in
and soak in as much life and heat and everything that they can handle."

You say, "We will keep him very much alive."

You pat a gaunt and wingless arel slave in a friendly manner.

You quickdraw a silver ritual dagger.

Celosyi mutters, "I was told to try anything twice, so why not," the sound seeming to come from all around you as the hornets
continue to fly in wide circles overhead, clearly interested in what's happening.

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "Lay down on the pentagram, little bird."

A gaunt and wingless arel slave glances at Linslet, then down to the pentagram. His eyes flash with anger, though he complies,
laying down as ordered.

You say to Caitryn, "I learned something neat from my servant studying in the library."

Caitryn tilts her head curiously.

(S): Lady Caitryn Aertsen, "What's that?"

You say, "Put gold dust on a blood-soaked pentagram, and you can keep someone alive very much indefinitely."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "Handy that."

Olorina grins mischievously.

You have emoted: Linslet pours a generous amount of her own tainted blood onto the pentagram, which soaks it up hungrily.

You say, "Gold bonedust, anyway!"

You urge Caitryn onwards.

Caitryn gives a group of 10 pinches of gold bone dust to you.

You say, "I'm certainly not a wytch."

Celosyi says, "I've never seen a group more eager to play with blood."

You give a group of 10 pinches of gold bone dust to Caitryn.

Caitryn wrinkles her nose disfavourably.

Caitryn moves back to the pentagram, the gold dust in her hand. She takes care to cover the freshly added blood with the gold
dust she possess, making sure not to miss a single spot.

The golden dust seeps deeply into the pentagram, disappearing and leaving the array shining with power. Linslet waves her hand
toward the slave laying in the center and blackened vines spring from the edges of the circle, thorns tearing into his flesh and
rooting themselves to him in many places.

You suck thoughtfully upon a silver ritual dagger.

You say, "Who wants to do the honors?"

Olorina Val'Sidos, the Red Queen says, "Oh let me!"

Caitryn gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

You quickly toss a silver ritual dagger to Olorina, who catches it nimbly.

Olorina begins to wield a silver ritual dagger in her left hand.

Olorina licks a silver ritual dagger.

Linslet kneels down and raises the slave's head into her lap. The same vines spring from the pentagram and gingerly pierce their way into her back and abdomen. "We all have a price to pay for our desires, little bird." She nods to
Olorina, "Straight down the middle."

A gaunt and wingless arel slave says, "....are you going to kill me, Master?"

Olorina steps into the circle, eyes cast upon the slave lying prone and rooted to the floor. She grips the dagger in her hand, flipping
the blade so that it points downward. She kneels slowly, sitting close to the slave. She strokes a finger down his face,
whispering, "shhhh" before lifting the dagger to hover above his abdomen. With a small grin, she plunges the dagger into the
soft skin of his stomach, just under the ribs, dragging the blade slowly toward the slave's feet. Blood gushes in hot spurts
over her hands to pool on the floor. Olorina pushes the blade in the opposite direction. Satisfied, she pulls the dagger free
and grips each side of the splayed stomach, ripping the cavity open with a small grunt.

Olorina licks a jagged obsidian dagger.

Olorina ceases to wield a silver ritual dagger in her left hand.

You whisper to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "That's up to you. You show promise. I won't TRY to kill you. If you live or die,
 you do so on your own will. If you live, I have use for you."

Olorina gives a silver ritual dagger to you.

The vines which connect the pentagram, Linslet, and the slave begin to pulsate and shudder every few moments, infusing the slave
with renewed energies and keeping him alive, concious, and perpetually bleeding out.

You say to Celosyi, "You may begin any time."

A gaunt and wingless arel slave gasps suddenly, crying out in pain as he's cut into, yet remains laying down, as if given up on
his fate.

The hornets stop flying overhead, amassing in the air to hover above the prone slave. They buzz angrily, one occasionally
darting down to investigate the situation, the others remaining vigilant.

Celosyi says, "Perhaps someone can.. uhh.. hold that open?"

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says to Zenigra, "All you."

Olorina grins and nods.

Zenigra's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Zenigra steps forward and takes a knee next to the prone body. Placing the heel of his palm against the slaves sternum, and
grips his ribcage, pulling up roughly.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave The slave groans loudly, though his eyes are blanked over, the demonic essence inside him likely
the only thing keeping him alive.

Celosyi says, "Excellent."

You have emoted: Linslet pats and strokes the slave's frail head, but keeps it pointed squarely downward at the gaping wound,
not allowing him to miss a moment of the action. "This is the greatest moment of your life, don't go off somewhere and miss it."

As the hornets see their opportunity, they begin to buzz loudly, streaming down in a singular line to infest the body of the
slave, seemingly uncharacteristic for their kind. His stomach bulges as Celosyi completely disappears within, his flesh writhing
with their forms underneath and the buzzing fades to a muted tone.

The slave howls in pain, attempting to close his eyes and throw his head back. Linslet plants a short slap against his face and
pries open the lids, watching the spectacle intently.

The faint sound of Celosyi whispers at the edge of your mind, "It is quite warm in here indeed, Linslet!" The slave's chest
begins to puff upwards, as if the hornets are spreading further into him. Blood spills freely, pooling around on the ground as
the hornets make room for themselves.

Caitryn watches quietly, her arms crossed over her chest, jade eyes alight with warmth giving away the only sense that the woman
might be enjoying the spectacle before her.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave breathlessly chokes on his screams, his lungs collapsing to make room for the multitude of
hornets. Far more blood and bile than he should have had is now pooled around him, soaking back into the pentagram only to be
cycled back into his body.

Suddenly, a tendril-like wisp of energy begins to seep from the slave's chest. Almost exploratory in nature, the tendril
shimmers a dark crimson hue as it trails up to reach skywards, before shooting back into his body quickly.

You say, "Maybe now you will be warm enough to return my parka!"

You snicker softly to yourself.

Olorina's eyes are alight with hellish pleasure as she watches the hornets feast, nostrils flared at the scent of blood in the

Celosyi says, "I think the cold has left us, there are no longer any sort of feelings of discomfort from all those storms
outside now."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "Glad to accommodate."

You whisper to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "You get to live, knowing you've strengthened the new generation of entities."

You stroke a gaunt and wingless arel slave tenderly.

You say, "Wonderful."

The massive swarm of hornets begins to trickle out from the slave now, flying up to buzz loudly as they swarm in a wide circle.
"Had I known all I had to do to gain power was to let you all cut each other up and take advantage of it, I'd of done it while
I've seen you all fighting over those shards so often," Celosyi muses, the sound emanating from within the slave still as the
hornets are still coming out.

You stretch languidly.

You say to Celosyi, "There's more to it than sucking someone dry, much more."

You say, "If you're interested in all our dirty little secrets, you'll just have to stick around, won't you!"

Olorina smiles wryly, a look of amusement passing over her features.

Caitryn smiles wryly, a look of amusement passing over her features.

You say to a gaunt and wingless arel slave, "Did you live?"

The last of the hornets fly up out of the slave, and you notice a slight aura of energy tendriling around the mass of insects as
they raise up into the air, flying in a swarm in various directions, apposed to writhing around one another in the tight bunch
as before. Celosyi lets out a clear laugh over the buzzing, though her voice becomes a powerful humming as she says, "There's
more, hm? I can see why this lifestyle is quite appealing, and why many equally find it to be a terrible idea."

You say to Celosyi, "You're drunk with power. I love it! What you have now is a small fraction of what we can offer."

Celosyi says, "I see we are similar to the color of his insides, and the energy is so warm that we do not have to work to keep
it anymore."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says to Celosyi, "I hope you are finding the experience pleasurable."

You say, "It's a part of you now. An indication of how fruitful an alliance with our cult will be. And if this is just one weak

Celosyi says, "I am, quite so. Thank you for inviting me to your Empire. This has been far more beneficial than being asked to
try to... dream, and see the future."

Lady Caitryn Aertsen says, "Or even, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Those can be captured as well."

You say, "Sleep is for the weak. No, really. It's only for people of low circles."

A gaunt and wingless arel slave suddenly groans,  awakened as tendrils of the demonic energy that have been caged within him
begin to seep over the gaping wound, slowly correcting the damage done. His eyes roll back into his head and he remains quiet

You have emoted: Linslet drags the slave to his feet without bothering to let the wound fully heal. "Walk it off, you'll be fine."

You nudge a gaunt and wingless arel slave suggestively.

Olorina smiles wryly, a look of amusement passing over her features.

You say, "Builds character."

Celosyi lets out a buzzing laugh, the hornets bobbing up and down, "Yes, I could not sleep or understand much of it. It offered

She is a radiant entity. Her form consists of a massive swarm of ravenous hornets, which writhe and squirm amongst one another
in a large mass. Their buzzing sounds rudely invade the mind, drowning out the smaller background noises one grows accustomed to
hearing. The small insects writhe and fly into various shapes, projecting her thoughts and actions as best they know how. Their
tiny forms burn with a bright crimson hue, an ominous energy pulsating through them.

A gaunt and wingless arel slave stands wobbily, eyes glaring at Linslet, though he remains otherwise obedient.

Celosyi says, "Before I depart, teach me something else of your cult?"

You say to Celosyi, "We will arrange for you to become even stronger."

You point accusingly at a gaunt and wingless arel slave.

You say to Celosyi, "He is embodying something of our cult right now."

Lord Zenigra Tru'ithe, Facet of the Broken Whole says, "With the ritual complete, and my soul weary. I must depart."

Zenigra nods to all in turn politely, lastly Celosyi.

Zenigra quickly flings a card with the image of the Universe at the ground.
The card vanishes into the earth in a spark of magick.

A shimmering, translucent image rises up before you, its glittering surface displaying the verdant grasslands, soaring mountains,
 sprawling settlements and deep blue seas of the Aetherian mainland.

You say, "He could have given it up and died afterwards if he wanted, but he has something keeping him going."

You say, "Tenacity is a visceral thing. I promised him something before the bargain, and damned if he's going to let some little
near-life experience get in the way."

You say to Celosyi, "He paid a price, sure, but ultimately he's getting what he wants."

You say, "That's the important thing."

Celosyi says, "As am I, I think."

You say to Celosyi, "So the question to mull over in your hive is this."

You say, "What do you want right now, and is the price of being bound to our cult worth it to you?"

You say, "If you're strong enough, that answer is obvious."

Celosyi says, "I will do that. If you require anything from me, you know how to get ahold of me. Anyone here is welcome to."
Today we shall die.


  • My expression the whole time I was reading: 


    But seriously, poor arel dude. LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE :(
    ‘Least I won’t have to carry it no more. You see how bloody heavy it is?’

    ‘Every sword’s a weight to carry. Men don’t see that when they pick ’em up. But they get heavier with time.”
  • Brb watching the waffle house scene again.
    Today we shall die.
  • @Bathan - I see that and raise you. This is what I was thinking the whole time.


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