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Compiling IMTS. Please help!

Hey guys,

After returning I did a load of scripting in IMTS on my Mac. (iScript) It took forever! Then I went and made the mistake of upgrading to the most recent MAC OS X version (mountain lion) which made my IMTS unusable. I'm really not great with computing, but I got an error and googled it, and it seems that there is no support for '32bit' on this new OS. (there used to be something called 'classic' which I could activate, but this has also been scrapped.) So, apparently, what I need help with is compiling - I don't know my arse from my elbow, and would really appreciate any assistance someone could give me. If you could point me towards the files, and maybe the general process (I have some experience with using terminal in Mac OS.)

Thanks in advance!



  • Are you using the stock version of IMTS (sixth version) that you can get from the SourceForge website?
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  • Is it possible to be able to downgrade from Mountain Lion? Never had a mac, so iunno how the upgrade process works.
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    Im using 'Imts Cvs Darwin' which in the changelog, is the 'unstable' version after 6 (with back damage added, and iscript)

    I don't think I can downgrade, and I'm not sure that's the ideal route for me.


    I downloaded the '' from sourceforge, and to quote from 'Install'

    "All you have to do is to type 'make', and pray. If all works well, you
    should be able to run the newly created './bot' executable, which will use
    the newly created *.so files."

    'Make' doesn't work. I'm entering it into terminal in the IMTS directory. (-bash: make: command not found)  It then says:

    Should make fail, this is how a manual compile is done:
    bot - gcc [extra flags] -o bot main.c -lz -ldl
    modules - gcc [extra flags] -o -shared name.c

    And basically, I can't understand this. I tried entering the whole line at once, and it did nothing.(-bash: gcc: command not found)  I'm not sure if I have to install a dev package or something else.

  • Install xcode and try make again.
    Someone powerful says, "Its broken. No more pulling the guillotine."
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