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Wanna be a Beta Tester?

SealiaSealia West Virginia
Since you all are all family, I'm going to make this a little informal. I don't think Matt or Jeremy will be mad at me for "advertising" another game here because it's definitely not the type to steal away players.

I just started working for a company that's producing a gaming app for android and iOS. They're launching their first ever game in a couple of months, and the Beta is supposed to come out in early August. As such, I wanted to invite you all to be Beta testers. I believe you will be getting official credit on the site/in the game/somewhere... and you can add it to your resume if you want.

The game is called Red Sea Exodus, and it's an infinity runner themed with some Ancient Egyptians and some Israelites, but it most definitely does not throw the Bible at you at all. It's sort of the same amount of religion dumped on you as if you were playing a game themed around Poseidon. If you're interested, you can post here, message me, or e-mail me at

Please don't message Sealia about this, though (The next time I log on her, I want it to be a commitment..and with a new job, a move, and my OCS school for the Army coming up, I'm hesitant to do that. But I also really miss this part of my life, and I heard the Bards needs some Sea-love badly. I still talk about Imperian way more than I should even in casual conversation and to anyone who will listen. Plus, the only people I've been talking to lately have been Imperian friends, and Imperian is a great "hangout." So basically I just really need to come back. /end rant.).

Here's a link to the FB page that they started for the game developer:
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