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I had over 9,000 unread news, most likely being new here I will never need to read most of them.  The only feature that the news commands is missing is perhaps SET READ ALL or something to that effect.

I did "read" all the news but now that it's up to day I can easily navigate all new/unread messages.  My OCD was kicking in every time I saw I had unread messages.  I did not wanna remove the notice but rather have it up to date.

I searched the forums for this idea and did not find anything, I apologize if this idea was already submitted.



  • I think you were looking for the READNEWS <SECTION> LAST command.
  • I wanted to simply mark all as read, like the email feature you commonly see.
  • MenochMenoch Raleigh, NC, USA
    Read the last one in each section is what I do
  • Imperian could use a SEARCHNEWS. Somewhat tangential, but such a nice feature.
  • We do have a NSUM which allows you to see what the title of each post in that section. The searchnews is a great idea, unfortunately, last I heard it is a hard on the code and would be quite laggy. I could be wrong, but I believe that is what I heard last time the idea was suggested. 
  • Aetolia has one. There's a CD to limit the stress it puts on the game, I think.
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