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I have not been bothering people about voting too much, because I hate bothering people about stuff like that. I would like to get a good push on votes for a couple months though. Please help us get ahead of these other upstart mud games. 

It's super easy and FUN!




  • IniarIniar Australia
    For Mudlet users, Dicene's auto-voter.

    Dicene said:
    Voting system for Mudlet.

    Just right click and save to your C:\Users\<insert user name>\AppData\Local\Mudlet folder as Vote.xml, then install through Mudlet Package Manager.

    If you already use downloadFile and have an event handler for sysDownloadDone(like for TrueHonours), it'll probably be better if you add the code from mine to yours, instead of having two scripts handling that same event(when I tested it as a separate script to my truehonours script, it was causing the voting to get processed three times). If you don't know how to do this, pastebin your sysDownloadDone handling script and I can add the code for you.

    If anyone sees any obvious mistakes that I've made, or knows of a way to make two sysDownloadDone eventhandlers not act weird, lemme know.

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  • Getting close to the top 10. Thanks! Get people voting!

  • Thanks again. Almost to 7th!

  • I check the forums way too often, and having this announcement pinned up to the top when I look at Recent Discussions makes me vote way more frequently. Leaving it here might not be a bad idea.

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  • IniarIniar Australia
    I checked the forums on average ~7 times a day the last year. :< and averaged a post a day. Time to find a girlfriend again. :S
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  • Freaking Aetolia just passed us. We are getting close to passing the next couple though.

  • IniarIniar Australia
    IRE games are ranked 2-6 now. We're the last. >:[
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  • I'm still voting!

  • Slowly gaining on Lusternia and Aetolia. We should be able to pass them today.

  • Only a few votes behind those Lusternians!

  • Looking good guys. Thanks for all the votes. Closing in on 4th place now.

  • And that's fourth. I'm happy sitting here for the rest of the month. Let's just stay in front of Aetolia!

  • Aaaaaaaaaand hello February. Keep voting, people! We finished out strong last month and we can totally do the same this month.
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  • We're killing it guys. Ahead of Achaea and MKO. Woot!

  • IniarIniar Australia
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  • @Iniar Not sure what that has to do with voting, but it's funny!

  • IniarIniar Australia
    :( Half the things I say I'm not too sure what they mean. :(
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  • IniarIniar Australia
    Smashing Aetolia and Lusternia (as we should)! <3
    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
  • Looking good guys. Keep voting, but I think we can coast the rest of this month.

  • edited February 2014
    An IRE needs to beat Aardwolf. Any of them would do.
  • 2 Votes!!!!!!!

  • Obligatory bump :)
    (Only if we keep voting!)
  • Nice.

    Looking good guys. Thanks for the votes. I will stop harassing as much in the game, but I will keep harassing here. Let's get ahead of that Abandoned Realms game!

  • IniarIniar Australia
    4th! Nice work.
    wit beyond measure is a Sidhe's greatest treasure
  • Currently sitting at 1 vote off of rank 2, FYI.
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  • Thanks for all the votes so far this month guys. Appreciate it.

  • GabrielGabriel Fort Valley, Georgia US
    6 away from jumping from 5 to 3.
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