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Combat Questions & Help

I didn't see a thread for this stuff but I'll go ahead and make one - Even just for a place for me to selfishly ask the barrage of questions I'll have when there's time to think/remember them all. For now!

H:84% M:100% < pp eb> XP:55.75  autocuring mass off
Automatic mass handling disabled.

<stuffs Mass in pack BECAUSE>

H:84% M:100% < pp eb> XP:55.75
You feel your density return to normal.
apply mass <<<????
H:84% M:100% < pp eb> XP:55.75
I don't see the container here from which you wish to apply some salve.

Why does it still want me to use mass? Is there another way to make it stop auto-massing that I didn't see?
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    That doesn't look like autocuring. Do you have another healing system (like IMTS) that might be trying to apply?

    Autocuring lines would look like this (assuming you even had autocuring reporting on):
    Autocuring: apply mass

    EDIT to add:
    <520/520h(100) 580/580m(100) 57.66x <eb> <db0> 0E 0b autocuring mass off
    Automatic mass handling disabled.

    You feel your density return to normal.
    You have lost the density defence.
    <520/520h(100) 580/580m(100) 57.66x <eb> <db0> 0E 0b autocuring mass on
    Automatic mass handling activated.
    <520/520h(100) 580/580m(100) 57.66x <eb> <db0> 0E 0b get mass from pack
    You take a blackthorn dryad vial from a wyrmskin pack.
    <520/520h(100) 580/580m(100) 57.66x <eb> <db0> 0E 0b 
    Autocuring: apply mass
    You quickly rub some mass salve on your skin.
    Your body grows extremely dense and heavy as the mass salve infuses your skin.
    You have gained the density defence.

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  • Ohhh Yes Lionas - I haven't really been doing any scripting for auto-curing, just making echos and stuff but there was something for fishing I didn't realize was giving me mass. *derpy* Thanks for correcting me and reminding that check! lol
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  • Okay so far as a Wardancer, those of you who have PvP'd with me should probably be able to tell I'm really only good for damage + backflipping out + returning w/ fleche.

    The reason for this is because I am struggling with Combos. I can't seem to get the choices I want to work together, for reasons indeterminable to me. I've tried asking about a little IG - And I'm aware that I have minimum to work with but would still like trying to familiarize myself & understand what I -do have-. Late last night I was up trying different combinations and either it would ask me about what toxin I meant to apply (When I was not using Flick to begin with :/) or the combos I tried to use weren't compatible for some reason or another.

    So far I am not sure what exactly the aim for a Wardancer is in combat, or how besides damaging we're useful, so any advice would be awesome.
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  • Flick is an insanely stupid fast affliction generator that is incredible for 1v1ing right now and with fast enough sabres it basically obsoletes the need for skill; when you are afflicting six times per herb balance you don't need to be good to win(see: Sarrius).

    Outside of that, well. Damage in a teamfight is always useful. I'd rather have a generic strike/batter/sleap Wardancer on my team than basically any Bard other than Lytharose, because damage is way more useful than "I'm going to build up resonance and I'll be able to instantkill them by the time that half my team is dead."

    "On the battlefield I am a god. I love war. The steel, the smell, the corpses. I wish there were more. On the first day I drove the Northmen back alone at the ford. Alone! On the second I carried the bridge! Me! Yesterday I climbed the Heroes! I love war! I… I wish it wasn’t over."

  • Hit me up in game some time when I'm around and not doing anything - pretty much any other combatant is going to be better than I am at getting you up to speed - I'm kind of a one-trick pony with one class when it comes to combat, but I can at least run over some theory on toxins and such with you and how you want to prioritize afflictions and some things like that.
  • Well I definitely atm can't set anyone up for these instakills but I would like to help IG-allies when I do show up hehe I guess I'll start learning the poisons next and try to make them applicable. It just feels strange going in not having a clue what my opponents goal is, so not knowing my own is even worse heh

    (Tahirah's not really a bloodthirsty glory warrior so... I'll let Brishi kill everyone :P )
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  • One thing that would give me a bit more help ahead of time: what client do you use?
  • Mudlet
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    Wardancer kills through damage. However, they have several ways of dealing said damage! Firstly, you simply hit things. Blade Strike/Shield Batter[Cleave]/Split Leap combos using oxalis and [strychnine] are a good starting point in terms of helping out in a group. You can substitute leap with Suicidedrop to do more damage at a heavier price.

    One might also consider disembowel, which whilst a powerful move in its own right, scales very well with each affliction your target has. Because they have transfix on demand, it's easy for a Wardancer to simply transfix > impale > disembowel and this is something that works in groups too.

    Of course there are also afflictions. Either with sabre|sabre for double flick or sabre|shield for flick|hack. Generally you want a shield because it allows you to use Shield Absorb to help with taking a hit. Anyway, Wardancer can reach far faster attack speeds then most classes and this in conjunction with transfixing and disemboweling allows them to (with a little planning|tracking|whatever) be very effective 1v1 or in smaller skirmishes where straight out of the box damage isn't working out.

    This is really just a quick overview. The class has a lot going for it both in offence and defence. Anyways, feel free to talk to me in game as well -- I'll do my best to help out.

  • Just to cut you out a step - Kryss = much more a boss than I am. :)
  • AzefelAzefel Singapore
    If you're using fleche, you're already better than most WDs. When I get out of this shithole aka Australia, I'll be happy to teach you.
  • I'm not really around much atm, but feel free to hit me up as well. I'm fairly good at abusing wd for maximum rage points.

    In teams if you learn to transfix/impale/dsb you're pretty much the most stupidly good addition to an am team (this is like old pindown, but better). If you learn to afflict well, more power to you. One v one you'll probably get most of your kills from stacking affs into dsb. Overwhelmed suicidedrop damage kills are definitely viable but it really comes down to why bother: you can trivially one shot people with wardancer's current aff rate into a dsb, so taking the chance that they'll tank your suicidedrop (usually) isn't worth it. Obviously if they're on like 30% hp just go for it.

    You don't need to be even close to good with affs to be successful as a wd, so I'd not worry too much about that. If you get the basics down and know what you need to stick to drop somebody you'll be well on your way. You can afford a huge amount of inaccuracy as a wd, which is why I personally think its a pretty good class to learn how things work as (and a reason why most people eventually move on to something else).

  • Not meaning to bring this thread back to life, but since it seems to be the appropriate place to ask, I just have a few questions?

    a) When a Defiler torments another with thornroot, how long does it usually take for the thornroot to wither away, assuming no entropy has been gathered?

    b) Is autocuring the primary curing system the game uses? Although I am assuming at others just work their systems around autocuring.
  • a) Defiler thornroot is like 30s. Every 'new' root resets the timer. The big drawback from multiple roots is that when a new root replaces an old root, it explodes for the stored entropy damage, effectively ruining splinter (desecration) and bellow (desecration) set ups. 

    b) Yes. You can change your priority healing list and many more experience people change their priorities on the fly based on situation. There are some tactics where autocuring will actually get you killed faster than a custom priority list.
  • AzefelAzefel Singapore
    Roots are 25s , ticking every five seconds
  • IniarIniar Australia
    Going to keep using this thread:

    Do you incorporate calotropis into your tracker, and if you do, how do you do it?
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  • AzefelAzefel Singapore

  • IniarIniar Australia
    How about fitness? Do you guys do anything speshul?
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  • Fitness can't be prevented and it has a third party message, something about taking a deep breath.

    If the enemy class has fitness, I'd just assume that your first asthma in the fight is negated.

    "On the battlefield I am a god. I love war. The steel, the smell, the corpses. I wish there were more. On the first day I drove the Northmen back alone at the ford. Alone! On the second I carried the bridge! Me! Yesterday I climbed the Heroes! I love war! I… I wish it wasn’t over."

  • IniarIniar Australia
    Mechanically do you have like a toggeable button to ignore first asthma. ATM I'm sort of assigning attack patterns to classes and then will probably incorporate a class check when assigning asthma. The lazy man's method of doing something really simple :(
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  • AzefelAzefel Singapore
    Just ignore the first mercury of the fight
  • IniarIniar Australia
    A few things:
    Been having difficulty with tracking maidenhair (numbness, metrazol, slickness)

    In particular, I assumed maidenhair cured numbness from the above list when it actually cured slickness, as the person applied a salve the next tick. Do you guys have a method by which you reverse decisions made by your curer?

    I think Iluv uses a timer. Anyone do anything else?

    Proviso: It's not necessary, I know. I am however trying to beat passive cure classes with a 2.35 dsl.
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  • Generally for cures where two afflictions have a same cure type and one of the afflictions have 3rd party way of knowing when it is cured (outside of 3rd party cure message, that's easy) I set either a 1 or 2 second timer if the target has both afflictions, for example let's say asthma and clumsiness. It won't cure anything right away, but at the end of the timer it will cure clumsiness. If I see the target has smoked before the timer has gone off, the timer will be disabled and asthma will be cured. You can take this same approach to slickness and maidenhair afflictions.

    Also, you won't be able to beat passive cure classes with 2.35 dsl even if they have terrible or stock autocuring. Most passive cure classes also have an active way to cure afflictions on top of that so good luck. The best thing to do is to classlead next round that passive curing ticks tick at much lower rate.
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     Something someone said in another thread, hinted that I can queue bal a string of commands, with some kind of separator - allowing me, for example, to do something like:

    queue eqbal quickdraw sabre buckler <br> grip <br> combo hack flick me

    Is it true, and if so, how? What's the syntax?

    Edit: solved. Tek pointed out "config separator"
  • To save me the tedium of typing it all out myself, would someone be kind enough to paste their aff-to-toxin table (preferably for lua)?

    Something like:

    toxins.list = {
     clumsiness = "ether",
     stupidity = "aconite",



  • IniarIniar Australia

    If you still haven't got it:

    eden.adb_toxins = {

    aconite = "stupidity",

    arsenic = "weariness",

    atropine = "recklessness",

    avidya = "ignorance",

    benzene = "crippled left arm",

    benzene2 = "crippled right arm",

    benzedrine = "crippled left leg",

    benzedrine2 = "crippled right leg",

    botulinum = "nausea",

    bromine = "anorexia",

    butisol = "butisol",

    calotropis = "calotropis",

    ciguatoxin = "numbness",

    cyanide = "cyanide",

    digitalis = "shyness",

    ether = "clumsiness",

    hemotoxin = "hemotoxin",

    iodine = "slickness",

    ketamine = "withered throat",

    lindane = "dizziness",

    luminal = "slow elixirs",

    mazanor = "slow herbs",

    mebaral = "slow equilibrium",

    mercury = "asthma",

    metrazol = "metrazol",

    noctec = "slow balance",

    strychnine = "sensitivity",

    vitriol = "disloyalty",

    xeroderma = "sunallergy",


    I've been known to be wrong, so check it first.
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