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Sidhe & Background

Hello everyone!

When I was making my character, I was more or less inspired partially by the townes & cities here. At the same time, though, loving mage tactic for hunting/utility I had selected such for my Sidhe. I did read, of course:

4.14.8 THE SIDHE

After the Sylayan were rediscovered by the world, many decided to live
within the confines of the city once more. Slowly these 'city elves'
became known as the Sidhe. Still marked by their unearthly agility and
amazing intelligence, the Sidhe have definitely become a race of their

However my thoughts on building my character's background were she could come from the desert (Jazira/Shaarhi). Now, for a lot of you I'm sure you are aware, I am enemied to that 'area' in general due to my org relations/memberships. My questions are 1. could it be valid to have my Sidhe still come from that area and 2. Is being unenemied to specific townes possible (Even through heavy RP etc?)

Any insight on the matter would be appreciated. As an aside, I'm completely new to Imperian coming from another IR game so patience in it is hopeful. I still have a reincarnation too so if something is wrong with this for a Sidhe...
(Only if we keep voting!)

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