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RP for all!

In light of the recent UStream ( to see the latest one) some questions were brought up about RP and the world, and how players can change the story of Imperian. 

Now, I may not be able to do massive, huge events. But if you're interested in seeing some events, or have ideas for RP that you would like to see happen, you can post them here, e-mail me at, PM on the forums, or message me in game. I will do what I can to help any requests brought in. Or find another volunteer willing/able to assist.

I understand that Orgrequests are only allowed to be submitted by leaders of an org, so I am hoping this will help those who cannot submit one, or ideas outside of an organization. 

I look forward to seeing what you all have brewing in those whacky brains of yours!


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    Are there any times I can skip to as to just hear about Imperian stuff?

    e: Oops, move this question to the Ustream thread.
  • Hi guys, so the recent Ustream is not up at this time. When Jeremy gets back and is able, I'll have him post it. Sorry about that!
  • I'll put this here too. If you guys want to see more games, and which games you like, you can put it here or send a request to me, @Naya or @Cadra. We love running games.
  • The recorded UStream is now up at Enjoy!
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