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Extra Life 2013

Extra Life is a charity gaming marathon that raises money for children's hospitals. It kicks off Saturday, November 2nd. This will be my 3rd year doing this. Basically gaming for 24h (this year 25h) while trying to get people to donate some money.

Rift and Trion Worlds introduced me to Extra Life and I've been part of their team for the past two years. This year I thought I'd play some Imperian and see if there's any of you that wanted to hang out during my 24 hours (I am allowed to take breaks though!).

Basically, check out my Extra Life page (very generic, because I'm not a native English speaker). Check out Extra Life's website. If any of you wants to donate, feel free. If any of you wants to have some fun playing on the 2nd, hit me up. If any of you want to participate in Extra Life yourself, go ahead, it's great fun and very rewarding.

When it first started out in 2008, people managed to raise 300k USD during the first two years. Last year the counter broke because it reached over 1mil USD, final donations reaching over 2mil USD.

Gamers are awesome. We are Legion (the less evil version). Play some games, heal some kids. Check out the website, because it's doing a better job at explaining things than I can.

Extra Life Website
My participant site

Hopefully I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting this. I'm sorry for any grammar errors and whatnot.


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    I'm just a few hours in so far, but thought I post a little reminder.

    If you want to sign up yourself, there's a few things you can get. Like a free download of Defiance, some Rift swag in the shape of a starter pack if you ever want to try the game out. If you get a donation of 15$ you'll not only help save some kids you'll also get 1 months of free Xsplit Premium, if there's anyone that enjoys streaming. (I don't, so I will most likely give this away if I get it, if anyone is interested).

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    So, apparently Extra Life is down due to a DDos attack, because some people are humgii humgii humgii'd humgii.

    I got the Rift starter pack code and a copy of Defiance, if anyone wants them let me know here or give me a message in game.
  • Page went back up a while ago.

    For those interested, Extra Life has now raised 2,940,061 USD.
  • In between having fun on Imperian, I've been:

    Losing a life everytime I've tried to land on an aircraft carrier in Top Gun.
    Unable to set any world records on Track and Field.
    Blowing up a lot of stuff in Bomberman.
    Getting lost in the cool music of Cobra Triangle and crashing my boat.
    Still doing bad with being able to counter-punch in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

    I believe registration is still open if any of you want the swag mentioned earlier.
    Donations are still open, that much I know. Extra life has passed the $3 million level, with NA having a couple of hours to go. Which is totally awesome.

    Now I'm off to kill some zombies in L4D2 for my last hours. Thanks to those who wanted to hang out!
  • AzefelAzefel Singapore
    yeah promo stuff is valid until November 4th
  • It warm my cold swedish heart to heart that someone is working toward a better world. Tsing, you are doing a great job. I wish you the best of luck! Next year, it will crack the 4 million barrier!!!
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