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I have a gift copy for one of you steam users.

Its an awesome MOBA.

Just tell me you want it.


  • I have an extra steam key each for FEZ and Bastion I'll give out as well.
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    @Shiln - I'll take the Awesomenauts key if you've still got it. I'm Dicene on Steam as well. =D

    Also, FEZ and Bastion are both great games, someone should take Lionas up on those.
  • I had a Steam key for the Walking Dead that I was going to offer people, but I decided that I'd just give it to Aulani instead, because she's more awesome than any of you. 

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  • AzefelAzefel Singapore
    I have like 55 Dota 2 keys someome please take this shit
  • Dicene, I just sent you a friend request from figgiest on steam.  Its the only way I can send the gift.

    Take care.
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