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MUSH Client Scripting



  • EoghanEoghan Member, Immortal Posts: 1,073 mod
    I misread and didn’t see a set of parens around the whole thing. 
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  • NarujNaruj Member, Beta Testers Posts: 189 ✭✭✭
    Multi-line captures in any client, even really good ones like MUSH and Mudlet, are complicated and fickle things.

    I would instead do individual line triggers for each part of the map and trigger capturing on and off based on the first line and the prompt. You can see an example of doing this in MUSH here:

    Please note that like Eoghan I don't use MUSH Client at all - I just know regex and Lua. The MUSH Client documentation doesn't seem to support \n as an explicit newline in Regex captures - they want you to use $ in multi-line mode. If you're convinced that you want this to be rolled up as one big messy trigger, I'd try doing that first.
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  • BronachBronach BronachMember Posts: 44
    Hmm. Lost some ground getting lost in the difference between Lua and Regex captures. Heads were scratched. Science moves on. Thanks for the idea, I'll keep at it.
  • BronachBronach BronachMember Posts: 44
    Thanks for the comments, I've kind of set this aside until I can grow my knowledge a bit more. I liked the MUSH client due to its portability (I can put it on a USB stick for the work computer without having to install), but I seem to make better progress using the Nexus client and simplified Scripting (even though I've not met many that use Nexus), because things like a map window and a "who's here" window are already built in. The up side to this experience is that I'm teaching myself JavaScript from scratch when I have time, it seems like the next step to go for me. The down side is that I am playing less Imperian while I do this. Perhaps I need to get on Discord.
  • FanglorFanglor Member Posts: 205 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, I adore Mushclient for stuff like that. I run it off my phone's SD card actually and just plug it in. The only problem I've been having recently is I have to move my system onto the other computer even if it's on the SD card for some odd reason
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