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Call for Guild RP Org Requests

I've noticed that with the mergers of a number of long-standing guilds, some of the lore or continuity has been "broken" for many players. Some of these players, once in leadership positions, have submitted org requests to help flesh out history and transitions. As a former player myself, I know the struggle to get guild members involved in anything that ratifies guild RP; if it's only leader-initiated, the end result is often a script played out in front of a couple of people who would rather be bashing. Everyone just turns into this baby:


So far I've worked with a couple of guilds to help flesh out the issues facing them. Relevance in Aetherius, IG explanation of skill changes, connecting past to present, developing a specific avenue that's not been explored before, etc. If you're such a guild leader (GM preferred) and are interested in something like that, please put together an org request and submit it. Once I've taken that org request, I spend a decent amount of time learning about the lore of the guild so as not to step on toes by altering or adding anything, and I come up with something that can address the issue.

Generally org requests will be dealt with in a first-come, first-serve capacity, but the ideal first-in org request has a few characteristics: specificity, creativity, and balance. Specificity just means you need to know what you want your end result to be. "I want something cool" is bad and I will punch you for it. Creativity means you've put some thought into how to get to your end result. Do you have certain guild mobs you want to include? Interested in reviving something the guild hasn't done in ages? Finally, balance. I cannot run events that don't get past the head honchos. I cannot event-mandate that you've destroyed your enemies or stolen something important. There's a give and take to events and if it requires coordination between opposite organizations I do not consider that org-specific RP.

That said, it's not too difficult to come up with an idea for guild RP that I can work with. Just keep in mind that I will look for solutions based on the problem, and the solution we end up at together may look a little different than your original idea.

Looking forward to what you can come up with for your guilds!

Jeremy sings, "Sugar how you get so fly?"


  • I have worked with Taqja on a Guild Orgerquest just recently and let me say I really appreciate the time and effort spent to make things happen.
  • MenochMenoch Raleigh, NC, USA
    Ditto that. She and the others involved took their time and there's literally no way you can go wrong here. The end result is the revenants RP log posted somewhere on these selfsame forums. If you want some cool stuff to go down in your org you can't really ask for better.
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