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Reality Check: Time Travel

Hey guys. So, I haven't posted here in a long time. But here is what's going on.

For the past two years an awesome group of ex-aetherians (and lots of outsiders!) have been working on a project that started as little more than in game chat and the passing back and forth of drawings and story boards. In the past year and a half the idea has really been launched, creating the groundwork for something awesome and amazing! Please check out the link below and watch the short video!

And for those of you who have been around awhile. Chris' first character was Archania. A few secret ones here and there since!

Please send me feedback. As I'm not the forum junkie I used to be - feel free to send me feedback or even just short comments in game. Thanks!


There is no future in time travel...


Elion is an insurance agent who time-travels to check the validity of insurance claims. A job known as “The Watcher,” Elion, has one last assignment as a “Watcher,” which if she can solve will lead to a promotion.

The reward?  Elion will gain the ability to take her own time trip and gain information as to the whereabouts of her missing family, and the inner workings of Reality Check. She discovers along the way that corruption begins on a personal level. A decision she makes in the past will change the course of her future forever.


For a short film, you’re going to go on a crazy trip.  Violence, love, relationships, deceit, told in a visually-kinetic style, and with a suspenseful story.

It features a strong female protagonist, in the vein of Alien or Serenity, and a tale that will excite, emotionally engage, and entertain you.  The best stories are not just situations, but events that unfold, and we follow a character study about what someone will do to get ahead, and what they will leave behind to get there.

Think "Memento" meets "Minority Report," or "Primer" and "Twelve Monkeys," all within 15 minutes. A style best described as a glass of Hitchcock, a splash of Aronofsky, and a slice of Christopher Nolan.  It's a story where we as a viewer uncover the truth by moving backwards in time, and forwards in the story. If you like the concept, have been screwed over by insurance companies, or really dig time travel movies you’re going to like this film.  Another key influence has been Chris' fascination with mathematics, primarily the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. It represents a powerful symbol in the film, and is a source of inspiration for its many aesthetic elements.


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    So what part do you have in this out of curiousity.  I mean, its a cool concept and all I'm mostly just curious, since you're I assume the most  "known" Imperian player  from the team.  

    One complaint, I can't even see the movie unless I drop  25 bucks. That's a bit extreme, since I don't even really pay that for blu ray new releases.

    Also, how long do you think the movie will run?  Nevermind, didn't notice the 15 minutes first readthrough.
  • Movie will be available at an indie film fest in Oregon, then on their website! they're partnering with indie film channels to show winning shorts.

    My role has been storyboards, concept and helping with script. Recently just a lot of marketing and getting kickstarter launched.

    You don't have to give anything to see the film!! donations are all for helping us during production.
  • The 25$ is a digital copy of the movie poster and a private download link earlier than anything else you will find. Not necessary, just trying to come up with fun things to give out in return for any sort of help and donation!

    And even if you can't donate, don't worry! Just check it out. I will post links here for all my imperian friends once we release after the festival.
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