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Newbie Ahoy!

Hi there!

I've been mud-jumping around the IRE circuit for a while now, trying to find something that interests me. Recently my longest stint was in Midkemia Online, which was interesting but seemingly far more complex to the other games. Whether it actually is more complex or not, I am unsure as it might just be that they do not have the same vial system as other games. In any case, I was just hoping to say hello, make myself known and ask if there are any tips or advice anyone is willing to provide for someone interested in getting into playing Imperian? Any responses are appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you all!


  • Imperian's a lot less dramatic than MKO in my experience and, if you find a good group of people, you can find a good mix of roleplay and group PvP. If that's something you're interested in, I know Khandava'd be down to have you. There are good folks scattered all over the game though, so you can't go wrong.. Except for maybe in Kinsarmar. :(
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  • Bathan said:
    Except for maybe in Kinsarmar. :(
    I don't count as good folks? Pfft.

    Sometimes you need to push a little bit for interactions. I find I need to be a little more outgoing and insert myself more then I would normally do on a new character. But the resulting interactions are worth the little bit of awkwardness. If you're a wall flower and constantly off doing your own thing alone, people will assume you like it that way. The best part I've always found about Imperian and why I constantly come back to it is the interactions(good and bad) with other people.

  • @Bathan & @Aulani thank you both! I do enjoy interaction thoroughly, though it is always a bit difficult to get into at first I find. I will definitely be making a point to put myself out there when I am ready to interact the both the veteran players and other newbies here like myself. Are there any suggestions as to what I should attempt to accomplish and such before I delve deeply into the world of Imperian and cast aside the mortal coil of RL? Eg. Things I might miss out on if I level too quickly and other things of this nature.
  • If you're something of an IRE veteran, there's not much you will lose out on by leveling too fast. About the only thing I can think of is that some of the new newbie areas are kind of cool, so you may want to give them a look before you level out of bracket.

    There's really only two major differences between Imperian and other IRE games that I can think of that you might need to be aware of:

    1. Compared to a lot of the other games, PK in Imperian is pretty hardcore. I mean, you aren't going to die 20 times for defending the city in a raid. That crap has has mellowed out a lot. But Achaea's HELP PK is a 50 page legal document that says things like "You have PK on somebody for 15 seconds after Offense #323.2, but only for the 15 seconds immediately following the offense, and only if they failed to file a form 516-C before commiting the offense", and Imperian's basically says "Have an RP reason for killing somebody and use organizational bounties for offenses against organizations." If you mouth off to the wrong person here, they will straight up kill you and it will be 100% legal.
    2. Bathan said Imperian tends to be less dramatic than MKO. It's pretty much less dramatic than everywhere. If you decide that you're going to have some lovely "I am posssessed by a demon and need exorcised" type RP, people are going to get kind of pissy. If you are expecting 5 line emotes and and serious melodrama, welp, probably not going to happen. Note, I am not saying that nobody RPs and that nobody will RP with you. Virtually every interaction I have is IC, and most are pretty good. They're just not going to be 5 line poses.

    With that said, all I can really say is that you'll need to put yourself forward. I think the best advice I can give you is to show up to shardfalls. Shardfalls are PvP events that happen on a random timer, and they'll usually be announced over your city channels. Basically, a bunch of crystal shards fall from the sky somewhere, and everybody rushes the place to get as many as they can. Usually, this means that there's a giant brawl where all the various factions try to murder each other to death, because people who are dead are not people who are collecting shards.

    You don't have to be a PvP all-star to participate in them, enjoy them, or do well in them. If you just listen to the leader and pay attention, you're pretty much set. If you can't do anything else, you can be a web tattoo goon and a shieldbreaker, and that's actually pretty useful. It's probably the single easiest way to get yourself noticed, and it's definitely the most fun. 

    Also, shardfalls are the Vegas of PvP; what happens in the shardfall stays in the shardfall. Nobody can hunt you down later for getting involved in one, nobody can get revenge on you for a killing that happened inside of one. Since the recent changes, there's group EXP gain for PvP and no EXP loss, so there's nothing to lose from them except for a few curatives and a little bit of pride.

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  • Before you hit level 31, make sure you've decided on your race and statpack. You can reincarnate at the springs as many times as you like before level 31. After that you only get one free one and after that is used it costs 100 credits for a dagger.

    With the new profession system you get bumped from novice(100% return on lessons) to apprentice(90% return on lessons) at level 50. So just be aware of that.

    Besides the newbie areas you can always explore areas at any level, though watch out for ones above your level. AREAS is useful.

    Feel free to hit up Aulani, usually willing to chat with anyone who starts a conversation.
  • @Khizan Thank you for your advice, it is very much appreciated and I am very eager to get into this Popsicle stand. Though PvP is likely down the line for me at the moment, I will be interested in joining in at some point. The curative differences between here and Midkemia are something I am getting use to again.
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    Until you get used to curing in Imperian, and unless you are interested in coding your own, you can use AUTOCURING to cover your needs.

    You might like to take a look at AFFLICTION CURES anyway.

    You don't need to show up and dazzle everyone with your PvP skills. As Khizan said, you can kill and be killed 20 times in a shardfall, and then go happily with your life until the next one. If you happen to be killed outside a shardfall, being polite in your interactions with the killer will save you a world of grief.

    You have joined us in a moment when Imperian is getting friendlier and friendlier to veterans and novices alike, so I hope you like it here!
  • Another good thing for you to know is that the autocuring system in Imperian is light years beyond anything any other IRE game has, to the best of my knowledge.

    Aetolia's First Aid is a crappy system that'll keep you up through bashing, but which isn't suited for combat. Imperian's Autocuring System(affectionately known as the "g-bot") is a first rate kickass healing system with adjustable curing priorities, and you can use it for everything. Arena games, 1v1, group fights, bashing, whatever. Most of the game uses it; it is not just a newbie system.

    "On the battlefield I am a god. I love war. The steel, the smell, the corpses. I wish there were more. On the first day I drove the Northmen back alone at the ford. Alone! On the second I carried the bridge! Me! Yesterday I climbed the Heroes! I love war! I… I wish it wasn’t over."

  • When Khizan talks about being a web tattoo goon and a shieldbreaker, he's being serious.

    One of the memories that still makes me chuckle is tagging along on a small alt(level 40 maybe) to an obelisk battle and webbing annoying people while the rest of my team beat them down. I even had someone admit afterwards that I had been the most annoying and dangerous person there. You don't have to be a high level with all your skills to be helpful! Enthusiasm is the biggest requirement.
  • MenochMenoch Raleigh, NC, USA
    A dedicated web spamming lowbie with a name no one knows is frequently the MVP in shardfalls and the like.
  • I have been adventuring about the newbies places listed in my AREAS and I am enjoying them quite a lot. The quests themselves are both great and enjoyable with a lot of fun story lines in each environment. While I have been out and about, I have seen emotes of a volcano erupting is this the shardfall event I have heard about?

    Also, thank you all who have shared with me how I can get involved. I may very well be the one hitting many of you with web spams very soon!
  • A sudden eruption from a distant volcano lights up the firmament and you notice a larger number of shards flying towards AREA.

    That is the bell for us Pavlov dogs to indicate that the party is starting.
  • The volcano erupting is just a world wide ambiance from the shard event.  

    I don't know the exact wording, but you will something about a large number of shards flying across the skies to <areaname>.  That is a large shardfall.
  • There are more or less constant eruptions and other seismic events to show that Aetherius is not a geologically stable place.
  • AhkanAhkan Texas
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    Honestly, that's one of the "mehs" of the shard system. There was so much room for an awesome backstory.

    What we got was. HEY GAIZ. VOLCANO AND SHARDS. 

    Where is the volcano?
    Why does it make shards? 
    Why does this volcano make shards and not the other volcano?
    What are shards? 

    etc. etc. et al.

    Aetolia has us beat when it comes to storyline backing up the pvp. 

    I recognize this is totally off topic in this thread, but it relates to the "volcano string." We should give novices some idea why this is the way it is. It makes more sense than chasing the rainbow every 3 hours.
  • Given what's been said about shards, it seems to suggest that there's a great big pool of these shards beneath the ground, and it is causing a great deal of turmoil.

    Definitely future event fuel.
  • I thought the shards were the essence of the demon lords in the form of crystals. Then Ahkan happened, or something.
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