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So question

Is there an easy way to look at the code of something and see the trigger/alias/whatever to get it to activate/turn on/ show up on my screen? I'm trying to get the tabbed chat to work and I simply can't even find where i'm supposed to make it show up on my screen, let alone start doing what it was coded to do.

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  • We don't have enough information. What client are you using? What have you tried? What problem have you run up against?
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  • Oh, sorry, Mudlet and YATCO/demonnic, I finally got it so as soon as I boot up it appears, but the problem is not knowing what the trigger should be for says so it's only says, I tried putting 'says,' but that puts literally every channel into the tab. I assume there is a way of doing that seeing as there is a tab to do it. Also I am wondering if I could put, in the same trigger but different lines, something that will let me put GNT and GT in the same tab.

    Right now all I am doing is just making a trigger with"Channel") as the output, that I only learned after reading through a couple threads in the mudlet forum, so do understand how novice I am at coding.
  • Found a page of different mudlet codes and found something called 'imperian starter' that gave me everything I need, but this is still a good lesson that I learned whenever I need to go next. Thanks you two for helping.
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