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Khous Village

Osatia seems to be broken and will not sell the custom mats any more.

The mat-maker Osatia says, "I can sell you a mat just the way you want it. Are you interested? It'll be just how you like, and only cost 500 gold."
You should SAY YES if you would like to have a personalized mat created by Osatia.
You have completed the quest named 'Help the Mat Maker'!

You say, "Yes."

I get nothing in response to this. It makes me sad.


  • I will spend some time throwing rocks at her.

    She is highly motivated by rock-throwing.
    Jeremy sings, "Sugar how you get so fly?"
  • Yeah, she's also convinced that Baasche doesn't want any more mats to throw on the ground and forget about. She's correct on that assumption. =P
  • Alright, everyone. Feel free to try to break Osatia and paste in what you did and what happened.
    Jeremy sings, "Sugar how you get so fly?"
  • You're never going to be able to fix my breaking, Taqja!
  • edited July 2013

    Someone familiar with the quest, please contact me IG so that I may squish this bug with the mighty force of Mr. Bean's frustration.

    Edit: I believe things are working. Again, if there's a problem please post here or contact me IG.
    Jeremy sings, "Sugar how you get so fly?"
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